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Learning Torah With Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

A unique perspective on Sholom Rubashkin in prison-from a friend AND fellow inmate.

The Chutzpah of EU Intervention

The EU channels large-scale funding to fringe anti-Israel groups, turning these groups into instruments of European policy under the pretext of "civil society." There is no other democracy in the world that is treated similarly by the EU.

The U.S. And The UN

They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care.

The Freeing Of Sholom Rubashkin

Mr. Rubashkin has now served more than 8 years of that sentence, which many have called excessive in light of its disparity with sentences imposed for similar crimes....

‘So Many Roles Women Can Fill In Shul’: The OU’s New Department of Women’s...

Having had grandparents who were the rav and rebbetzin in Great Neck and in-laws who served in those roles in Montreal, the ideas of mission and contribution resonate very strongly with me.

The Bernice Chronicles: A Second Chance At ‘Honor Thy Mother’

Just as had happened when I was working on my grandmother’s book, here, too, previously unknown family members and those with whom my mother-in-law had lost touch suddenly emerged.

How Trump and Abbas Proved US Liberals Clueless About Peace

If Abbas were sincere about pursuing a two-state solution, he would have treated Trump’s carefully worded statement as a jumping-off point for an effort to persuade the US to endorse a Palestinian capital in part of Jerusalem, strengthening his position in negotiations that Trump hoped to restart.

Palestinians: Where Have They Gone?

US funding for UNRWA is problematic because the organization is inextricably intertwined with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is time to review the number of Palestinian "refugees" in the world and the world's obligation to them

Honor and Dishonor at the United Nations

The list of countries supporting the resolution is remarkable--supposed American friends. Their vote was a gratuitous insult because this was a resolution in essence denouncing the United States, rather than the usual U.N. resolution against Israel.

Treating Peace Process Delusional Disorder in Israel and Worldwide.

After having smoked the peace pipe for almost twenty five years, many Israelis on the left of the political spectrum, need help recovering from their delusions and peace addiction.

Jerusalem: An Opportunity for Islamic Reformation?

Despite cries that Islam is a religion of peace, the Islamic terror threat is everywhere; Muslims teach hatred of Jews and Christians and preach jihad and killing the enemies of Allah. How can any sane person claim Islam is moderate

Anti-Semitic anti-Zionism and the Racist Left

Until the western-left moves beyond anti-white racism, antisemitic anti-Zionism, and humanitarian racism, it will remain riddled with hypocrisy and acting in cross-purposes toward its own supposed values.

Ice Cream

Who knew that a little bit of ice cream could go so far?

To Life

Jordan River Village is Israel's only free, year-round, overnight program for children living with life-limiting conditions (serious diseases, chronic illnesses, genetic conditions, special needs).

Can A Great-Grandmother Serve In The IDF?

Only after Perrie has extracted my entire family history does she begin to share her own story.

INTO THE FRAY- Obama: Worse than Chamberlain?

“Iran will become a nuclear power. The only mystery over how that will happen is whether Obama was inept or whether he deliberately sought to make the theocracy…strategic power.”- Victor Davis Hanson

Thank You, Nikki Haley

In this administration Israel is not forced to stand alone. Thank you President Donald Trump. Thank you Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Linda Sarsour Claims Palestinian Terrorists Have Absolute Moral Authority

A better question might be what is Sarsour's source for claiming terrorists have a moral right to choose their victims? Is it based on the Koran or does she have some other source?

Iran’s New Favorite Jewish Scholars

The Iranian government has found new Jewish friends willing to publicly undermine Israel. And for Iran, these Jews have the added value of looking like hippy college professors as opposed to the black hat Neturei Karta rabbis.

Europe: The Islamization of Christmas

The re-theologizing of Christmas is based on the false premise that the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus (Isa) of the Koran. This religious fusion, sometimes referred to as "Chrislam," is gaining ground in a West that has become biblically illiterate.

Should Israeli Officers Turn the Other Cheek?

The IDF must not only not adopt a turn-the-other-cheek doctrine but should prosecute those involved in such provocations to the fullest extent of the law.

Is It Really about Jerusalem?

Palestinian behavior has made their message as clear as water: the conflict is not about an embassy or a settlement or a fence or a checkpoint, but about the very presence of Jews in this part of the world.

With Gratitude

Tehillim 118:17 – I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of God.

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