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The Bible Offers No Universal Free Pass On Immigration

Illegal immigrants who sneak into America are a far cry from Avraham Avinu or Yosef HaTzaddik who did not pose a threat to anyone. Most immigrants of course, also do not pose a threat, but it must be admitted that at least some of them are drug peddlers, kidnappers, and gang members who traumatize, terrorize, and torture innocent Americans.

Identity Politics is America’s Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is tribal. Those who hate Jews tend to be losers who are convinced of their own natural superiority and blame the Jews for their failure to achieve it.

Chinese VP Visits Israel Innovation Conference

By Dr. Mordechai Chaziza, November 5, 2018 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In a sign of the importance Beijing assigns to ties with Jerusalem, China’s powerful VP, Wang Qishan, made a visit to Israel last week. He is the highest-level Chinese official to visit since then-president Jiang Zemin visited in 2000. Wang is known as a “firefighter” and is a close ally of President Xi Jinping, the most powerful Chinese leader since Chairman Mao. Continue to full article ->

In The Shadow Of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: An Interview with Rabbi Menachem Even-Israel

I’m not the Rebbe, and anything from the Rebbe we don’t explain. The main theory is that my father had just gone through a very hard time, and perhaps the Rebbe wanted to give him a new beginning.

More PA Lies: PA Presents Holocaust Victims as Arabs!

PA TV showed a photo with rows of dead bodies claiming they were Arabs killed by Israelis in the Arab village of Al-Dawayima in 1948. In fact, it was a photo of Holocaust victims in a concentration camp.

Blue Wave will be nothing more than a Ripple

Democrats claim that a ‘blue wave’ will bring the House, and perhaps the Senate, under their control. The term “blue wave” comes from the same mindset that proclaimed the “blue wall” in the Rust Belt would make a Republican victory in the 2016 presidential election impossible. The blue wall was not impregnable,; similarly, the blue wave will not even be a ripple.

When 11 Jews Are Murdered In Their Synagogue – Jews Blame Other Jews?

When a tragedy that should lead Jews to unite instead leads Jews to turn against other Jews, that is worse than a tragedy; it is a disaster.

Soros Losers

Is it anti-Semitism to criticize an individual Jew for actions and behaviors that have nothing to do with his Judaism?

Please Don’t Vote for a Democratic Socialist

Two of the alarming extremist views held by the Democratic Socialists are their desires to destroy America’s free market economy and to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

INTO THE FRAY:Trump, Pittsburgh and US Jewry – A view from Israel

Trump is the creation of Obama. The divisions in American society he is accused of exacerbating are ones largely precipitated by his predecessor’s policies and prejudices

Truce does NOT Equal Trust; Why Hamas Cannot Be Trusted

A real truce between Israel and the Gaza Strip will be achieved only after the jihadi terrorists are removed from power, and not rewarded for violence and threats.

ZOA: Don’t Buy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream — They Support Anti-Semites/Israel Haters

It is deeply painful that Ben & Jerry’s heads Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield – who are Jewish – are promoting, financially supporting and taking a smiling picture with Jew-haters such as Linda Sarsour, who promote massacres (the intifada) and boycotts against Ben & Jerry’s fellow Jews.

Is Trump Good for the Jews?

Liberal American Jews are free to disagree with President Trump. Yet, if they still consider themselves Jews, they owe Trump a measure of respect for his support for the Jewish state of Israel and cracking down on its enemies.

A World With Few Words

We connect to others by communicating with them. When the ability to communicate is lost, we lose that connection.

One Big Election – And the Curious Anti-Trump Crusade

Do the American people want to undo what our president has achieved?

Do You Still Doubt That “Fake News” Is Real?

In my 60 years on this planet and the many elections that I have observed, I have never seen such acrimony, hate, distortion, vilification of the other side, and bald-faced lying for political gain as in this season--And that includes the 2016 election, bad as it was.

Embassies on Move to Jerusalem

Inspired by Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, many countries intend to announce their plans to relocate embassies to Jerusalem, senior diplomatic official says • Meanwhile PA asks Egypt's el-Sissi to use his influence to thwart move by Brazil.

Ice Cream Causes Brain Freeze

Ben & Jerry’s decision to fund a group whose leaders endorse Louis Farrakhan throws zero tolerance for hate out the window.

Yeshivas Are Not The Problem, Chassidic Yeshivas Are

The logic behind the Felder amendment goes something like this: Students studying Talmud for many hours a day learn to think critically by means of a rabbinic version of the Socratic method and therefore don’t need to spend much time studying math, science, history, and other secular subjects.

NY Times STUNNING Admission About Why Leftists Often Refuse To Call Out anti-Semitism

The Times admits that the Left has routinely ignored anti-Semitism in the city thanks to its inability to formulate a narrative blaming the Right

Did Rav Moshe Always Want Us To Vote?

Aside from the practical wisdom of this strategy, imagine the Kiddush Hashem if tens of thousands of Jews wrote in a common protest candidate name (e.g., "Mr. Morality") on their ballots.

Yitzhak Rabin’s Forgotten Moments

While Trump has sworn to protect Americans, beefing-up America’s defense posture and pursuing an “America First” agenda; Rabin helped establish a Palestinian beachhead on the Israeli body politic, a terrorist mini-state in our midst, that has led to thousands of deaths.

Why Does Israel Have A President?

It is time for Israel to put an end to the institution of presidency. The office of the president does not unify the Nation; on the contrary, it deepens the rift.

Returning to Synagogue: How do we Speak to our Children about Pittsburgh?

It can be more difficult for some than others, based upon how the brain processes stress, as well as previous exposures to traumatic incidents. Here are some suggestions on how to help.


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