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Gaza and Iran Events: More Complicated than Headlines Portray

It’s unpleasant that the other side is hitting us with primitive weapons such as kites, but we must also understand that it’s all our enemies have left. we have faced and defeated far worse.

The Looming Supreme Court Confirmation Battle

To have ruled otherwise would have been to invite second-guessing by the courts to any and all presidential actions.

In The Matter of Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It should be noted that the Democratic Socialists of America, with which Ms. Ocasio-Cortez identifies, supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel.

With Historic Record Deal, Hasidic Singer Brings a Universal Message

Lemmer said there wasn’t one big moment where he realized he could be a professional singer, but has been on albums since the age of 14 and rose up the ranks to be a featured soloist in the Shira Choir.

A Coming Civil War?

For at least a decade, I have been saying that America is fighting a second Civil War. But I have always added that unlike the first Civil War, this one – thank God – is nonviolent. It’s getting harder and harder to assume it will stay that way.

Today, July 4, I Celebrate Independence by Leaving the Democratic Party

To celebrate this great country’s Independence Day, I will leave the Democratic Party which now more closely resembles the alt-left Green Party and Working Families Party then the Democratic Party of 20 years ago. Join me in saying goodbye.

‘There Are Jews In China?’ – An Interview with Chabad Shlucha Dina Greenberg

Lubavitch shluchim move to all sorts of exotic places in their effort to ignite Jewish souls around the globe. But there’s exotic, and then...

Mexico’s Probable Next President: ALL World’s Migrants have ‘Human Right’ to Live in US

AMLO is all for tearing down borders – except that of course Mexico gets to have them, and rely on them to protect policies on economics and other issues. Mexico moreover gets to use the power of the nation-state to … well, not to put it too delicately, to extort the United States.

Jewish West Bank Communities: The Kernel of a Tolerant Palestinian State

Just as Israel is a Jewish state of nearly 9 million citizens, where some 2 million non-Jews live in peace and security, there is no reason why a Palestinian Arab state should not host a sizable Jewish minority living in peace and security with the Arab majority.

INTO THE FRAY: Instability in Jordan: The impact on Trump’s “Ultimate Deal”

Possible repercussions of the challenge to the stability of the Hashemite regime is the potential impact that political upheaval in Jordan may have on the feasibility of Donald Trump’s “ultimate deal” Mid-East peace plan which is rumored to be announced soon.

Bursting Balloons

Balloons, filled with helium stolen from Gaza hospitals, are equipped with bombs, grenades and other flammable materials, and then sent flying into the air, which the Arabs hope will incinerate Israel. How one Israeli High School attempts to tackle the problem

The ‘Forces’ Behind US and Israeli Bills to End ‘Pay-to-slay’ Terror Financing

Both the U.S. and Israeli laws to offset funds paid to out terrorists represent the first major steps in holding the P.A. accountable for nearly three decades of incitement and terror financing. The passage of both laws is a testament to the relentless pursuit of activists Sander Gerber and Stuart Force.

Follow the $: Funding and Leadership of IfNotNow

Members push to change the Israeli narrative, peddling lies not facts, including among youth at Jewish summer camp.

Aliyah from Western countries

Aliyah is the only long-term solution to acculturation and anti-Semitism. If you are reading this article and haven't already made aliya, the time is not 'Next Year in Jerusalem,' rather 'THIS Year in Jerusalem.

Iranian Regime Showing First Signs Of Economic Collapse

Even if the popular protests in Iran die down or are repressed by the regime for a while, they will eventually recur and intensify, because the Iranian regime can offer no solution for the economic crisis except by changing its regional and nuclear policies, which it is not willing to do.

Western Europe’s Disconnect On Islamic Antisemitism

Western Europe is refusing to come to terms with the fact that it has a serious Islamist inspired antisemitism problem. History has proven time and again that a society that treats its Jewish citizenry poorly is a diseased society that is destined to fail.

Wishful Thinking isn’t Enough to Achieve Mideast peace

The key point that the West cannot grasp is that Palestinian rejectionism is at source a fanatical Islamic religious movement. No amount of Palestinian propaganda can change that truth.

Life Lessons

He also tries to close the gap between male and female students and advance the girls in math. He also tries to teach them to be good people.

Sending My Son Off To The Army

I was proud of my son that he decided to dedicate time to Torah learning. Even as a religious boy, he could have opted to go straight to the army.

Harry Truman and His Much Jewish Ways

Harry Truman initially in life had no contact with Jews, but he did have a natural disposition that was in true harmonization with a Jewish outlook. Later in life, his best friend was a Jew and of course, the first head-of-state to recognize the new state of Israel.

Center for Jewish History CEO Resigns: Good Riddance

A victory for the Jewish people,: David Myers has resigned from his position as leader of the Center for Jewish History.

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