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ADL Mourns Deaths of (Overwhelmingly) Hamas Terrorists as “Horrific Tragedy”

ADL, Bernie Sanders, NY’s Elite Beacon School & Some British Jewish Youth Also Disgracefully Mourn Hamas Deaths. Such sympathetic proclamations only encourage more Hamas terror against Jews.

‘Eurosim’: Today’s Anusim

Must a Jew in Germany, or anywhere in Europe, hide their identity?


As Turkey has swung further and further towards an Islamist style republic,, Israel and Cyprus along with Greece have begun to form various economic alliances as a buffer to Turkey’s expansion

Israel Must Win Its Unfinished Independence War

Despite 70 years since its rebirth, much of international diplomacy still treats Israel’s existence as if it was a bargaining chip that requires Israeli concessions. It is time to end this.

Why Does the Media Promote Hamas Violence?

The cruel reality is that every time Israel accidentally kills a Gaza civilian, Israel loses and Hamas wins. Israelis grieve every civilian death its army accidentally causes and Hamas benefits. That is why Hamas encourages its women and children to become martyrs.

Prof. Bernard Lewis – Unique Realism on the Islamic Threat

Prof. Bernard Lewis - who passed away this week-wrote extensively on the clear, present and lethal Islamic threat to Western democracies.

Gaza: Prejudice and Perfidy

It is maddening to see Western leaders – with the notable exception of America's and Australia's– succumb with equanimity to Hamas’ obvious criminal 'stuntsmanship' on the Gaza border. What is Western support for “Israel’s right to exist within secure and recognized borders” worth if those borders cannot be defended?

The Dead-Baby Strategy

Exploiting the death of a Palestinian infant shows the depths to which anti-Israel propaganda has sunk and how effective such immoral arguments can be.in defending human rights.

Lies, Damn Lies and The Gaza Riots

Israel is not only battling Hamas at the border but in the mainstream media where Hamas lies generally trump Israeli truths.

Example of an Oxymoron: Pro-Palestinian Human Rights Organizations

13 of 15 "human rights organizations" proved that they are, in fact, dedicated to defaming the State of Israel, and have no real interest in defending human rights.

Shifting Sands? Democratic Party Grassroots Group Distances itself from Israel

A growing partisan divide was on display this week in reaction to the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and two days of consecutive violence in the Gaza Strip. The question is: How far will one sector on the left continue to cause fissures?

It’s Tough to be a Leader of Hamas

Misery in Gaza is not in Israel’s interest. The problem is that Hamas has thus far shown no interest in such a transformation from Islamist terrorist group into responsible government of Gaza.

The Disintegration of American Jewry

Although right-wing racist anti-Semitism has made headlines, the real threat emanates from the viciously anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic Left and the growing numbers of Muslim extremists.

How Will You Vote, Simcha Eichenstein? For Torah? Or Against It?

Certainly gelt is important, but can someone show me the Torah sources that put gelt ahead of kedushah? Ahead of murder (assisted suicide)?

This Is What Abbas Should Apologize For

Abbas’s Holocaust speech ignited international condemnations. Abbas’s honoring of terrorists, in contrast, was received with a collective yawn from governments, journalists, and Jewish organizations alike.

Be Selfless, Be Modest, Be Insistent – Three Lessons From Megillas Rus

Let us remember the messages of Megilas Rus when we make our own personal choices. We should pray for Hashem’s help. We should proudly maintain our standards of modesty and raise others up rather than letting others drag us down.

Jerusalem, City Of Headlines

A modern-day record for the number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount was set this week on Jerusalem Day – 2,046 Jews! Among them were many who sang and danced, "May G-d rebuild His House soon!" a healthy expression of the Jewish People singing its joy at returning to its land and city.

The Mask Is Off

When Israel is attacked, the world forgives the attackers because, after all, what are we doing here in the first place? In order to win, we must possess a different kind of justification –one that relies on truth.

Embassies to Jerusalem, the Dawn of a New Era

For years the West sheltered the Arabs from the consequences of their failed aggression against Israel. The Arabs actually benefited by losing. The relocation of the embassy signifies a major change.

About Sheldon Silver

In our view, the jury erred in its guilty verdict, relying on evidence that we believe only tenuously, at best, linked him to criminal acts.

U.S. Embassy Opens In Israel

He shrewdly concluded that the Palestinian issue was no longer the center of gravity in the Middle East – if it ever really was.

On The Trump-Mueller Trail

While prosecutors typically charge one individual believed to be involved in a crime in a minor way to pressure him or her to “turn” on someone more heavily involved, the practice is ordinarily limited to participants in the same activity.

Iran May Bank on EU Support After U.S. Leaves Nuclear Deal

Iran offered to remain in the deal even if the US pulls out, provided the EU guarantees that Iran would continue benefiting from the accord in terms of Iran's trade with Europe.

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