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The Love Of Chesed

Avraham spent his life emulating Hashem. Every waking moment of his existence was focused on making himself as much like Hashem as humanly possible.

The Guest Dilemma

Perhaps G-d’s approval of Abraham's emphasis of kavod habriyot can be found in the subsequent verses (Genesis 18:19).

Redeeming Relevance: The Righteous Men of Sodom

The greatest impact of an individual is generally felt when he acts as part of the larger community.

Aleph Beta: Vayeira: the Power of Abraham’s Influence‏

In this week's parsha, what do we learn about the intense power Abraham had to influence others?

Choosing Human Hospitality

HaShem waited while Abraham attended to his visitors before discussing with him the fate of Sodom.

Emotional Connection

When one is able to serve G-d and feel connected with Him on an emotional level, it is far greater than one who merely has an intellectual and rational connection.

A Life Of Morality

Avraham Avinu is the first Jew and the first human being to take moral responsibility for himself and his surroundings.

Circumcision Power

The 1st commandment given to proto-Israelite nation, through our patriarch Abraham, is circumcision

Planting The Seeds Of Greatness

It is important to appreciate Terah, the foundation from which the patriarchs and matriarchs emerged

Gedolim Are Human

It seems that in an attempt to portray gedolim as great, we have made them non-human – angels just barely wearing human form.

You Can Go Your Own Way

Circumcision and the Sabbath/Festivals are both classified as otot (signs) of our relationship with G-d.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Lech Lecha

If everything depends on the final test, the Sacrifice of Yitzchok, why give Avraham other trials?

Bitter Months, Working Men, And Royal Interpreters

Chazal teach that while Ephraim stayed and learned under Yaakov, Menashe helped Yosef run the kingdom.

How Avraham Married Hagar

I believe one of our questions can be answered by noting that Avraham was only commanded not to marry a gentile or a maidservant in Bereishis 17:7 – after he was already married to Hagar for 13 years.

Suffering and the Land of Israel

The Jewish people's love for their land is under assault, whether by Arab terror or UNESCO treachery

Avraham Wasn’t a Half-Believer

What should one learn from the first words that G-d says to Avraham: Go to the Land of Israel!

Shabbos: A Day With Hashem – A Meal For Eternity

Not only is eating melavah malkah a great mitzvah, there are "instant rewards"!

My Life For Yours

Even in the most drastic of circumstances, a Jew can never be written off completely and one must even be willing to endure total mesirus nefesh for another’s sake.

When Disappointed By Loved Ones

Noah's children teach different responses to being disappointed by someone dear-or even God Himself

Believing And Not Believing

The more a person grows, the more clearly he relates to his spiritual side, and the less the Nefesh Ha’Bahami clouds his vision.

Feeding Your Animals First

It was only after permission was granted to eat animals that man was permitted to fully own animals.

Lessons Learned

Unfortunately, the new world that Adam attempted to start through Seth became corrupted.

Aleph Beta: Noach: The Failure of Humanity

Examining the frequent failures of humanity in this parsha and how they set the scene for Abraham.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Noach II

The remarkable gift of unity should be a powerful tool to further mankind and to further God’s will.

The Challenge of a Blessing

Rashi said Noah was lacking in faith. His faith in God wasn't weak, his self-faith was lacking

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