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The late Arik Sharon as I would like to remember him, leading the brigade that crossed over to the Egyptian side of the Suez Canal during the 1973 Yom Kippur War (here with Defense Minister Dayan).

Which is why it came as such a shock to the settlers and to all the lovers of Eretz israel, when, in May 2003, Prime Minister Sharon endorsed the Road Map for Peace proposed by the U.S., the E.U. and Russia, starting a dialogue with the PLO’s Mahmoud Abbas towards the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Around that time, Sharon was investigated for his involvement in the Greek Island Affair and illegal fundraising during the 1999 election campaign. In the Greek Island Affair, Sharon was accused of promising (as Foreign Minister) to help Israeli businessman David Appel in a development project on a Greek island in exchange for large payments to Sharon’s son Gilad.


Shortly thereafter, Sharon decided to impose a unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, including the removal of some 8,600 Jewish residents in the settlement block known as Gush Katif.

Miraculously, the corruption charges against him were dropped due to “lack of evidence.”

This plan was met with opposition inside his own Likud party, and so, on November 24, 2005, Sharon left his Likud party—of which he was the leader—and announced the establishment of Kadima, with many from the left wing of Likud, and right-leaning Labor politicians.

Kadima was created for one reason – the expulsion of 8,600 Jews from gush Katif. In August, 2005, the IDF and the police deported these Jews, many of whom had been placed there by Minister Ariel Sharon. Their homes, synagogues, hothouses and industrial structures were demolished as part of Israel’s unilateral “disengagement.” Whatever had been left behind, was burned down by the Gaza Arabs.

These unfortunate Jews, some of whom still live as refugees in their own country, impoverished and isolated, couldn’t help feeling that Sharon’s stroke, only a few months after he has inflicted so much pain and suffering on them, had to have been meted by a Higher Power.

To date, most of the public servants who were involved in the Gush Katif uprooting have been demoted from their jobs, some because of corruption and criminal behavior, others because the voters have turned their backs on them.

Sharon’s death may serve as a message from the Divine, coming as it has done when some in the government, may they all live to 120, are considering a far wider expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria.




  1. He instilled fear into the minds and hearts of Israel's enemies. He "spoke" to them with a laguage they understood – if force is not enough use more force…He went straight for the jogular.
    He loathed Arafat, who (in his eyes) was a war criminal, and rightly so. He saw the Palestinian Authority as a bunch of terrorist gangsters in Armani suits and he demolished it without blinkung an eye. He cleaned up the mess of terrorism left by Rabin and Barak in the wake of a preceding mess – Oslo.
    His leadership came from within his character. It was natural. he didn't care for a photogenic shape or politically correct wordspeak. They don't breed people like this any longer…

  2. Ariel Sharon was a man of uncommon bravery and valor. But his greatest accomplishment as both a soldier and as a statesman was to pull Israelis out of Gaza, which was indefensible under Israel's of engagement. Sharon recognized that it was wrong for Israeli soldiers to put themselves at risk to defend a bunch of zealots.

    It's highly debatable whether that policy worked; Gaza is now a hotbed of terrorism, as it was when Jewish settlers lived there among the terrorists. But short of kicking all the Palestinians out, which would be even more indefensible, it was the best that could be done.

  3. How dare this writer & rag of a publication claim, at the end of this article, to know what “Divine” message was manifested in Sharon’s death. The implied underhanded threat to Netanyahu is just revolting. It’s pure hubris, typical of such a lacking publication and its readership. A friend sent me this article. I am not among its readers. If I were I’m sure I would suffer a major stroke. And yes, that would be a message from above.

  4. How dare this writer & rag of a publication claim, at the end of this article, to know what “Divine” message was manifested in Sharon’s death. The implied underhanded threat to Netanyahu is just revolting. It’s pure hubris, typical of such a lacking publication and its readership. A friend sent me this article. I am not among its readers. If I were I’m sure I would suffer a major stroke. And yes, that would be a message from above.

  5. Maybe you should ask the people who are now homeless what they think of Mr.Sharon.He urged people to build Gush Katif.People lost their kids to terrorists there.I had a cousin from Argentina who was murdered there. As for giving back Gaza they have already fought two wars as a result of HAMAS rocket attacks launched out of the land he masered to the Arabs. He could have gone down in history as a great hero,a Jewish Bonaparte. Sadly,he abandoned his greatness and in the words of Maran Ovadia Yosef, was a very "cruel" man.

  6. my deepest sympathy and respect goes out to Ariel's family -friend's and the people of YIsrael ! it was with great sadness over in England that I heard of Ex minister Sharon's passing ! R.I.P. Sir …

  7. The far right Christians in America have the copy right for this obnoxious comment. I think it was Pat Robertson who stated years ago that "Sharon was punished by God for uprooting the Jews from Gaza". Ultra orthodox Jews, Christians and Muslims are the only ones who have God as a friend on facebooke so they must know, cuz they get personal messages from him.

  8. my condolences to his family and Israel for their great loss, I have kept Sharon in my thoughts all these years, I really felt he would pull through…cannot image why the sudden deterioration but I trust God is in control and after hanging on all these years he showed what a fighter for life is was.

  9. Dan Silagi · To date the deportations resulted in 10,000 ruined Jewish lives, hundreds injured and killed in Israel, thousands killed in Gaza, devastation and poverty in Gaza, a kind of dark age comparable to North Korea and some parts of Africa.

    That's all Sharon's doing. Never mind his known support of the massacre of so many Arab civilians in the hands of the Christian militia.

    I see you like your heroes dripping with civilian blood. May I suggest Adolf Eichmann?

  10. Manny Haimoff – I fail to understand why having faith is obnoxious? I believe Sharon was punished. You are free not to, but for some reason the fact that I believe there is order in the world and a Judge and Judgment is abhorrent to you.

    It's as if only moral and spiritual ambivalence are certain in your intellectual and spititual worlds.

  11. We may never know why Arik had the 180 degree turn around of his ideological beliefs and principles. We could not, and still can not, understand how this great soldier and leader who encouraged the settlement of Gush Katif would be the same person who ordered these "salt of the earth" Jews to get out of Gush Katif after these hard workers invested years of sweat and hard labor to make the desert bloom – and we got NOTHING but thousands of kassam rockets in return from the arabs "peace partners" for our one sided generosity. We could only play the guessing game of possible causes: unbearable US pressure to start a "peace process"? too much cost to the military? or some secret event that forced to change his mind. In any case, we can not judge his brilliant military carrier and daring conduct on the battle field by this single greatest debacle of his political leadership. May Arik rest in peace and may his family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May the Gush Katif refugees find good housing, good jobs and may they be able to continue their heavenly work of making the desert bloom once again.

  12. I respected and admired Arik Sharon, whom I had the good fortune to meet briefly when he was on a speaking tour in LA right after the Oslo accords were signed.

    But…and I know this is reflected by others…Sharon was oft compared to our George Patton. Here are the troubling differences.

    Patton, who was said to be an anti-Semite, vowed to SMASH Hitlerism, and did as he said.

    Sharon, the Jew, vowed to SMASH Terrorism, but in the end he capitulated to it, forcibly removing his own and allowing the Hamas missiles in.

    Nonetheless I sadly remember Arik Sharon today, God Bless, RIP.

  13. world leaders non attendance to the state funeral shows the world their poor regard towards the jewish State of Israel. How Israeli's criticized their leaders for not going to mandellas funeral is beyond me and their kiss ass way of life.

  14. Israel needs a ruthless and brave, iron leader like him, that is the only way for Muslims to learn to respect Israel. Regardless what Israel does, there will not be peace, Israel’enermy hates peace. G-D blesses his soul forever.

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