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Dear Dr. Yael

Marriage is hard work. My husband and I both had to change the way in which we behaved.

Homework: The Secret To Success

Parents are frustrated by their inability to get clear information about the right thing the [X] family has apparently figured out.

The Gift Of Failure

He believes that the best way to get ahead in life is to build character.

Dear Dr. Yael

He constantly bad mouths me and encourages them to disobey me.

Learning The Rules Of Asperger Syndrome

We know that the child is cognitively capable, so we ask ourselves, “Why can’t he just act like everyone else?”

Dear Dr. Yael

I can feel the tears starting to form...

The Science Of Making Friends (And Shidduchim)

Understanding the hot-cold empathy gap can help those in shidduchim comprehend how their actions might influence their dates.

Dear Dr. Yael

We must compliment our children on their internal beauty so they will feel that their character has worth and value.

Cultivating Creativity

The brain scans of people who solved the puzzle with a flash of insight showed a burst of activity in the right temporal lobe in the moment of realization.

Dear Dr. Yael

My granddaughter is in the basement for six hours, never taken outside and never held.

Discipline: The Case For And Against Time-Out

Siegel argues against timeouts saying that they teach children that when they are struggling they are on their own and do not have parents to help them.

Dear Dr. Yael

There is halacha and then what is in the spirit of halacha.

Dear Dr. Yael

Arguments against giving any vaccines are naive and hollow.

How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen

If your child is upset, he will most likely not want you to ask him lots of questions or give him a lot of advice about the problem right away.

Floating Or Sinking In The River Of Denial

Write about your feelings. Keeping a journal can help you express exactly what you are feeling, and force you to be honest with yourself.

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