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Dear Dr. Yael

It is very hard to build a healthy marriage when you do not have good role models.

The 5 Elements Of Effective Thinking

We never cease to be students, even when we are no longer in school. Therefore, everyone can learn from these elements of thought.

Tips and Suggestions

When they all try to speak at once, I will ask them to stop and speak one at a time.

Dear Dr. Yael

In America one has to either be very rich or impoverished to receive care – the middle class seems to get taken advantage of.

The Magic of Parenting

The warm parenting style indicates to children, “I love you and will take care of you” and the firm parenting style lets children know, “I expect something from you.”

The Worried Child

When we are faced with danger, our body goes into what scientists call “fight or flight” mode.

Dear Dr. Yael

Growing up, I saw the respect my parents had for each other. Then I got married...

Emotional Eating And Anxiety

This doesn’t mean that anyone who occasionally has a piece of chocolate as a pick-me-up is an emotional eater.

Dear Dr. Yael

When I complain, she tells me it is retail therapy.

Angry Kids: Oppositional Defiant Disorder

To what extent is your child displaying defiance?

Dear Dr. Yael

This therapist kept focusing on how "I could do better," never on how we could make the marriage work.

Dear Dr. Yael

Unfortunately, the probability is that he will not see a reason to change as he has been acting this way for a long time and clearly has some issues with respecting women.

How Do You Feel About Change?

All of these small changes work their way into the framework of the elephant and the rider because they are helping the elephant move forward.

Are You Indecisive?

While indecision can stop you in your tracks, it’s important to point out that it’s not always bad.

Dear Dr. Yael

Returning to visit my family for Yom Tov has become torturous for me.

What Drives Us?

How do we ensure that our students aren’t studying for the grade or the end-of-the-year pizza party? How can we get them to truly want to learn for learning’s sake?

Dear Dr. Yael

Someone close to us knew that you were good at saving marriages and begged us to give therapy one last chance,

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