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Dear Rachel,

“Seeking a cure” (Chronicles, December 2) sounds familiar to what I went through with my husband. He did not have the same diagnosis, but he had lots of nerve pain after the doctors said he was fine. I am a pharmacist’s daughter. My late dad used to own three pharmacies but still had time to speak at Ohio State University. He spoke to the medical school students about the importance of vitamins. Sadly, doctors don’t believe in vitamins, but they are an essential part of healing. That is why I researched why my husband was still in pain and found that there is an amazing product on the market that heals nerve pain. All natural, it is called Nerve Renew and Nerve Repair Optimizer, [email protected].


When nerves get raw or damaged, they cause a lot of pain. I would suggest that she buy the start-up kit that comes with instructions of how to take it. My husband is on a lot of medications for different ailments, yet the doctors told him there is nothing in this that can interact with any of his meds. It is a natural form of B1, B12 and Lipoic Acid. It also helps neuropathy in the feet.

My husband was in horrible pain three years ago from a surgery and diabetic amyotrophy. I kept saying that in this day and age, with so much modern research out there, there must be something to get rid of the pain. Doctors just refer you to a pain specialist and give you more pain meds. He was on Gabapentin, a painkiller that helps nerve pain, and it barely helped. He started on this Nerve Renew, developed by a Dr. Kennedy for his mother who was in terrible pain, and it worked.

My husband is now on no pain killers at all and went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a rollator, to a cane and today he walked to shul with no cane and no pain. It takes time for the vitamins to heal nerves. Damaged nerves take an inch a month to heal. The start-up kit tells you how much to start with, then after that schedule you take one in the morning and one at night. It all depends how many nerves are damaged to determine how long it will take, but it does work. She should stick to the schedule religiously, and she should find relief.

Hoping it works on her like it did my husband. He also went to a fantastic chiropractor trained in the Palmer Method of chiropractic care to get short-term relief until he could get off the pain meds. We know people that are popping pain meds non-stop instead of searching for a more natural cure. I wish her a refuah shelaima. If she has any questions she can call me.

Hoping to be of help


Dear Hoping,

It is so gratifying to hear of how far your husband’s come in his struggle for relief. Your letter comes like a beacon of light on an overcast day. I’ve forwarded your info to the woman in pain and hope other readers can benefit as well. Naturally we know that it all comes from Hashem who is our ultimate Rofeh Choleh.

I’d like to suggest that one who is already taking vitamin B supplements ought to be wary of overdosing and may need to stop the supplements when going on this optimizer. Dosages are easy enough to determine.

In the zechus of our reaching out to help one another, may the Ribono Shel Olam send us the yeshuos and refuos we so desperately seek. Thank you for caring and sharing.


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