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Train Mows Down 14 Camels in Negev

15 Tevet 5774 – December 17, 2013
A train on the Dimona-Be’er Sheva line in the Negev didn't see the 14 camels on the tracks.

Arabs Accuse Israel of Deploying Trees as Soldiers in the Negev

30 Kislev 5774 – December 2, 2013
How much more ridiculous can Palestinian Authority Arabs make themselves appear before foreign ministers stop taking them seriously?

Pro Bedouin Land Grab Hooligans Send 10 Police to Hospital

28 Kislev 5774 – December 1, 2013
Benny Begin's "stinking maneuver" sought to legalize an illegal land grab of thousands of acres by Bedouin invaders.

Israeli Sheikh Tells Arabs: Israel behind Cairo Coup (Video)

19 Elul 5773 – August 25, 2013
When Erdogan blames Israel for bringing down Morsi, the government condemns him, but it stays silent when a far more dangerous man, an Israeli preacher, says the same thing to Arab citizens of Israel.

Kerry Sweating to Save Face and Announce ‘Peace Talks’

22 Tammuz 5773 – June 30, 2013
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has turned his schedule upside down to keep his three-ring circus from collapsing under his “peace tent” that...

Reform Movement New Meddling in Israeli Policy: the Bedouin

4 Tammuz 5773 – June 11, 2013
“Any plan to resettle members of the Bedouin community must be developed with leaders of that community rather than be forced upon them.”

Jewish Home Breaching Coalition Agreement to Protect Israeli Lands

16 Iyyar 5773 – April 26, 2013
At stake are hundreds of thousands of acres in the Negev, claimed by Bedouin squatters.

Suspected Israel Bedouin Spy on Hunger Strike in Egyptian Prison

15 Iyyar 5773 – April 24, 2013
An Israeli Bedouin serving a life prison sentence in Egypt on charges of being a spy has begun a hunger strike to draw attention...

Israelis Live Longer than Most OECD Countries

8 Iyyar 5773 – April 17, 2013
The average life expectancy in Israel is 81.7 years, fifth highest among OECD countries, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. The annual report on...

Israeli Arab Citizen Charged with Joining Syrian Jihadists

1 Iyyar 5773 – April 10, 2013
Nearly 1.5 million Arabs are Israelis. Most are decent citizens, even if not Zionists. But more and more want to destroy Israel. For the first time, an Israeli Arab allegedly joined Syrian jihadists.

Israeli Hero Saved Two Bedouin Brothers from Drowning

23 Nisan 5773 – April 3, 2013
An Israeli Jew saved two Bedouin brothers from the fate of three other brothers who drowned last Thursday, it was revealed this week. The brothers...

Detectives Arrest Man Who Stole 300-Year-Old Torah Parchment

3 Nisan 5773 – March 13, 2013
Israel’s Antiquities Authority detectives have their hands full trying looking for thieves who rob the country of one of its greatest treasure – history. A thief was caught with a 300-year-old parchment of the Torah.

Begin’s Bedouin Blunder

28 Shevat 5773 – February 8, 2013
In its rush to pass the Bedouin land grab bill, the government forgot to due some basic due diligence.

IDF Dismantles Illegal Arab Tent Village in E1

6 Shevat 5773 – January 17, 2013
Israeli security forces have begun removal of the illegal Arab tent encampment in E1, the area between Maaleh Adumim and Jerusalem. Last week, Israel security...

Police Evacuate Arab Provocateurs from E1

2 Shevat 5773 – January 13, 2013
During the early hours of Sunday morning, the Israeli police successfully managed to evacuate, without violence, 100 Arab activists/provocateurs who entered the E1 area...

Bedouin Gunmen Injure 6 in Children’s Park in the Sinai

13 Heshvan 5773 – October 29, 2012
Gunmen opened fire in a children's park in south Sinai on Saturday night, wounding six, officials told the Ma'an news agency.

Authentic Israeli Doggies

5 Heshvan 5773 – October 21, 2012
Here are Canaan puppies playing with their human at a dog kennel at Sha'ar Hagai, on the road to Jerusalem, where they are housed...

Postcard from Mount Tabor

15 Elul 5772 – September 2, 2012
Mount Tabor, standing 575 meters above sea level at the eastern end of the Jezreel Valley, is the site of the battle fought by Deborah and Barak against the Canaanite king Sisera, according to the Bible. Now it is the site of two monestaries, with three Bedouin villages nestled at its base.

Jewish Press Radio with Yishai Fleisher: Situation in Sinai

3 Tammuz 5772 – June 22, 2012
Yishai is joined by Yaakov Katz, military correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. Together, they talk about the current situation in the Sinai and potential and creative solutions in order to bring peace and stability back to the area.

Report: Bedouin Take 70 Hostages at Sinai Resort

28 Tevet 5772 – January 23, 2012
Incident comes amid growing lawlessness and discontent among Sinai Bedouin

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