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May 22, 2015 / 4 Sivan, 5775
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Hagai Amir Says His Brother Should be Freed Too

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Hagai Amir, the brother of Yigal Amir, who shot and killed Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, wrote on his Facebook page that his brother should be freed.

Hagai writes that since Netanyahu will be releasing Israeli Arabs who killed Israelis, there’s no reason to not release Israeli Jews who killed Israelis, his brother first and foremost.


Prisoner X Met With Lawyer Before Suicide

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

More details are slowly coming to light in the case of Ben Zygier, also known as Prisoner X.

A day before he committed suicide, Zygier met with outside defense attorney Avigdor Feldman, besides his meetings with his regular attorneys Roi Belcher, Moshe Mazor and Boaz Ben-Tzur. Zygier had been considering his legal options, including the possibility of a plea bargain. What the charges were is still unknown, but Feldman said the charges were very serious.

On Thursday, a Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Jarida, claimed that Zygier was one of the members of the Mossad team which assassinated Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. But after the assassination, for some reason, Zygier contacted the Dubai authorities and gave them detailed information on the assassination. According to the paper, Zygier was then captured by Israel after he went into hiding.

What has also come to light is that Israel is not running “black prisons” as some people claimed, but rather that Zygier was kept out of contact with other prisoners and his identity was secret to those without high enough clearance for security reasons, though all the while Zygier was allowed to meet with his lawyers who were defending him against the charges being brought against him by the state of Israel.

Questions arose as to how Zygier managed to kill himself in a maximum security cell with 24 hour camera surveillance. It turns out that the cell’s bathroom is not monitored, and that is where he hung himself.

Top 10 Reasons Prisoner X Was in Black Prison

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

As you must have heard, Prisoner X, was kept in a secret Israeli government jail, the one previously used to hold Yigal Amir, and it’s forbidden by the censor to talk about him or his incarceration.

Here at the Muqata, we’ve uncovered the real reasons why Prisoner X was arrested.

Here they are (a joint Joe-Jameel effort):

10. He tried baking dairy Borekas in the wrong shape

9. He was clandestinely helping fund Women of the Wall

8. Arrested for protesting against the Disengagement

7. Had proof of who really killed Rabin

6. Had a Talansky envelope with Olmert’s fingerprints on it

5. Had proof Aryeh Deri really was innocent

4. Censored

3. Had dirt on why the Pope really quit

2. Had a copy of Obama’s real birth certificate And reason number 1 is…

1. Sara Netanyahu told Bibi to put him in jail

Yitzhak Rabin Assassin to Be Released from Solitary Confinement

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Yigal Amir will finish 17 years in solitary confinement after shooting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to death in 1995.  The assassin will join between one and three other inmates in a locked cell and be allowed time to walk in the prison yard for just two hours a day.  Amir is serving a life sentence without parole.  In the coming days he will also be able to meet with other prisoners, watch television, and receive more phone calls and visitors.

Yet Another Case Of Leftist Treason

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
              It was even before the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by Yigal Amir that the Israeli Left, led by the Haaretz newspaper, chanted in unison what has become one of its fundamental political axioms: political violence is a congenital inclination of the Israeli Right and is committed exclusively by right-wingers.
Naturally, after the assassination of Rabin the assertion became a matter of unchallengeable theology.
The media obsession with the alleged violent inclination of the Israeli Right long served to obscure the congenital inclination towards treason and espionage by a great many members of the Israeli Left. The simple fact of the matter is that every single incident of anti-Israel espionage has involved left-wing Israelis.
The scandal that was just made public in Israel, after a local court order prohibiting its publicity was lifted, involves Anat Kamm (spelled Kam in some news accounts), a young leftist who leaked classified military documents to Haaretz. She stole more than 2,000 such documents and passed them on to her Haaretz handler, a leftist journalist named Uri Blau, now in hiding in the UK. Haaretz ran some stories using information extracted from some of the material.
            As alluded to above, Kamm is far from the first Israeli leftist to be involved in treason and espionage. In the 1950s the Israeli communist parties were rife with Soviet collaborationists. Closer to our own time, Mordecai Vanunu, the notorious nuclear spy, was a member of the Israeli communist party. Marcus Klinberg spied in Israel on behalf of the Soviets for years. Azmi Bishara, who spied for Hizbullah, was a leading member of Israel’s Arab Left.
            The worst espionage-cum-terror ring that operated in Israel was organized in the 1970s by kibbutz-born communist Udi Adiv. Leftist Tali Fahima was imprisoned for helping her Palestinian boyfriend plan terror attacks.
And of course there are hundreds of Israeli academic leftists who currently promote boycotts of Israel as well as mutiny and insurrection by Israeli soldiers.
Haaretzhasnever run editorials about the inclinations of leftists to engage in treason and espionage. The Right almost universally denounced Yigal Amir. The Left is celebrating Anat Kamm as a great patriot.
After the assassination of Rabin, every Israeli newspaper and leftist commentator denounced Bar-Ilan University, where Yigal Amir had been a law student. Many even called for shutting the university down. Not one of those same people has called for closing down Tel Aviv University, where Kamm was a student in the history and philosophy departments and where, together with the sociology and political science departments at TAU, one would have to search long and hard to find faculty members who are not leftists or out and out communists.
Not a single mainstream media outlet in Israel is denouncing the radicals at Tel Aviv University for inspiring and breeding Anat Kamm, nor are pundits calling for the university to undertake a complete “critical self-examination” to understand its own guilt, which is what they had demanded of Bar-Ilan.
             In 1940 Winston Churchill shut down all the newspapers and media operated by the British Union of Fascists, the pro-German party led by Oswald Mosley. It was one of his first acts as prime minister. Some 740 leading members of the party, including Mosley, spent the duration of the war in prison. Like Haaretz, their newspapers had launched a “peace campaign” (with Nazi Germany) and reflexively supported the enemies of their country in just about everything.
Until now, Haaretzwas a newspaper given to political stands many deemed treasonous but not a newspaper actually involved in treason and espionage. It has a market share in Israel of 6 or 7 percent, and I suspect that at least half its subscribers get the paper in spite of its anti-Israel ideology and thanks to its business supplement The Marker, the best in Israel. (I am one such subscriber.)
              But now we have discovered that Haaretz has gone beyond merely championing dangerous appeasement. Will Prime Minister Netanyahu have the courage of Churchill and shut down the newspaper for the duration of Israel’s war with Arab jihadists? (At least two Knesset members have called on Netanyahu to do just that.) Will he imprison extremists supporting the country’s enemies in time of war?
            What Kamm did was worse than what Jonathan Pollard was convicted of in the U.S., so Kamm and Blau should be sentenced to a prison term at least as long as that being served by Pollard.
Haaretz for its part is bragging about its role in the espionage and trying to spin it as a great act of patriotism. Really. After all, among the classified documents stolen by Kamm and passed on to Haaretz were a couple that described Israeli military plans to continue targeted assassinations against Hamas terrorists despite an Israeli Supreme Court order commanding the military and executive branch to stop those assassinations.
            Now, if the Israeli military was indeed planning to ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling, it should be cheered for doing so. Because the ruling that prohibited targeted assassinations of terrorists was itself grossly illegal and unconstitutional. It was one of the worst outrages by Israeli Supreme Court justices dedicated to “judicial activism,” the anti-democratic doctrine of judicial tyranny that insists that the court need not base its rulings on actual laws or constitutional powers.
          There is absolutely no legal basis for the Israeli Supreme Court to interfere in the management of Israel’s war against terrorism. The court has no legitimate standing to dictate to the military how it should pursue its tasks.

But that, of course, is not how Haaretz is spinning it. Haaretz strongly supports judicial activism because judicial activists in their rulings usually impose items from the leftist agenda upon the country.

            Kamm, meanwhile, has become the poster girl of Israel’s Far Left, which is increasingly open and brazen in its treasonous political positions. For years now, all too many Israeli leftists have supported the enfoldment of Israel into a Palestinian “bi-national” state, promoted the Palestinian “Right of Return,” organized lawbreaking and insurrection by soldiers, vandalized Israel’s security wall, engaged in violent hooliganism against soldiers and police, and in some cases even cheered on acts of Arab terror and served as human shields for murderers.

Actual espionage is but a mere baby step beyond all that.


Steven Plaut is a professor at Haifa University. His book “The Scout” is available at Amazon.com. He can be contacted at steveneplaut@yahoo.com.

What If Abraham Sacrificed Isaac Anyway?

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

The Murder of Isaac

By Motti Lerner, Directed by Irene Lewis




Behold! It came to pass, after those things occurred, that Abraham was tested. And he and his only son, Isaac – whom, incidentally, he loved – set out towards the mountain range of Moriah. There, they built an altar and set up the branches, and Abraham shackled Isaac. And Abraham raised his arm – wholly ready to plunge the blade through his son’s throat to offer him as a sacrifice to G-d. Everyone knows the rest of the story; now is the part where the angel stops Abraham and says, effectively, “G-d was just testing you. Let Isaac live and have Jacob, etc.” But what if Abraham surprised us all by choosing to carry out the deed in spite of the interruption?

In playwright Motti Lerner’s world, the Biblical story unfolds with a murder-sacrifice, but Lerner’s tale maps the Biblical sacrifice across the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Rabin (the Biblical Isaac’s namesake). Lerner was born in 1949 in Israel, and he lives in Ramat Hasharon (three miles north of Tel Aviv) with his wife and children. He is currently teaching a course about Israeli and Palestinian cinema and stage at Knox College in Illinois, and his play “Pangs of the Messiah” is slated to run in the Washington, DC area in 2007.

Lerner’s tale is gutsy in a way that reminds me a bit of Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” (although Lerner told me he was influenced instead by Peter Weiss’ play, “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, as performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade”).

Lerner’s plot surrounds a group of inmates at the Israeli Ministry of Defense rehabilitation centre for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cases, who are conducting a play about the Rabin assassination. The plot of the play-within-a-play (a very Shakespearean ploy) meshes with reality, and the play ends with the character Yigal (portraying Yigal Amir) stealing a guard’s gun and actually murdering the character Binder, who is playing Rabin.

This collapsing of the Biblical sacrifice story of Isaac with the modern Zionist Isaac is, to an extent, a name-play. To Lerner, names play a role in Rabin’s murderer’s name, as well. Yigal Amir’s Hebrew name was also incidentally Yigal ben Geulah (literally “the redeemer, the son of redemption”). To Lerner, “In Hebrew it seems like a commandment, it seems that he must have internalized this eternal commitment” to bring the Messiah closer.

But to me, the play succeeds to the extent that it finds timelessness in the tale of the Biblical sacrifice. The image that Centerstage, in Baltimore, used to market the play is a particularly provocative one, which makes sense coming from a theater that calls itself “smart, bold, alive.” (Lerner confirmed that he had nothing to do with the image selection.)

The image is set to a deep red background, and it shows Abraham (dressed like a Chassid with streimal and beard) lifting his arm to kill Isaac, who lies inert at Abraham’s feet. Father and son are wrapped in white strips from head to toe, and they both look literally mummified. As if the image were not complicated enough, the mummy gauze turns out to be the parchment of a Torah scroll that doubles as the base of the altar upon which the sacrifice is occurring. The image is most successful for its ambiguity. On the one hand, the image is easily dismissed as a simple line drawing a cartoon. It seems to suggest that the mummified figures are long dead and buried, wholly irrelevant to any modern discussion. And yet the use of the Torah scroll, the streimal and modern garb, and the cartoon-like form seem to suggest that the narrative is quite relevant even today.

Although Lerner did not design the image, the script of the play also invokes the Biblical tale. In an absurdist scene, the murderer Yigal approaches Isaac (played by Binder) to inform Isaac that he has been commanded to kill him. Yigal says hello to Binder and the following ensues:

BINDER: (doesn’t recognize him) Hello.

YIGAL: I’m Yigal. Your murderer. (He plays with the gun.)

BINDER: (concerned) What do you say? My murderer? Are you sure?

YIGAL: No, I’m not. That’s why I’ve come to talk to you.

BINDER: To me?

YIGAL: Well after all, it’s your life.

BINDER: You want me to tell you whether or not to kill me?

This dialogue, in which the murderer-to-be introduces himself to the victim-to-be, could be lifted straight from Jarry, Beckett, or any of the other absurdist dramatists. But it is Binder’s response and the following words that link the tale of the Rabin assassination to the sacrifice on Moriah:

BINDER: (cautiously) So if you have been commanded to kill me in accordance with Jewish law, in accordance with all the prophecies and G-d’s will, then what’s the problem?

YIGAL: The problem is that the Lord moves in mysterious ways. And just as he tested Abraham with the sacrifice of his son Isaac on Mount Moriah, then perhaps he’s testing me with you. And don’t forget that you’re an Isaac, too

Yigal’s difficulty in knowing whether he is being tested when he believes that G-d commanded him to murder the prime minister is paramount to Lerner. Lerner sees part of the play’s role as addressing “the attempt to understand the murder, [which] has always been a challenge. I was not exploring Yigal Amir the real man. I was exploring an inmate in the asylum, whose name happens to be Yigal.” Lerner sees Yigal’s insecurity about whether he is being tested as a testament to Yigal’s depth of character.

This meditation of Lerner’s on criminology (the murderer’s desire to reach out to the prospective victim for reassurance) and sociology (how the characters become their roles in a play and real murder results) turn his art into a mixture of dramatics and science. The violence of the play-within-a-play recalls two important science experiments. The Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971 cast 24 volunteer students in a bizarre experiment. The students were arbitrarily split up into two groups, the guards and the inmates. Over the course of the six days of the experiment (it was supposed to last two weeks, but was shut early for obvious reasons), the guards and inmates came to “believe” that they were guards and inmates, and the experiment ended, due to violence and abusiveness.

The other experiment, conducted in 1963 by Stanley Milgram, was titled, “Obedience to Authority.” The obedience experiment called for volunteers to flick switches to electrically shock an actor (unbeknownst to them) when he failed to answer questions correctly. Of course the experiment was rigged, so that the participants thought they were shocking the answerer, who in fact experienced no discomfort. The number of people – otherwise calm, gentle people – who inflicted what they thought were deadly levels of shocks is astounding.

In the tradition of these two experiments arise Lerner’s meditations on the sacrifice of Rabin superimposed upon the sacrifice of the Biblical Isaac. The play offers no practical answers to how murder or attempted murder, occurs. But Lerner isolates a fascinating moment where Yigal wonders if he is really hearing the voice of G-d and not perhaps his evil inclination. This is the same moment of insecurity that surfaces when Isaac asks his father, “Here are the fire and the trees, but where is the sacrifice?” Abraham’s heart must have sunk, as he evasively told Isaac, “G-d will show unto Himself the sacrifice, my son.”

That moment, where evil and death are at stake, leads people – even prophets – to question their mission. Like Pinkhas, they can choose to rush forward and do G-d’s word or they can flee like Jonah and shirk their mission. That insecurity is wholly human, and it plagues the true and false prophet alike. Lerner’s genius that casts him in the company of the best contemporary Jewish playwrights is his ability to meditate on this confusion, simultaneously telling the tale of the modern sacrifice of Isaac with the Biblical one.

Menachem Wecker welcomes comments at mwecker@gmail.com. He is a painter and writer, residing in Washington, DC.

Letters To The Editor

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Severing Our Roots

Jews of all political persuasions joyously celebrate Tu b’Shvat with beautiful fruits grown on trees planted and nurtured by the residents/settlers of Eretz Yisrael.

As every schoolchild knows, if a tree or a nation is severed from its rootsit will inevitably wither and die. Nevertheless, Mr. Olmert and his cohorts have embraced policies that forcefully tear Jews from their historical, legal, and religious roots – roots planted firmly and incontrovertibly thousands of years ago by our forefathers throughout Judea and Samaria

We must demand that Israel’s caretaker government apply the lessons of Tu b’Shvat. Rather than dismantle miraculously resurrected Jewish communities, it must put a halt to the morally rootless disengagement/expulsionprocess.

Henry Moscovic
Flushing, NY

No Surprise

Hamas’s landslide victory was not unexpected. Anyone who monitors the various opinion polls taken among Palestinians knows that the majority support suicide bombings and the murder of Jewish men, women and children.

While Fatah paid lip service to civilized behavior, its factions continued to routinely kill and maim, while stealing as much European and American aid as possible. Hamas has simply been honest about its agenda, and that agenda appeals to most Palestinians.

Hamas’s win was all the more a foregone conclusion thanks to Sharon’s retreat from Gaza. The more na?ve among us believed “disengagement” would bolster the institutions of government and order in the area (at the expense of 10,000 Jews and their established communities). The fact is, the Arabs saw the Israeli withdrawal as an abject surrender to violence. Arabs perceive concessions as a sign of weakness, which is why they do not reciprocate.

The only question supporters of Israel need to ask themselves is whether they would want their own homes located next to a Hamas municipality. If the answer is yes, then it’s entirely reasonable to continue the retreat from Judea, Samaria, Hebron and Jerusalem in return for “peace.”
Scott David Lippe, M.D.
Fair Lawn, NJ


Kudos To Plaut
I visit The Jewish Press’s online edition virtually every day and I refer hundreds of people to your site and your excellent articles. I maintain a large e-mail list of people with interest in Israel.
Recently I sent around Steven Plaut’s “Israel’s Plague of Conspiracism” (front-page essay, Jan. 27) and got dozens of e-mails commending the article, Professor Plaut, and The Jewish Press for running it.
Controversy seems epidemic among Israel’s supporters and conspiracy theorists are dangerous because they obfuscate our real goals. Steven Plaut and Daniel Pipes perform a valuable service to our cause. Barry Chamish and his acolytes do serious damage.
I am one of the contributing editors of Outpost, the monthly publication of Americans for a Safe Israel, and a member of the executive committee of the organization.
Ruth King
(Via E-Mail)


‘Couldn’t Have Been Amir’
I’d suggest that readers who are very fluent in Hebrew access the websites listed below and see the medical evidence on the Rabin assassination. The hard factual evidence definitively shows that Rabin was shot from the front with one real bullet to the chest. Yigal Amir shot blank cartridges at Rabin’s back and this “shooting” was videotaped and witnessed by dozens of people at the scene who testified at the trial that Amir shot at Rabin’s back. Yigal Amir thus could not have killed Rabin.
The clincher was Rabin’s chest X-ray taken at the hospital which was shown on Israel’s Channel 2 last October and which was digitally enhanced by some experts.
Dr. Josh Backon
(Via E-Mail)


Call To Action

If my fellow Jewish Press readers are as upset and outraged as I am at the manner in which the Israeli government viciously attacked its own people, many of them youngsters and Knesset members, then do something about it. Call the Israeli consulate at 212-499-5426/5300 and send letters to the consulate at 800 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017.

Speak out about how you feel – about your revulsion at the disgusting and unJewish way the government acted against Jews. Demand an immediate inquiry into what happened and insist that the guilty parties – especially the ones who gave the brutal orders – be arrested and jailed.

If we fail to speak out, the government will do the same thing again and again and again.

Let’s all learn from Moshe Rabeinu, who felt the pain of his brethren in Egypt and did something about it. This is no time to be silent.

Izzy Broker
(Via E-Mail)

Torah, Science And Evolution –
The Debate Rages

Foundation Of Modern Biology

Re the letters (Jan. 6) attacking evolution and reader David Fass’s defense of it:

The fossil record clearly displays changes in the forms of life existing over large spans of time, with the deepest sediments showing simpler life forms and the with more complex animals showing up later. Scientists have traced through successive layers of the fossil records the evolutionary changes in genetic lineages. They have unearthed in recent years the transitional fossils that Darwin predicted would be found, which connect dinosaurs with birds, reptiles with mammals, etc. Biologists have observed hundreds of cases of natural selection, such as insect resistance to DDT, or fish and mice developing more camouflage to afford them greater resistance to predators.

I could fill up every page of The Jewish Press with the evidence in favor of evolution, and it would be only the tip of the iceberg.

The average life expectancy is over 70 now because of scientific advances. The drugs we take, the life-saving surgeries and transplants for our loved ones, were all developed and performed by the same scientists who believe in evolution and use evolutionary principles in their discoveries. Evolution is considered the foundation of modern biology.

The question remains, how do we as frum Jews deal with these issues? Do we stick our heads in the sand and sound like members of the Flat Earth Society? I often feel great sorrow that the overwhelming majority of Jews are not frum and do not have the slightest interest in Torah. This will not change, if we, who represent the Torah, continue to present ourselves as primitive know-nothings.

Dov Cohen
Brooklyn, NY

Speculation And Assertion

Mr. Fass really does seem to miss the point of his critics. He uses the word “science” and “scholarship” as if all sciences were the same and all scholarship was worthwhile. It is obvious that scholarship varies from the invaluable and essential to the useless, the pseudo-scholastic, and pure propaganda on behalf of various causes and ideologies. Not all sciences are equally as rigorous or advanced, and some fields called “science” and some scientific endeavors are an intellectual disgrace and hardly if at all scientific.

The basis of all science is the establishment through proof and disproof of fact, relationships, processes, etc. Theory, models, and explanations built on them are necessary and useful but are not the same as fact and cannot be treated as if they were. Many such theories pander to ideology, bias and cultural outlook.

A good deal of evolutionary theory is mere speculation and assertion that is impossible to prove or disprove and therefore is not scientific at all. A lot of it is intellectual nonsense and offensive to reason and real science. Evolution is culturally one of the main props to (and belief tenets of) modern secularism and secularist pseudo-religion and requires the thought police to defend it.

Dr. Levi Sokolic
London, England
Sages And Science

By firmly asserting that the laws of Mother Nature are “the will of God,” the Rambam, in his preface to the Guide to the Perplexed, made their study indispensable to the comprehension of Torah; a declaration that instantly gave legitimacy to other scholars, ranging from Rabbenu Bachya (“All the sciences are needed for Torah study”), Yaakov ben Dovid Proventcali (“The seven sciences are excellent in the eyes of our Sages);” the Maharalof Prague (“Sciences are a ladder to ascend to the wisdom of Torah”);

the Chasam Sofer(“Sciences are entrances and gates to the Torah”), the Gra (“To the extent to which a person lacks knowledge in the other sciences, he will lack accordingly a hundred-fold in the science of Torah);” and Yonathan Eybeschitz (“All the sciences and condiments [are] necessary for our Torah”).
Of course, precedent was on their side.
Yehuda haNasi, the redactor of the Mishna, actively sought non-Jewish advice (Pesachim 94b); when Rav was unsure about mumim (identifying physical defects in sacrificial animals) he spent eighteen months “on site” with shepherds studying pathology (Proverbs 1, 7); Yehoshua used scientific data to explain the punishment of the serpent in Eden (Berachot 8b); several rabbis conducted ichthyological tests to determine the kashrus of certain fish; Assi the askan conducted experiments on ravens (Midrash Rabba III, 19, 1); the test results of gentile agriculturalists helped formulate the halachas of kilayim, “mixing vegetable seeds” (Shabbat 85a); post-mortem results performed by Queen Cleopatra were used to dispute a position of Yishmael over how long the tumah (impure) period should be after childbirth (Nidah 30b); and Shimon ben Chalafta earned the nickname askan bidevarim (“experimenter”) after testing ants to disprove a Solomonic theory of animal leadership (he also relied on a scientific experiment to overturn Yehuda’s declaration that a featherless chicken was treife [Chullin 57b;Chagigah 12b]).
This earlier pattern allowed the Chazon Ish to lace his seforim with a dose of modern physiology; Yaakov Emden to encourage his students to study medicine; Simcha Zissel Ziv to introduce arithmetic into his mussar schools (“as necessary adjuncts to Torah”); Shimshon Rafael Hirsch to argue that these studies were even imperative to perform certain Torah dictates (“earning a livelihood”); and Yaakov Ettlinger, during the bitter halachic argument over machine-baked matza that required a knowledge of technology, to ask, “Why, in matters of nature, we should not accept the good from them [the natural scientists] to strengthen the weak areas in our knowledge, in order to keep more effectively the mitzvot?”
Joe Bobker
Los Angeles Jewish Times

Monkey Business

Our Sages teach that Amalek has the same gematria (numerical value) as sofeik (doubt). The Satan is well aware that he would make no inroads in the Orthodox community by denying the existence of a Creator and, by extension, His blueprint the Torah. Instead our adversary employs those who claim fealty to the Torah while treating scientific doctrine as sacrosanct to create doubt about the veracity of the biblical narrative.

Certainly, they acknowledge, Hashem created man – but He did so through the process of evolution. Impressed by their erudition and expertise, the unsuspecting observant Jew is swayed and in many cases convinced that in fact the Torah’s account is allegorical. Admittedly it strains one’s credulity to fathom a single entity bringing this entire universe into being in the span of six days and then maintaining each and every aspect in complete synchronicity. Difficult, yes, but infinitely more logical than insisting that gazillions of accidents somehow produced an ordered system with all elements in perfect harmony and function.

Mr. Fass would like to portray this debate as religion versus science, but this is totally disingenuous. Interestingly, he chose to ignore Amnon Goldberg’s brilliant letter (Jan. 6) which made quite a convincing case for a 6,000-year-old universe. In fact, many outstanding scientists repudiate evolutionary theory, while ostensibly Orthodox Jews embrace the notion.

Mr. Fass, you disgrace the great name of the avos – that would be King Kong, Magilla Gorilla and, of course, Bonzo the Chimp.

Dr. Yaakov Stern
Brooklyn, NY

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