It’s Your Ship

What are the roles of leadership and communication in running a "tight ship"?

The ANZAC Trail

Horsemen and women from Australia and New Zealand ride along the ANZAC Trail to Beer Sheva.

Your Morning Iranian Crazy

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says: "The European races are barbaric." OK, we're listening. He continues: "They wear freshly pressed suits and ties, and they smell...

The Walter Bingham File – The French Chutzpa on the Eve of Jerusalem Day...

Walter talks about how more than 2,000 police secure the Jerusalem Day festivities and the Flag March through the Arab quarter on the eve of Ramadan.

From Ecstasy to Holocaust

This week's Torah portion deals in extremes: from the ecstasy of recognizing God in the tiniest minutia of life, to seeing heaven's hand in the horrors of the Holocaust. Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai at Beit Midrash Sulam Yaakov to discuss!

Netanyahu: No Jews Allowed

These signs hang by one of the passageways between H1 and H2 zones in Hebron. H2 zone comprises Jews and some 40 thousand Arabs. H1 zone,...

Druzim That Serve in the IDF & Arabs That Are in the Knesset –...

Did you know that some Arabs serve in the IDF? Hear about 1st Global Week of 'Hakarat HaTov to the Druze', Defenders of Israel #ShukranDruze2020. Tamar Yonah's guest, Dr. Mike Cohen from MCohen.US, talks to her about the loyalty that the Druze community in Israel has for the Jewish Homeland.

Arabs for Arabs

750 housing units were built for Arab families who lost their home during Israeli military operations in 2004 and 2005. The units were built...

Nanny State Blues

Here's a group of Israelis holding up protest signs as they take part in a march against the soaring cost of living. The march...

The New Netiv HaAvot

Groundbreaking and infrastructure development has begun in the land slated to be part of the new and expanded Netiv HaAvot neighborhood.

The Valley of Shechem – 1920


The Walter Bingham File – Ours Are Extraordinary Times [audio]

We are building for the future of all Israel from the river to the sea.

Goldstein on Gelt: What Kind of Economy Will the American President-Elect Inherit?

Whether Clinton or Trump is elected, the American president must take America out of the current recession and restore America’s greatness.

Happy Hanukkah, Lets all Bring Light to the World – From Jerusalem With Love...

United hatzalah, bringing safety and life everywhere they go. how an organisation can make a difference.

Talking to Old Voices of Experience & Wisdom from Politics to Music – From...

What was one of the hit songs during the 1973 Yom Kippur war? Orly speaks with Israeli singer, Uzy Fux about those older times, and the music he is playing today.

Remembering the Victims of September 11, 2001

Nearly three thousand people died in the multi-site attack, which involved 19 Al Qaeda hijackers on four commercial passenger airlines.

What You Need to Know About Foreign Currency

This week’s Goldstein on Gelt podcast has a cross-border theme. In Part 1, Doug meets Avner Buntman, founder and CEO of Forex Israel. Find...

A Blessing on Your Head – Ethical? – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week Rav Yitzchak and William discuss the weekly Torah portion where we read the story of a supposed deception played out when Rebecca convinces her son to fool his father who is about to give a blessing to Esau. Does this raise any ethical questions, and how does it relate to our struggle and the consequences we experience in life?

What This UN Map of Gaza Won’t Show You


And the Rocket’s Red Glare, the Bombs Bursting in Air…

The Arab enemy launched a barrage of rockets over central Israel last night. Doesn't it look like pretty fireworks?

Built to Sell

Doug Goldstein speaks with John Warrillow about creating a company in order to sell it.

Assembly Line

You don't need to be a Prime Minister to make Matzah.

After Corona’s Second Wave, Get Ready For The Antisemitism Wave – The Tamar Yonah...

Tamar talks about the dangers facing Jews today in the diaspora, and that they need to leave their comfort zones and come home to Israel. A powerful and enlightening show!

Greenpeace Protests Against Drilling for Oil

"Greenpeace" members protested the exploration drilling for oil on the Golan Heights on February 02, 2015. The Afek oil and gas company is set to...

Operation: Gaza Dome


The Silenced Terror Report

We better listen really carefully to the words coming out of this killer's mouth.


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