Rabbi Feuer on Elul and G-d’s Sovereignty in the World

Yishai is joined by Rabbi Mike Feuer Educational Director of the Sulam Yaakov Yeshiva in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. They discuss the month of Elul and G-d's Sovereignty in the world.

Afghanistan: No Pay? Then The Troops Walk Away – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Why and how were the Taliban able to just walk in and take over Afghanistan, when the U.S. had left an American trained Afghan military of 300,000 + an air force?

Why Won’t Prince William Visit the Holy Sites in Israel …with an Israeli Leader?...

After basically boycotting Israel from any official visits, one of the members of the British Royal Family is finally here. But Prince William won't be visiting the Holy Places in Israel, and there won't be those vital photo-ops of him in the news in places that prove this Land belongs to the Children of Israel, the Hebrews, the Jewish People. . .

The Tamar Yonah Show – Whose Land Is This Anyway? [audio]

Arabs and foreign/leftwing NGOs look to disturb peaceful residents living in Judea and Samaria claiming their homes were built on empty Arab-owned land.

Conditional Friendship – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Israel's voters - religious, secular, sephardic, ashkenazi, and non-Jews - did not overwhelmingly elect the new government out of naivete or hubris. Perhaps it is time for 'friends' who do not live our reality to question their own motives before chastising those who lay their lives on the line for the continued existence of the Jewish state.

Palestinian Incitement – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The PLO has been brainwashing and indoctrinating several generations of Palestinians against the existence of Israel.

Thanks & Leadership – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The double-edged sword of leadership: Wisdom and strategy tempered by flesh-and-blood fallibility. Are today's leaders any wiser than our forefathers or the Roman generals who shaped history? Powerful thoughts to ponder at both the Thanksgiving and Shabbat tables!

Rejuvenation: ‘Show and Tel’ at Ancient Shilo [audio]

Hear from an incredibly articulate and knowledgeable veteran archaeologist about the latest finds at Tel Shilo, including pottery from every settlement period, kosher animal bones from sacrifices, Hasmonean coins, Roman glass, jewelry, seeds and Emorite walls. EveHarow interviews Dr. Scott Stripling, Director of Excavations, today on Rejuvenation.

How to Be a Successful Mother and Entrepreneur

Author Gail Reynolds offers great advice for Mom's wanting to build a business around their families

Beyond The Matrix – Fighting Through the Pain [audio]

Ira and Rod speak about the pain of living in Eretz Yisrael (The Land of Israel) in the context of the most recent terrorist attacks.

All About Mass Flourishing

In the second part of our weekly podcast, Nobel Prize winner and Columbia University Professor Edmund S. Phelps returns to Goldstein on Gelt to...

RAIN, Coronavirus, Elections, and New Armies! – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

A humongous rainfall in Israel as the show goes LIVE, excites Tamar and helps to further fill the Sea of Galilee! Also, more news coming out on the Coronavirus, which talks about people who speak out going 'missing', and worse. Also, the Israeli elections are coming up and there's a lot of mudslinging going back and forth. And last, an army is being formed in the European Union, as it's unity is starting to crumble!

How to Find Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Discussing the mindset of $ and appreciating its value, and how to develop your inner entrepreneur

Choosing Great Expectations in Difficult Times – Soul Talk [audio]

Life, especially now, is full of uncertainties. So much feels like it's out of our control. To what degree can we be happy in the face of circumstances that include fear, pain and so many unknowns? The choices that we make, especially now, are crucial to determining our joy. How to make choices that turn challenge into opportunity can be learned and is truly empowering.

Cornerstone for All Nations

With Yishai on IDF reserve duty, we present a talk given by alternative peace activist Yehuda HaKohen about Avraham Yair Stern of Lehi.

Israel’s Holiday Season – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Many counries have holiday seasons. Israel has both a holiday and a holy day season

Will Normalization and Federalism Remake The Map of the Middle East? – Beyond the...

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Dan Diker, Director of the Countering Political Warfare Project at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs to address potentially significant developments in relations between Israel and Arab neighbors in the Middle East and predominately Muslim nations in the strategic Sahel Region of Central Africa.

Do You Think That Trump is a ‘Phony’ Regarding Jerusalem? – The Tamar Yonah...

Will Trump's declaration regarding Jerusalem's status give him room to press Israel for more concessions?

Humility: Lost Art – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Israel continues to create, invent, heal and soar despite reports of imminent doom. What enables the Jewish nation to determinedly prosper despite endless attempts to ensure her demise? Perhaps the answer(s) are found in the Torah itself!

Is GDP the Best Way to Measure True Economic Prosperity

Is GDP outdated an measure of prosperity? Are there any alternative methods of assessing $ growth?

The Jewish Story: Rumors of War [audio]

The world is starting to shake with the rumbles of the the coming world war, destruction is to come and will sweep away much of the old, which will open new horizons for the budding Zionist project. Learn more Jewish history with Rabbi Mike Feuer today on The Jewish Story.

Ukrainians Arrive in Israel – Does it Matter That Many Are Not Jewish? –...

Josh Wander & Rabbi Moshe Lichtman discuss the arrival of thousands of Ukrainians to Israel who will be processed as new immigrants. But many are not Jewish. Does it matter? Hear what they have to say!

When Messiah Comes…. How Will He Come? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

When will the Messiah finally come? And how might that take place? Tamar Yonah speaks with Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz , who makes it his business to write articles on WHEN and HOW the Messiah might arrive on the scene. There are different interpretations and beliefs, and he shares some of them on this show.

Goldstein on Gelt: Creating a Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is not “one size fits all.”

Is it a Desecration of God’s Name for a Jew to live Outside of...

In this show we speak with Rabbi Kenny Cohen who left his LA congregation behind in order to clear his conscious about not living in Israel.

Being Unbalanced while Moving Forward – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie describes life under the current Corona lockdown and how she and her family are adjusting; Meet Rachel Berger, Director of Employment for Nefesh b'Nefesh (www.nbn.org.il/jobboard and on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/nbnjobs) and hear how olim are pivoting their careers in Israel; Meet Janine Kutliroff, seriel entrepreneur originally from Ohio, who has successfully made her way in the business world in Israel

The Chametz Season – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

Roger Waters, Stephan Hawking, the first woman to cross the Marathon line and preparing for Passover with both humor and spiritual awareness.


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