Israel Inspired: Trump, the Saudi’s, and Israel vs. Putin, Iran, and Syria – WWIII?...

Something big is about to happen and that something deep must be learned. Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel connect the dots between the global inferno unfolding around Syria and the personal tragedies unfolding all around them on this weeks Israel Inspired.

John Guandolo and Understanding The Threat – The Danger Zone [audio]

Why the FBI and the authorities are completely missing the obvious in the Las Vegas attack.

Don’t Wait Until You’re 100 to Give Away Your Assets

Since you can’t take it with you, why not give it away with a warm hand?

Good Friends – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie opens up by explaining the gift of friends she has made in Israel, and stresses that olim will also make good friends; Natalie speaks with new friend Rikki Farkas, an olah living in Ma'ale Hever who moved to Israel in 2014; Rabbi Jonathan Feldman, of TelAvivInternationals, who made aliyah 2 years ago; and Yael Julanov about preparing for Aliyah with children with special needs.

Time for the Righteous to Roar! – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly Benny Davis is calling upon the leaders of the free world to get their act together and start serving the world. The discussion should start with the real issues taking the lead.

Inside Israel Today: Overcoming Unbridgeable Divides [audio]

Israel is both a democracy and a Jewish state, which means everyone has a voice and everyone has an opinion. Today Gil Hoffman speaks about the Shabbat railway repair work crisis, the divide between Israelis and the Jewish world and more on Inside Israel Today.

Government Inaction – What Does Netanyahu Has In Common With Nero? – The Walter...

You must hear all about this busy week. Walter Asks: How much longer will the South burn. All About: Pay to Slay. Hear: The Enlistment Law explained. More About: Polish anti-Semitism. AND MORE. . .

Dichotomies of the Deluge

This weeks Torah portion has many dichotomies: it starts with a great flood and ends with a great city, Noah is a righteous man yet somehow in the end he's debased, and is the Tzohar a light source from within or from without?

Potatoes, Cats, Men with Sticks – Left Wing Lunacy! – Political Hitman [audio]

The left has gone full lunatic! Howie explores left wing lunacy and offers some theories on why the left acts the way they do.

The Source of Simcha – Purim Joy from Judea!!

First, Yishai's daughter Leah Bat Tzion joins in for a young person's perspective on the message of Purim in Israel. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on the search for the source of Jewish joy and the ethical questions of Covid restrictions. Then, Rabbi Yishai debates Vision Magazine's Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen on the next stage of Jewish liberation.

Inside Israel Jews, Outside Israel Jews – Israel Unplugged [audio]

An examination on how some Jews relate to the Land of Israel and how being outside the Holy Land can influence their perceptions of Torah edicts. Also, the appeals of living in the West: the 3-Cs: Comfort, Convenience and Cosco.

God Commanded Abraham to Leave. Was he Talking to Us? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we speak to Judean and Samaritan rabbis about this week's Torah portion Lech Lecha.

The Tamar Yonah Show – The Aftermath of Terror & Speeches We Should Give...

We hear about terror attacks, the dead, the injured, and then it dies out and the news moves on.

Exclusive Audio From 19th Annual Tisha B’Av Walk Around the Old City

Yishai presents exclusive audio from the 19th Annual Tisha B'Av walk around the Old City Walls.

The ‘Most Illegitimate’ Regime; the Jihadist Middle East; and Remembering Yehuda Avner

The P5 +1 are convinced that Iran is a legitimate negotiating partner. But Dan Diker, host of VOI's National Security, has the opposite idea. Dan joins Yishai in-studio to discuss the folly of the nuclear talks. Then, Ali Jabber is a pseudonym for an Arab who sees Israel as the harbinger of peace, democracy and human rights. He joins Yishai to discuss why so many other Arabs are still mired in the jihadist mindset. Finally, Yishai talks about Israeli diplomat Yehuda Avner, who died recently. Avner worked as an adviser to prime ministers Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, and wrote speeches for prime ministers Golda Meir and Levi Eshkol.

From Avraham to Rachel – Living a Life of Principle – News From The...

As we read about Avraham's ultimate sacrifice and mark the day of Rachel's passing today, please join me to explore what living a life of principle and values can look like today. If you'd like to join me on Tuesday at Kever Rachel - Rachel's resting place (live or via Zoom), please go to www.

Lost in Africa – A Hebrew in the Heartland [audio]

Being stuck for Shabbat in an African city can be it's own adventure!

Dealing with Fear and Anxiety – News From the Torah [audio]

In these tense times, when many people experience anxiety, fear and tension, join us to discuss the Torah way of dealing with these (and other) hard emotions and how to harness the light of Chanuka to light your path

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly talks to Adrian Harel about a revolutionary test for brain trauma. she also reacts to Benjamin Netanyahu speech in front of the Jewish agency.

Modern Day Israel: Redemption or Historical Coincidence? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss the different Jewish viewpoints about the modern State of Israel being an integral part of the redemption process or, God forbid, an impediment

Assimilating the Enemy – Phantom Nation [audio]

The mystery of Jews who identity with Jew-killers e.g. the Rabbis for Human Rights NGO supported by classical religious enemies. Phantom Nation 05Feb2018 - PODCAST

The Future of Diaspora Jews and Israelis Abroad

European Jewry is in trouble, says Yishai, but should all European Jews immigrate to Israel? Yishai is joined in-studio by Zvika Klein, Jewish World correspondent for the NRG news site and the Hebrew weekly Makor Rishon, to discuss the future of the Diaspora, in view of anti-Jewish legislation, such as the ban on circumcisions and kosher slaughter. Then, when the state of Israel was established, Israelis were discouraged from leaving -- so much so that they were not allowed to cast absentee ballots from abroad. That attitude has changed for many reasons, among them the large number of Israelis who leave the country to study and work. Should the law be adjusted to take this into account? Yishai is joined by Avinoam Bar-Yosef, president and founding director of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, and formerly the US bureau chief for the Hebrew daily Ma'ariv, to talk about this issue specifically and the state of the Jewish people in general.

How Tax Laws Can Help in the Fight Against Terrorism

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) restrictions are unfair to law-abiding U.S. expats. Did FATCA lower the value of U.S. citizenship?

Rejuvenation: ‘Show and Tel’ at Ancient Shilo [audio]

Hear from an incredibly articulate and knowledgeable veteran archaeologist about the latest finds at Tel Shilo, including pottery from every settlement period, kosher animal bones from sacrifices, Hasmonean coins, Roman glass, jewelry, seeds and Emorite walls. EveHarow interviews Dr. Scott Stripling, Director of Excavations, today on Rejuvenation.

Perfectly Flawed – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Starting Over: The creation of the world and resulting conflicts between Designer and staff. Both 'hope' and 'blessings' spring eternal!


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