Rejuvenation: SIGNAL Your Orient-ation [audio]

Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership founder Carice Witte joins Eve Harow for a fascinating look at current China- Israel non political initiatives today on Rejuvenation.

Goldstein on Gelt: How Much Do You Need to Save to Achieve Financial Independence?

How much of your income do you need to put aside to achieve financial independence?

Accused of Treason: The US Army’s Witch Hunt for a Jewish Spy – The...

Dr. David A. Tenenbaum, an Orthodox Jew who specialized in developing safety devices for US Troops in Humvees fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq had his program terminated, as his superiors and colleagues attempted to frame him for Treason - spying for Israel

Jerusalem Day Reflections – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

"The Temple Mount is in our hands!" Saluting the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Andrea reflects upon Jerusalem's reunification.

Goldstein on Gelt: What Millennials Need to Know About Investing

Discussing how the millennial generation can start investing by suggesting smart money habits that make investing money and decreasing debt both possible.

Jazz Great Daniel Zamir Opens Up About Music & Religion

Yishai is joined by jazz great Daniel Zamir to talk about bringing jazz and spirituality to audiences around the world.

Yes YOU Can Change the World – The Message of Chanuka – News From...

As Israel is rolling out reforms to undermine the Jewish character of the state each and every Jew can and should do something about it. Plus, a heartwarming story of one person's small gift that changed an entire life trajectory.

Holocaust, Heroes and Heaven – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In this most poignant and powerful week leading up to Israel's Independence Day, we reflect on the inestimable cost of living as free Jews in our own country.

What is the Greenberg Settlement, and How Does it Affect You?

What will happen to your Social Security payments from US if you receive Bituach Leumi in Israel?

The ‘Israelification’ of Jerusalem Arabs

Baruch Widen, interfaith dialoguer and Arabist, joins Yishai to discuss the pro-Israel trend taking hold among the capital's Arab population. The community is applying for Israeli citizenship in unprecedented numbers. Baruch and Yishai consider why.

It’s in My Soul – Leap of Faith [audio]

On today’s episode of Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with Rachelle Silver who shares the story of her journey from secular Judaism to Torah and how throughout all the challenges in her life, she came to recognize the incredible power of prayer and community. Another inspiring episode you don’t want to miss.

Debating What’s the Correct Strategy for the Security of Israel – The Tamar Yonah...

PM Netanyahu is still holding his government together, but for how long? And is his defense strategy working to keep Israel safe? Tamar debates the issue with Alan Silver

The Slap Heard Around the World – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steve and Matt talk about the slap heard round the world, unforeseen challenges of obeying a particular commandment from G-d, the Israeli Women's Ice Hockey team, movies banned in Lebanon, and much more.

Applying Economic Models to Real Life

In part two of this week's Goldstein on Gelt podcast, Doug interviews Lars Peter Hansen, who won this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics along...

Freeing Ourselves From Negative Self-Talk & Finding Favor In Our Own Eyes – Soul...

Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn the power of what we tell ourselves and how it effects how I and the world sees me.

Vision Your Pathway to Victory

Gordon d’Angelo, author of the bestseller Vision: Your Pathway to Victory

The Aaron Katsman Show – It Pays Financially to Get Married [audio]

In this week's show, Aaron talks about the financial aspects of marriage. Did you know that, statistically, married couples have higher investment returns than singles?

Why Jews Don’t Do Cremation & a Black American Who Wants to Be Israeli...

Recently, an Israeli icon, Rona Ramon, died of cancer. She was the widow of astronaut Ilan Ramon, who was killed in the Columbia shuttle disaster. Rona Ramon did a lot of charitable work, and was very popular in Israeli society. It was a shock therefore, to find out, that she wished after her death, to be cremated, and not buried - as Jewish law prescribes. It is such a terrible thing to be cremated in Jewish Law, that the case was brought to the High Court, to try to prevent the cremation from happening. . . READ MORE

Exodus – Who is Shaping Your Thinking in This Alternate Reality – News from...

As multiple forces try to (re)shape our thinking, the story of the Exodus grounds us to seek out the truth. Join us to discover the secrets of Jewish time, the forces at work to plunge us into a new darkness of racial strife, and hear one woman's take on the alternate reality of "Planet Corona."

Talking to Old Voices of Experience & Wisdom from Politics to Music – From...

What was one of the hit songs during the 1973 Yom Kippur war? Orly speaks with Israeli singer, Uzy Fux about those older times, and the music he is playing today.

Goldstein on Gelt: The Financial Lessons from “Scatter Man” & “Generous Mom”

Doug shares two stories that illustrate two very important financial lessons.

China Iran and Turkey – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly brings on Radio Veteran Keven Cohen from The Point 100.7FM to get his take on the current affairs in the united states and its relationships abroad.

From Being Me To Being Free: Secrets to Personal Growth and Empowerment – SOUL...

Listen to Soul Talk with Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn how to go From Being Me To Being Free: Secrets to Personal Growth and Empowerment

Green Death, Ukraine & War – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Also, is 'going green' really the answer? Or will it bring death in its wake? All these points covered on this show.


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