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A fleet of pedi-sukkahs cruise through New York City.

Two Chabad-Lubavitch yeshiva students were attacked in New York City this past Friday afternoon, COLlive reports.

The students were part of a group that had boarded a sbuway heading from Brooklyn into Manhattan to carry out weekly mitzvah assignments with Jewish business owners and others in the city.


Two 19-year-old students who requested anonymity told COLlive the attack occurred while they were walking on West 37th Street near Ninth Avenue.

A brother of one of the students said, “A firebomb was thrown at one of them. It exploded and there was fire. They were shocked. An Israeli woman was walking by and ran over to check if they were okay.

“Thank G-d, it missed them and landed on the pavement,” he added. “It was a male who had thrown it at them, but they were only able to see his back because he ran away. They didn’t hear him shout or say anything.”

This is the first reported attack on Jews or Israelis in New York since the start of the recent escalation in Arab terror in Israel.

The New York Police Department has accordingly raised security in Jewish neighborhoods. Residents in Crown Heights commented they were seeing more officers on patrol this past week than had been seen during the high holy days, COLlive noted.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. My heart is sad,, Jews are attacked in europe in south america ,in south africa ,on university campuses and now in new york,, everyday i read news of attacks on Jews in Israel and now this,,, when the Jews leave America it will be a dark future, ” I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them that curse you “,, Note: G_D does not lie and HE will keep HIS WORD..

  2. G-d,
    -cause bombs to detonate prior to reaching your people.
    -protect your people and innocent ones
    -let everyone cry out to you
    -hear their cries
    –warn your people to avoid certain areas at specific times
    – cause the weapons of Israel’s enemies to misfire, malfunction and jam up
    -direct Israel’s ammunition to hit its targets
    -visit mankind in dreams, visions, visitations and show them who you are
    -give all who are separated from you, Damascus road encounters
    -provide a type of Red Sea experience for all who are hardhearted like Pharaoh, and bent on destroying innocent people,

    See: “against all odds”. series… Of miracles during the 1948,1967, 1973 wars in Israel….google or YouTube.
    Praying for your divine protection, direction and provision…

  3. Deborah Ashenfarb – You are an ignorant idiot! I am very proud to be a Democrat and a Liberal and a Jew! It contiues to be Liberals, Democrats and Jews who fight for your right to say stupid and wrong things! Republicans and conservatives only want to take away your freedoms by scaring you into believing you are in some kind of mortal danger! The Republicans have become modern day amsters of the NAZI big lie and dupe ignorant people like your self into believing they are correct andyou need to follow the or the Liberal will get you. Appearently you were not well educated and failed to learn that EVERYTHING POSTIVE IN YOUR LIFE IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS FIGHTING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER! In fact it was Liberals who faught and won independence for the United States! It was Liberals who wrote the Declaration of Independence and wrote the US Constitution! It was Liberal who got Jews Shabat as a day of rest (instead of the Christian Sunday.) It was Liberals who got you and your family so many important things that you and your family take for granted, 40 hour (and now in many places a 35 hour) work week. Paid days off, holidays, vacation, medical and other kinds of insurance you can buy at lower costs through your place of work!, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for example which benefit everyone. You need to learn that no matter what you think, it is the Liberals and Progressives who suppot Israel and NOT REPUBS AND CONSERVATIVES. Here again they have duped you into believing they love Israel so much! While they may like Israel they HATE Jews! They believe that their version of the end of days is approaching and in their version all the Jews MUST be in Israel for it to begin. Once it begins all Jews will be made to convert or be swallowed up to hell! This is the only reason why these false profits do anything to protect Israel. Until this last election all the Jewish member of the House and Senate were Democarats except for that fool Eric Cantor who lost his election to an ultra conservative evangelical Christian! Ask yourself why the overwhelming amount of Jews in the US are Liberals and Progressives. It is not because they are dumb and stupid, it is because they actually understand and know better!

  4. Stewart Kelly you are simply a foolish ignorant idiot! Obama has NEVER said any anti-Israeli comments! NEVER. It is fools like you who make things up and repeat them over and over again until you actually believe what you are saying. Sort of like the NAZI big lie! You are downright stupid when you say something like "Even the police feel Obama and his Justice Deartment has forsaken them" That is a bald face lie!
    When the police go around murdering unarmed people and do not get punised for it and someone says something about it That doesn't mean they are against the police! There is NEVER time when the polic murder an unarmed person they are roght in doing so! Just this past week a cop in Clleveland was deemed not guilty of murdering a 12 year old boy who had a pellet gun. They ruled the cop was in fear of his life. If you watched the video clip of the incident the officer fire the instant he got out of his car and never warned the boy! I do believe that no matter how wrong you are, you are entitled to your opinion, but YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN FACTS!

    Retruned Peace Corps Volunteer

  6. Edward Lobel Most of the work keeping people stupid is done by our public school systems and teachers, like yourself, Democrat and Liberal. Stupidity is a key ally of the Dems, that's why the public schools are such a mess. All the teachers do well is make excuses for failing.

  7. Absolutely correct, he emboldened the PA terrorists the same way he did with a bunch of black thugs in the US he blamed the police for everything, in Israel he blamed the Israeli PM, for one small demand from their corrupt leader to recognize the exitence of the state of Israel, and he refused

  8. The president has stuck his nose in several incidents best left to law enforcement. By not at least making a brief statement condemning racist acts against anyone regardless of who they are, he is in fact encouraging racist acts against Jews. This isn't the first incident and won't be the last. He hasn't spoken out against any of them.

  9. Dear fellow readers, I have come to the conclusion that there is no Edward Lobel. Nobody can possibly that stupid. He is a made up character to incite these articles. Want Proof ask him to show you where he gets his information? You will not get an answer. And Ed Lobel if you are real I welcome you to come to my house and you can tell me to my face I am an "Ignorant Idiot." I have made these requests many times without a response.

  10. Yes…

    Since our White House is full of Muslims, the radicals among them have been getting bolder.

    But this is only possible in gun-control states like NY and NJ, or in our large gun-control cities, which are basically run by Democrats. Muslims keep a much lower profile everywhere else.

    We have that Turkish compound like four miles from my house; you never hear a peep out of them. Many of their neighbors have shotguns, and crossbows, and scoped deer rifles, and AR-15's, and pistols. It actually leads to a degree of civility, and mutual respect, overall.

  11. Edward Lobel You have blinkers on because you only see and hear what you want to hear and see. Obama has never criticized the Arabs for avoiding a peace agreement or for teaching hatred of Jews and Israel. He insults Netanyahu, remember leaving him and going to supper, blames Netanyahu for not getting a peace agreement when Abbas won`t show for a meeting. To top it off he awards Iran with 150 billion dollars, removes sanctions, says he will protect Iran from cyber warfare and gives them to right to eventually have a nuclear bomb, although they may already have the bomb while they chant "death to America". Obama is a bully and you think you are progressive in supporting him. He prayed in the Church of a bigot and never heard any anti American or anti semitic comments from Bishop Wright in 20 years of attendance. He is divisive and has polarized America big time.

  12. Gordon Arnold You are completely delusional. B a HObama has threatened Netanyahu with military retaliation if Israel atacks Iran's nuclear weapons program. You think Bibi's "race bating" [sic] — it's spelled "baiting" unless one is mastur … oh nevermind — is somehow to blame for Palestinians' current unrest. What, as opposed to last year's unrest, or the last two "Intifadas," rocket attacks, tunnel attacks, suicide bomber/stabber/shooters?

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