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Israeli security forces at the scene where two terrorists opened fire at civilians in the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv

Last year, nine months before he was appointed Defense Minister, MK Avigdor Liberman posted on his Facebook page his expectations of the cabinet meeting to be convened at noon following the terrorist attacks. Liberman listed his expectations as follows:

1. No male or female terrorist comes out alive from any terrorist attack.


2. Adopt the rules of engagement common in the United States.

3. Revoke the residency of every eastern Jerusalem resident involved in terrorist activity.

4. Activate emergency laws and impose martial law wherever needed in order to defeat terrorism.

Liberman concluded: I remind the Prime Minister and members of the cabinet, words don’t stop terrorists. Security is achieved through an iron fist.

Avigdor Liberman’s recommendations on dealing with terror – before he became Defense Minister

This vehement call for an unabashed, strong-armed treatment of terrorism was posted on October 13, 2015, one of the toughest days in the current wave of terror, when MK Liberman was still just another member of the opposition. In the Aramon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem, two Arab terrorists boarded a bus, one carrying a gun the other a knife, and started attacking passengers at random until police overtook them. Two passengers were killed and seven injured, among them two women who were in critical condition.

A short while later there was a car ramming attack on Malchei Israel Street in Jerusalem, where one man, 59, was murdered and three injured. The terrorist exited his car and started stabbing pedestrians, until police finally arrived on the scene and neutralized him.

Then, in Ra’anana, an Arab terrorist, 22, from eastern Jerusalem arrived at the central bus station and stabbed one person, 32. Local civilians managed to subdue the terrorist.

It’s possible that Liberman and Netanyahu are implementing at least some of the points the defense minister posted some nine months ago. Israeli media on Thursday morning, following the massacre of four innocent Israelis in a downtown Tel Aviv café, reported a few stern steps which are being taken by security forces and the government.

Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Gen. Yoav Mordechai announced the freezing of 83,000 entry permits issued to Judea and Samaria Arabs to visit their families inside the green line, as a show of good will for the month of Ramadan. In addition, all the gestures given residents of Gaza, including permits to pray on the Temple Mount were frozen. And 204 visitation permits issued to the families of terrorists in Israeli prisons were revoked.

Issuing those gestures of good will were, in fact, the first act in office of the new defense minister, on the recommendation of the IDF chief of staff, as part of the policy of improving the quality of life of the Palestinian population.

The two terrorist cousins, 21, who last night attacked the heart of Tel Aviv’s nightlife came from Yatta village south of Hebron. Overnight the IDF raided their homes and interrogated their families. The security apparatus is investigating how the pair made it through the green line and who helped them.


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  1. The key to stopping Jihad is seeing every terrorist attack not only as a tragedy but also as an opportunity for geopolitical steps. If the settlement that gave rise to the terrorists is immediately expelled, leveled and annexed (while the memory of the attack is fresh and while the agents of subterfuge are temporarily silenced), it will not take long for the Jihadist leadership to see things are not going as planned. While repeated use of this policy would tremendously improve Israel's land resources and economy, I doubt it would have to be done more than five times.

  2. Talk is cheap. Soldiers are getting killed fending off terrorists when they are on leave and forbidden to take their weapons despite promises that they would be permitted. Deceit. At one point to Israelis order their politicians that Jewish blood is not hefker?

  3. It wasn't in the "occupied" anything… 2 Arab Muslims from the RELIGION OF PEACE, machine gunned Israelis in TEL AVIV, KILLING 4/5 AND MAIMING MANY OTHOR ISRAELIS. This is the solution: read…
    Just demolishing a property is not enough:

    A non negotiable method and solution to accomplish real peace in Israel with nearby Palestinian Arab Muslims:

    10 square kilometers of annexation from land the killer seeks for every Israeli abducted and killed including the death penalty for the killers.

    2 square kilometers will be removed from the negotiating table and annexed from Gaza or Judea / Samaria for every missile sent into Israel or knifing attacks on Israelis.

    This is a new method and solution in solving this type of madness with an enemy who cares less about life and more about conquering land!

    No apologies for living, No apologies for surviving and No apologies for true peace…

  4. In addition to all of the comments, it is about time the anti-Jewish propaganda being taught in Palestinian schools, etc. must be countered, air droplets, radio, TV, newspapers, whatever. Young children are being taught that Jews come from monkeys and pigs, Jews stole their land, etc. all BS of course.

  5. the Torah teaches us to defend ourselves. may Israel’s military go from strength to strength . may Israel receive more police dogs to sniff out every terrorist in hiding. may we yiddlichs understand what is at stake. we are jews we were born jews ,not republicans or democrats. may the world be rid of every haman.

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