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U.S. President Barack Obama.

Newsflash – and a really awful one at that.

This White House and its environs were just teasing when the inhabitants of that foggy realm said they were stepping back from trying to arm wrestle the inhabitants of the Middle East into creating another terrorist state and undermine the only vibrant democracy in the area. Yes, the news is now out: yet another Arab-Israeli “peace process” plan is in the works, as reported in a news story posted late Monday, March 7, in the Wall Street Journal.


This one, the White House threatens, may involve a United Nations Security Council Resolution that will impose a solution, rather than the Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs working out the details of how they will co-exist “side by side in peace and security.”

In addition to a UN Security Council Resolution, other initiatives may include a presidential speech and a joint statement from the Middle East Quartet: the U.S., the U.N., the E.U and Russia. Sound friendly? It’s not clear which is scarier: another speech on the Middle East by President Obama, or his coordinating a joint statement by a larger group of foreigners, none of which includes Israel. But both, not either-or, are being threatened.

The timing for the launch of this new plan is not yet set in stone, but for sure it will be before President Obama leaves office in January.

An earlier article mentioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision not to come to Washington later this month, either to attend in person the AIPAC conference or to meet with Obama, as had been requested. It is not hard to imagine Netanyahu seeking to avoid any arm-twisting on such a mission playing a role in his decision not to come to the States at this time.

The White House let it be known that it was disappointed by Netanyahu’s refusal to show up for the meeting, and allowed that it had found out about it by reading the newspaper – the same story it told about Netanyahu’s acceptance of a Congressional invitation to speak about the proposed Iran treaty.

The concessions to be extracted from each side are likely deal-breakers for both: from Israel, an end to building for Jews beyond the 1949 Armistice Line and handing over what the Americans call eastern Jerusalem to the Palestinian Arabs; from the Arabs, recognition of Israel as a Jewish State and ending the call for a “right of return” to Israel for the descendants of Palestinian Arab “refugees.”

No word on whether the Arabs will be asked to stop the non-stop television shows teaching their children how to murder Jews and die a martyr.

Also no word on who will be the one expected to make any promises for the Palestinian Arabs: Mahmoud Abbas, in the eleventh year of his four year term? One of the jihadi leaders from Hamas? Someone who represents all the so-called Palestinian Arab refugees scattered around the Middle East? Details, shmetails.

Of course the only change in circumstances is Mr. Obama beginning his exit, which has no bearing whatsoever on the people whose lives will be impacted by any new effort on his part.

According to the Journal, Obama’s plan is to create facts on the ground that will constrain the next White House occupant. No word in the White House press guidance on why that’s an appropriate task for someone who won’t have to live with whatever problems are created by the latest Obama “peace” initiative.


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  1. Which should come first, a Supreme Court nomination or a Middle Eat peace deal? One is mandated by the constitution. The other….??? Besides, it will not happen for the simple reason it would be bad for Hillary Clinton to have to try and defend such an approach duing an election year campaign.

  2. Obama is dumber than I thought, if he thinks he can make peace between the most virulent antisemites on the planet and a Jewish state. Obama makes Chamberlain look like a negotiating genius.

    Had Obama been president in 1943, he would have designed a "brilliant peace plan" between the Nazis and the Allies, and Adolf Hitler would have gotten his ultimate wish–a museum dedicated to the "The Race That No Longer Exists," (Jews).

    Great thinking Barak!!!

  3. Obama is dumber than I thought, if he actually believes that he can make peace between the most virulent antisemites on the planet and a Jewish state. Obama makes Chamberlain look like a negotiating genius.

    Had Obama been president in 1943, he would have designed a “brilliant peace plan” between the Nazis and the Allies, and Adolf Hitler would have gotten his ultimate wish–a museum dedicated to the “The Race That No Longer Exists,” (Jews).

    Great thinking Barak!!!

  4. If Obama truly wanted peace, he would stop doing what he's been doing all along: encouraging Muslims to violence against themselves and others. Obama encouraged the Egyptians to revolt. They did, got slammed, and Obama watched. Obama encouraged the anti Asaad rebels. They got slammed and Obama watched. He encouraged the Palestinians with his disdain of Israel. Palestinians have never been worse off, Gaza dying a slow death, and young Palestinians suffering from BDS, and corrupt leaders. Obama watched.

  5. the Arabs and Pals are a form of the old testament nation of the Amalakites who were always attacking Israel for no reason whatsoever and hated them for no's still going on today and these hateful nations are the Amalakites…Obaman is also a form of an Amalakite..

  6. Obama Husain is now going to try to give a big push for his Muslim brothers and his true colors are about to come to light. The truth is its all in G-ds Hands and he really doesn't control a thing. Whatever he accomplishes with the UN doesn't have to be recognized by the Israeli government. Unless they line up for war on our borders, we don't need to do what they say. If they do line up to attack us, they will be very sorry for doing so because they will have pissed off The Creator.

  7. I think he's pissed that Bibi is "getting along" and brokering deals with major countries – and even has something going with the Saudis.
    He only has this "go no where ever, dead-in-the-water-before-it-even-starts" so-called "peace deal" that the U.S. has to push on Israel to make himself look good. He really doesn't care about the arabs nor Israel.

  8. Listen to the the idiot liberal wannabe crybabies, Israel its a horrible Apartheid!!! Yet these same ignorant empty drums – they never once in their lives have stepped foot in Israel or the Middle East, yet assume that their expertise from reading News Papers makes them all knowing professionals on Middle Eastern politics. These coward ignorant fools totally ignore the plight of Arab palestinian refugees living in refugee camps throughout the Arab world. They condemn Israel and demand that Israel respect the rights of the stateless Arab refugees living in Israel but never a peep comes from their self righteous arrogant pie holes, they totally fail to demand quid pro quo from Arab countries which house Arab refugees from the failed Arab invasion of the Jewish state in 1948. For example: Arab stateless refugees ie palestinians, make up 1/5 of the population of Israel yet make up 4/5ths of the population of Jordan. How come these self righteous ignorant silly liberal fools who live in foreign countries outside of the Middle East, how come these vile detestable people never demand that Jordan give the Arab refugee populations who have a majority population in Jordan the rights of Jordanian citizenship? Where’s the wrath and condemnation of the UN for the evil Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, mis-run by the UN itself ect?????

  9. No, my dear Mr. Geoffrey Rogg, I've got a better idea that doesn't include Junk-Yard-Dog-Putin. In all 50 states, there is a felony charge for "depraved Indifference" to an eventual murder. Murder-2, 25 to Life. The 21st-Century's version of Neville Chamberlain, who allowed 50-MM to be killed, can serve his sentence on Jupiter; he can smooth out his tan-line.

  10. OBAMA, did you not make enough damages to the Middle East by all your failures? Starting with the BAD Iran deal, the vacuum you left in Iraq, the problem you created in Libya, the creation of ISIS, the indecision in Syria resulting in the largest humanitarian disaster since world war II, and the spread of the Islamic terrorism around the world???


  11. It's all about legacy. Israel be damned. Why do you think we can't wait for this to be gone. His approach to every situation is always all about him. It only took him about 6 sentences to turn his "eulogy" on Nancy Reagan into the next 4 paragraphs which were about the effect she had on him and how his decisions……………blah blah blah. I, I ,I, is his favorite.

  12. When is AMERICA, going to start enforcing the OSLO ACCORDS? Clinton, signed, and then walked away, He received his Noble Prize and Israel received an outbreak of terrorism, murdering more Jew's, than BEFORE Oslo. What the WH Muslim proposes, was already covered in Oslo. Arafat, did not recognize a JEWISH STATE, and Abu Mazen, won't either.

  13. Following his departure from the WH he will be given the role of UN peace envoy and thus he will be able to ensure that Israel is forced to implement his peace plan.Of course he will grant Israel the building of their Temple and they will fall for his scheming plans.Eventually he will turn his back on Israel and leave them to their fate and thats when the Jewish people realise they have been duped.It's all prophecied in the Bible,please read it for yourself.

  14. At the recent meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Fareed Zakaria interviewed Netanyahu, who said he is preparted to negotiate for peace at "any time" with Abbas, "So where is he?"

    Meanwhile, in recent Arabic videos Abbas can be seen praising jihadists for killing Jews, saying that they are "spilling pure blood for Jerusalem," that they are martyrs who will be rewarded by Allah in heaven, and that the "filthy feet" of Jews will never go near their mosque.

    Obama/Kerry/Clinton have not publicly commented on either of those things.

  15. So far, Republican presidents have not been any better.

    The actual buildings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank cover 1.5% of the land of the West Bank. Israeli leaders say that that land area is up for negotiations towards a peace agreement.

    What did George W. Bush do? Demand that all Palestinian leaders accept Israel's right to exist, before putting any pressure on Israel?

    No, that is not what George W. Bush did. George W. Bush repeatedly lambasted Israel for building *within* established settlements.

    He also started a war in Iraq that resulted in Iraq lobbing missiles into Israel.

  16. PO had got to go. He is putting the existence of Israel in grave danger. This plan will just make it easier to kill Jews. The naivte of PO could plunge the Middle East into a war that could likely be the beginning of WWIII. please keep your policies in the realm of domestic issues. Your lack of understanding in the middle east will have deadly consequences.

  17. Just in case you wondered how antiIsrael the jerk Obama really is…

    Israel should just expel the Arabs and build even more in response to Obama's arrogant attempts at manipulating Israel into what HE wants for the area.

  18. I really do wonder if the Security Council has the authority to create a state. It probably has the right to stop wars, but there is no traditional type of war raging in Judea and Samaria. If the Security Council does go against Israel, Israel should take its decision to the International Court of Justice and by the time a decision was reache Obama would be back in his father's homeland of which he almost certainly is still a citizen.

    At another level, Netanyahu should declare the termination of the Oslo process as their putative Arab interlocutors have openly repudiated negotiations. As well, it is high time that Netanyahu stops his feather dance routine (as Caroline Glick put it) and adopt the Levy Report which demonstrates that Israel has a legal right to territories that the Jordanians held for 19 years.

  19. Scott Rose Israel has been the only side that wants peace. Every peace offer, except between Egypt and Israel, has been shot down by the Arab leaders, who know that if they accept an agreement that does not include Arab ownership from the river to the sea, they will be assassinated by jihadis. How many Arab states are there? You want another one that will annihilate Israel, because you're racist against Jews.

  20. It appears my comment was taken down? Bibi was removed from office once for giving away the Land. He was placed in office again with the full knowledge that he would be removed if he gives away one sliver of the Land. My understanding is he got the second message!!!!

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