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Opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog.

A paper of understanding that was exposed Sunday night by Channel 10 News shows that MK Isaac Herzog, chairman of the Zionist Camp, who conducted extensive meetings with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas before the March 2015 elections, agreed to hand over all of Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem to a Palestinian State, and reached a deal on letting Arab refugees come back to live inside 1967 Israel. The negotiations with Abbas were conducted in secret between retired Brigadier General and former MK and Minister Ephraim Sneh and a senior PA official. It should be noted that during the weeks just before the March 17 elections, the polls showed the Zionist Camp edging out Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party, and the plan back then was seen as the shape of things to come in the most realistic way.

On the issue of the borders between Israel and Palestine, Herzog agreed to giving up 100% of the post 1967 territories, with an allowance for a mere 4% of Israeli settlements staying put in exchange for comparable land in pre-1967 Israel to be handed to the Palestinians. Eastern Jerusalem was going to become the capital of Palestine, but the two halves of the city would share municipal responsibilities. Temple Mount would be turned over to an international monitoring force, but Israel would have retained its hold on the Western Wall.


The Arab refugees were going to be taken care of based on UN resolution 194, with some being allowed back into Israel and the rest receiving financial compensation for the lands they left behind.

Israel was going to maintain a symbolic presence in the Jordan Valley, including two armored bases, and terrorism would be handled by a combined force made up of Jordanians, Palestinians and Israelis.

In response to the revelation, MK Herzog’s office released a statement saying, “In my contacts with the Palestinian Authority Chairman in 2014 I made an effort to reach understandings that would have prevented the wave of terror which I predicted, just as I am working now to prevent a situation where the abandoning of a regional conference on the part of the extreme right-wing government won’t bring on us the next war. After the rounds of the almost annual wars and funerals of the past decade I am no longer prepared to listen to the mantra that says we can defeat every threat with only military force.”

Minister Ze’ev Elkin said in response to the revelations that “an abyss separates us and them and they have no place in a Liked led government.”


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  1. Herzog and sneh should be arrested and tried for attempted treason and spying. Then when found guilty should be punished with a lifetime of solitary confinement. Maybe then we will begin to learn not to be our own worst enemy.

  2. In order to avoid such scenarios turning into reality we have to give our Nation back its pride, confidence and natural chutzpah.
    We have to stop looking over our shoulders always waiting for approval from the so called international community and from the so called "friends of Israel".
    The illogical, blind appeasement needs to stop before the country self-destructs.
    And it can only happen if we rebuild our Nation on its original foundations of absolute unity and mutual guarantee.

  3. Don't you think that Yitzchak's grandfather and father are turning over in their graves? He wanted to give back all and cause the downfall of our country – just in order to become the prime minister? I hope that this article brings a deluge of comments admonishing Yitzchak for his stupidity.

  4. Every few years, a leftist politician declares that he is weary of having to defend Israel, and proposes a land for peace deal. As if Israel is the aggressor, and if only Israel would get a little bit smaller, the Islamic world and the EU, would accept us into the world of nations and stop hating us and attacking us. This is Peace of the Weary.

  5. They still won't believe the Muslim clerics who plainly state that they will never accept a state inhabited by Jews in their midst. They will not rest till Israel is annihilated in its entirety. Conceding land to the Palestinians and giving up more and more territories would only serve to make their ultimate goal of driving the Jews into the sea that much more attainable.

  6. What a fool he is. Like the Arthur Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain who thought that his appeasement policy with Hitler would pacify him and leave the world in peace. There will never be peace with the Arabs so long as they are not willing to talk peace before recieving anything in return. Frankly they are due nothing. They have instigated war upon war. Unfortunately Israel created a precident of giving back captured land. This is the real world, there are no do overs. We should all be happy that Arafat showed the world how much the Arabs really wanted peace. Mr Herzog should find a different country to live in.

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