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Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan flashes the four-fingered Muslim Brotherhood sign to a crowd. (archive)

It is also what may have destroyed the ties between Turkey and Israel – or not. Not everything one sees on the surface necessarily reflects the reality beneath.


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. Those who have embraced Islam is only because they are too impure spiritually to comprehend Torah. So what do they do, they make their own interpretations, interject their own debased soul and behavior into their skewered perceptions of natural law, and come up with a poor facsimile of Jewish Law. Every act of cruelty is justified to the spiritually self-chosen Muslim. Every day one hears another Fataw justifying every possible crude behavior towards one's own wife, daughters and, of course, infidel whores. The hell Islamic countries are experiencing is proof of its godless ideology.

  2. Sooner or later people will realize just how dangerous this man is. Not to Israel, but to Turks first!
    Single handedly he is busy undoing all that has been done beginning with Ataturk.
    He fancies himself as some Ottoman Sultan. He is nothing but an wannabe Imam in a suit and a tie.

    Arabs have been "springing" forward. He wants to leap back to the 19th, and 18th. Century. Way to go Erdo!

  3. If you are in a Jewish store ask them to not carry any Turkish products. Their apricots can be replaced with California apricots, their figs with Greek or California and all the rest of their Drek can easily be replaced. let them eat their own crap.

  4. I’ve heard other people -not Muslims- who have also made critique of thanking G-d for not being a woman. Too bad that they do not understand why, but their religions cannot appreciate the reason since they hate G-d’s commandments and duties. But since Islam does curtail the rights of women so extensively, Erdogan promotes it more stringently each year to ingratiate himself to more radical Muslims. An educated person can easily see through his comments, actions, and ambition.

  5. beware turkey is the gateway to Europe for the future muslim terrorist. turkey seeks admission to the European union, beware o fools of Europe, you have problems now, wait until the gate opens and you are consumed in the rise of the new super caliphate.,courtesy of the likes of erdogan whose on an Islamic ego trip.

  6. If you are in a Jewish store tell them you'll boycott them if they carry Turkish products, I would not patronize the anti-Jewish Greek bastards either!!! Israel exports figs, dates, olives, apricots!!! Buycott don't Boycott Israel!!!

  7. The Ultimate Humiliation, 😉 Even the Horse will not have his ass on his Back. 😉 😉

  8. What the……… Kick these "Turkey's " OUT of NATO > NOW. We do-not need them….. they need us….. When "push comes to shove" on which side do you think the TURKS will be on. We will get a knife in the back just like Israel did who was supplying them with advanced arms -no less.


  10. Alan Kardon, my goodness we agree twice in one day! BTW, Even though it has been about 10 years I have been to Turkey as a businessman and Istanbul and Izmir are very beautiful cities. However, with what is going on there now, I will not include it on my next vacation with my wife.

  11. More than we respect Human rights we respect the right of our children to live. To live free of rocket falling on them out of the sky.

    Thousands of rockets fired by Hamas are human rights?

    Don't give us lectures on Human rights while rabid Jihadists do their best to annihilate us.

    Today they only kill Jews. Tomorrow they will come for you.

  12. Turkey NEEDS another COUP and a "Secular Military Dictatorship"
    A Return to Kemalism before Er-DOG-an completely removes Secularism like it was removed in Afghanistan & Iran in the 1970s.
    What are Ataturk's Turkish Armed Forces "The Defenders Of Secularism" waiting for?

  13. We must not forget that Turkey is a NATO member, and has nuclear weapons stockpiled there. If Turkey blocks out the West, it can deny access to NATO facilities to recover those weapons. That is all this world needs, a crazy leader equipped with nukes. At the moment, I am more worried about this than North Korea and it's leader.

  14. Its very simple the Ottoman Empire were some of the most hate filled Murderous War Mongers in history and they butchered millions. He comes from a long line of haters… I say tell the students to oust him before he brings war and death and destruction upon them. Turkey is like a plastic toy army compared to Israel…

  15. Dina is not Dina, but some dumb muslim posing!! Obviously!! By her comment that is beyond absurd!! If she is a Jew then she should go to issis and tell them she is a self hating Jew and volunteer to be a test subject in the next devious way they come up with to kill someone!!!

  16. A friend gave me some past. Iit clamed it was made from semolina. It had the Italian flag and said Italian several times. It's Turkish. It's horrid. So as nott to waste food, I'll cook it for the dogs.

  17. The Jews, as I a Muslim from Pakistan, see, are assured to live in this world to the Last Day. That they are a genius race, and once the pride of humanity and exalted by God, is a boon to the whole world, they should be given a fair chance to solve their affairs as best as they can. For Muslims, the only place in Jerusalem is the sacred worshiping place called Al-Aqsa. Why can't we let Jews make Israel a replica of Solomon and interact with the wast Arab world in trade and commerce. The Dome of Rock, holiest of hollies is the Jewish direction of prayers. Let them have it. I propose that we create one each strong and independent Think Tank forums and sort this out amicably in a shared solution.

  18. Anyone who has any knowledge of these prayers knows that this particular blessing has nothing to do with women's rights. It has many interpretations and none of them are anti-woman! In truth, Judaism is very very pro-woman! One should learn the true meaning of their own religion first (ie peace and tolerance not war and hate) before trying to explain the religion of others.

  19. Men are required to do more mitzvot than women because they are at a lower spiritual than women. This is not a new thing – it's in our 2000-year-old oral law. They are thanking God for not making them a non-Jew who only has 7 mitzvot to keep, then for not making them a slave, who has more than 7 but less than a free Jew, then for not making them a woman, who has less mitzvot to do than men because women have more important things to do. I doubt there is any Jewish woman who thinks a man could do her job, and that's what he's really thankful for.

  20. Sher, you should become the PM of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and the rest of the islamic world. I like the way you think. Sadly, you are a very tiny minority in your thinking. Most muslims are filled with hatred towards Jews and Israel, not even knowing where Israel is located. I can go on and on .Slam Alechum Ya Ebni

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