Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter
Soldier points his weapon at Haredi demonstrators in Beitar Illit.

Kan 11 News on Tuesday night posted an exclusive video of a soldier raising his weapon at Haredi demonstrators in Beitar Illit, who were protesting the closure of their city.


Clashes broke out during the protest between police and locals after hundreds of Beitar Illit residents had broken through police barricades and stormed out to demonstrate on Route 375. Access to the road had been blocked two hours earlier.

In another recorded incident, Kan 11 reporter Akiva Weiss was attacked by police officers.

The police issued a statement saying: “During the dispersal of the crowd, a person who was not initially identified as a journalist was also pushed back, because he joined the crowd. As soon as he was identified, he was allowed to continue covering the incident safely.”

Beitar Illit Mayor Meir Rubenstein met with the new Health Ministry director general Hezi Levy, who said the closure ould be removed Wednesday morning. The mayor said he would continue to enforce the Health Ministry’s regulations and act to remove coronavirus patients from their overcrowded apartments to more appropriate facilities.


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