Arab Organization Waives Millions in European Funds After Refusing to Disavow Ties to Terrorism

Burj Al-Luqluq stated that it completely rejects “conditional funding that affects the sanctity of the Palestinian national struggle.”

2 B’Tselem Activists Arrested for Allegedly Torching Israeli-Owned Land

It appears that the two set fire to the land to prepare it for future agricultural activities as part of a move to illegally gain control of the area.

Leftist Democrats Pushing Biden to Undo Trump’s Policy Changes on Israel, including Golan Heights

The Biden administration was very careful with the language they used, which refused to confirm their commitment to permanent Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

ZIM Ship Leaves Oakland Harbor as Longshoremen Refuse to Cross Anti-Israel Picket Line

Stop ZIM ships action will take place in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Houston, Seattle/Tacoma, and New York/New Jersey.

67 Anti-Israel Groups, Including Jews, to March on Congress Saturday

Opinion polls conducted as recently as 2011 showed strong public support for Israel.

Italian Port Workers Attempt to Block Arms Shipment to Israel

The shipment did eventually depart the port on its route to Naples, however, since most other port workers continued to the load the ship.

185 Israeli Scientists, Intellectuals, Israel Prize Laureates, Tell Hague ICC: Don’t Trust Our Government

"We wish to express at this early stage our deepest suspicion, based on past experience, that the State of Israel."

J Street Admonishes Abbas for Postponing Palestinian Authority Elections Set for May

The group, however, says it recognizes “the challenges involved with attempting to integrate Palestinian factions committed to nonviolence and diplomacy with those, like Hamas, that have frequently engaged in violence and terror.”

ZOA Wins Vote on Expulsion from Boston JCRC

The petition criticized Mort Klein’s rhetoric on Black Lives Matter, George Soros, Barack Obama, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

Erdan: HRW Apartheid Report ‘Collection of Lies, Fabrications’

“Human Rights Watch should be ashamed that such a liar represents them in the most vibrant democracy in the Middle East,"

Critics Call HRW Apartheid Report: ‘Culmination of Decades of Obsessive Attacks Against Israel’

HRW’s report is part of a concerted campaign over the past 18 months to interject the term ‘apartheid’ into discourse about Israel.

HRW to Release ‘Apartheid Report’ on Israel

"HRW’s latest contribution consists of the standard mix of shrill propaganda, false allegations, and legal fictions."

Tens of Thousands Rally in Paris Demanding Justice for Sarah Halimi

A French court ruled the Muslim murderer could not be prosecuted because he had been high on marijuana.

French Jews plan Mass Rally in Paris to Demand Justice for Sarah Halimi

A simultaneous rally will be held in London near the French embassy.

Biden to Appoint Former Human Rights Watch Official Sarah Margon to Senior State Dept....

Margon is an outspoken critic of authoritarian allies of the United States, and has had a testy relationship with Netanyahu's government as well.

In J Street Address, Abbas Urges Repeal of Laws that Impede US-Palestinian Authority Ties

Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks criticized Democrats for sharing the stage with Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas, calling him a Holocaust denier and longtime funder of terrorism.

J Street to Feature PA Leader Mahmoud Abbas in Virtual Annual Conference

“J Street welcomes recent moves by the Biden administration to restore critical humanitarian, security and refugee assistance to the Palestinian people and . . . UNRWA."

J Street, Peace Now, Join Palestinian NGOs in Supporting Betty McCollum’s Curb on Aid...

By endorsing the bill J Street and Americans for Peace Now have marked themselves as Israel haters, as despicable as IfNotNow, Jewish Voice for Peace Action.

Canada’s New Democratic Party Adopts Settlements Boycott, Arms Embargo on Israel

The Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates was beside itself with joy.

Michigan Imam Calls to ‘Join Hands’ with Jews that Wish Jerusalem be Retaken by...

Imam Mustapha Elturk: “Not all Jews are bad; some Jews and Christians are doing our work for us, as a matter of fact.”

Mazal Tov: Left-Wing Anti-Settlement Petition Results in High Court Ratifying New Jewish Neighborhood

Had it not been for the petitions against Tapuach West, the neighborhood would not have been regulated to this day. So thank you, Holland and Norway, your money was well spent.

Israeli Anti-Zionist NGOs Received More than $50 Million from Foreign Governments

Of the 35 NGOs, 22 reported receiving more than 50% of their funding from foreign governments. Of the 35 NGOs, 22 reported receiving more than 50% of their funding from foreign governments.

Report: Amnesty International Helped Putin Destroy Dissident Alexei Navalny

Alexander Artemev, a spokesman for Amnesty in Moscow, told BBC the wave of requests that the group de-list Navalny was part of an "orchestrated campaign" against the dissident by the Kremlin.

Yesha Council Chairman Cancels Participation in Haaretz Conference Co-Sponsored by B’Tselem, BtS

Last month, B'Tselem launched an international campaign depicting Israel as being an apartheid state.

Report: Left-Wing US Jews Ask Biden to Revoke Labeling Settlements’ Products ‘Made in Israel’

The six anti-Israel Jewish groups warned against the new regulation which "would worsen tensions in the Middle East if allowed to go into effect."

Promoter of ‘Israeli Apartheid’ Attacks, Betty McCollum is New Chair of Defense Appropriations

"Now my goal with HR 4391 is ... to force policymakers to think about the 3.8 billion dollars in U.S. aid to Israel and how that helps ... the repression of the Palestinian people."

NGO Monitor: EU Funding Campaign in Attempt to Trigger UN Sanctions Against Israel

The campaign, spearheaded by UNICEF's Gaza and West Bank branch, is aimed at putting the IDF on the list of child rights abusers published annually by the U.N. Secretary General, says the watchdog group.

Left-Wing Org Harasses Israeli Farmers in Jordan Valley

Incidents of Israeli anarchists harassing residents of the Jordan Valley have become commonplace.

Israeli MK: B’Tselem Received Foreign Funding to Aid ICC Against Israel

MK Ariel Kallner is the head of the Knesset’s Lobby for the Fight Against Delegitimization and Anti-Semitism.

Tank Crew Sues ‘Breaking the Silence’ and Fellow Crew Member for ‘Spreading Lies and...

The suit claims the tank crew were "forced to defend themselves against their comrades in the company and the division, to be interrogated by the IDF and the Israel Police, to give an account to their family members, and to find themselves in a turmoil based entirely on the complete lies."


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