Israeli Defense Ministry Computers Hacked

Security sources did not specify whether the data breach included sensitive information.

Iranian Hackers Claim to Have Breached Dimona Nuclear Facility

The cyber criminals claim to have stolen thousands of documents from the nuclear site.

Google Fires Employee Protesting Work for IDF

“This behavior is not okay, regardless of the issue, and the employee was terminated for violating our policies.”

Massive AT&T Outage, US Pharmacies Affected by Separate Cyberattack

No information was made available to media on who or what was behind the cyberattack on the prescription processor, nor was it clear what had caused the cellular outage.

Haifa’s Rambam Hospital Hit by Suspected Cyber Attack

Officials emphasized that none of the hospital's computer systems or overall operations were disrupted in the incident, and said the attack was blocked without any damage.

Social Media Monitor Say Denial, Distortion of Oct. 7 Atrocities is Skyrocketing

The 313 antisemitic posts appeared on Facebook, Instagram YouTube and X, reaching nearly 26 million viewers on all platforms, according to the CyberWell organization.

Shin Bet: Iranian Cyber Spy Scheme Targets Israeli Officials, Civilians

One fake page, "Kan+" was Iranian-generated and impersonated Israel's KAN News public broadcaster.

Report: Israeli Hackers Target Iran’s National Fuel System

The hackers sent advance warning sent to Iran's emergency services, and leaving some of the fuel pumps active. Sixty percent of Iran's gas stations were disabled.

The Day Before Oct. 7, Hackers Stole 23andMe Data on Ashkenazi Jews

Users were advised to change and strengthen their passwords, and enable two-step verification for additional protection.

Living in Israel? Please Turn Off – or Redirect – Your Security Cameras

“The risk of unauthorized access to the content being broadcast from these cameras is higher during times of emergency.”

Sheba Medical Center Hit by Cyber Attack

The medical center is continuing operations using paper, and service to its patients was uninterrupted, Israel’s Health Ministry said.

GPS Blocking Force Ben Gurion Airport to Change Arrival Routes

It’s not yet clear who is behind the attacks that forced the airport to change the approach route.

Iranian Hackers Penetrate Israeli Commercial Cyber Networks

The hackers used a “backdoor” entry point known as Sponsor to access the companies’ information systems.

Ransomware Hackers Publish Patient Info from Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital

The hospital said it has returned to full operation and is hardening the computer systems.

Israel Exposes Iranian Malware/Phishing Campaign

Israelis would receive an email file in the guise of an invitation to a conference or an article or study of interest.

Israeli Data Security Company Cyera Secures $100M Series B Funding

The new funding brings the company's total funding to $160 million since emerging from stealth in March of 2022.

‘Anonymous Sudan’ Takes Responsibility for Multi-City Power Outages

The internet was also reported to be down in the city of Arad, about 40 minutes east of Be'er Sheva, raising the question of whether hackers were behind the multi-city outage.

‘Anonymous Sudan’ Cyber Attack Targets Israel’s Supreme Court

Although the group said it had also attacked the Israel Post website, it did not appear to be affected when accessed by

Cyberattack Shutters Galilee Farm Water Controllers

“You have been hacked, Down with Israel,” read a message on the controllers.

United Hatzalah Hit By Tens of Thousands of Cyber Attacks Over the Past Two...

The attacks have put a major focus on attacking government sites, and websites of health and educational institutions, and targeted the national EMS organization as well.

Personal Data of US Lawmakers Sold on Dark Web After Data Breach

House leaders pointed out the breach "significantly increases the risk that Members, staff, and their families will experience identity theft, financial crimes, and physical threats — already an ongoing concern."

SpaceX Cuts Support for Ukrainian Military, Cites ‘Weaponization’ of Starlink

The company, which is owned by Elon Musk, provided Starlink terminals to Ukraine shortly after the start of Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24, 2022, in response to a Russian cyberattack.

Technion Targeted by Ransomware Hackers

It’s not yet clear how many and which classes will be able to continue running, given the current interruption in digital services.

Israeli Army’s Cyber Unit Now Training 20,000 Students

Netanyahu said that Israel is using artificial intelligence to develop what he called a “cyber iron dome.”

Israel Faced 38% More Cyber Threats Ahead of Black Friday

Israel had a threat rate that was 19 percent higher than the global average, with the most common threats listed as heuristic and riskware.

CyberWars: Iran Blames Israel for Fars News Agency Hack

Hacker group “Black Reward” has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, in which some 250 terabytes of data are said to have been deleted from the Fars servers.

Knesset Website Targeted by Russian Hackers with Alleged Kremlin Ties

The “XakNet Team” claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, saying it was revenge for Israeli intel sent to Kyiv regarding Iranian-made drones.

IDF Fools Soldiers and Reservists with Phishing Attack

Reservists were promised a NIS 400 bonus from the IDF if they clicked the link.

Hamas Sending Students to Malaysia for Cyber Warfare Training

Report: Hamas setting up bases for training in East Asian countries, including the Philippines.


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