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Our Worst Enemy

You'd have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the coarsening of our culture.

A Real Solution For Extravagant Simchas

How many millions of dollars does our community flush into opulent semachos every year?

Is The Real Jewish Year 5765 – Or 5931?

Rabbi Schwab's fallback position (in case we were wrong) seems to be the justification that many religious Jews use for accepting the secular date.

Animals Have No ‘Rights’

The Torah distinguishes man from the animals explicitly stating that only man was created in the Divine image and that man was given dominion over the animals (Bereshis 1:26.).

The Un-Greening Of Tu-b’Shvat

Almost everything that most people "know" about Tu-b'Shvat is totally wrong and completely false.

Somebody Else’s Agenda

Does that mean Jewish and other religious groups that support charities that are at least partly subsidized by the government have an obligation to oppose tax cuts?

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It should not pass without notice that the contributions to tsunami relief of fellow Muslim nations, particularly the oil-rich Arab states, were amongst the lowest.

There Can Be No Debate With PETA

Never mind that PETA regularly uses Jewish spokesmen who have to this day refused to repudiate the organization's equation of slaughter of animals to the Holocaust.

A Slight Misunderstanding

Stunned at the sudden outburst, the voice of a very insulted secretary general came across loud and clear.

Burning Issues

Does the right to act symbolically belong to those who garner a larger audience to back their intense arguments?

The Return Of Shimon Peres

The country has never had a public accounting for the utter disaster that was Oslo.

Don’t Blame God For Tsunami Casualties

"I am also Jewish" he unnecessarily informed me, as he tucked into his bacon omelet. I responded politely and he continued: "I used to keep kosher, but after Hitler I could no longer believe in God."

The Paper Clip Project: Lessons From Tennessee

"Paper Clips," a documentary filmed over two years, is the important story of an educational initiative, begun in October 1998, that evolved into something greater and unexpected when a student in the Holocaust course at Whitwell asked the question that we might all ask: "What is six million? I've never seen that before."

Three Ballplayers And Their Armbands

Remember, Major League Baseball used a different playoff format in the early 1970's: in each of the two leagues the winner of the West Division would meet the winner of the East Division in a best 3 of 5 game series to determine which team would represent its league in the World Series

Israel’s Single-Issue Party

Some are dumbfounded that Ariel Sharon and the Likud are bringing Labor into the government to form a national unity coalition. Some cannot believe their eyes and ears and noses.

Repentant Terrorist Should Be Linchpin Of Israeli Hasbara

Walid was born a Muslim in Beit Sahour outside of Bethlehem. His grandfather was the Muslim mukhtar (chieftain) and a friend of the Nazi ally, Haj-Amin Al-Husseini, grand mufti of Jerusalem and a friend of Adolf Hitler.

Time In A Bottle: RIETS, Circa 1928

The earliest issue that the YU Library has is from 1935-36. The other issues from the Twenties and early Thirties may well be lost. Still, from these issues one can get insight into the thoughts of the students.

Setting The Record Straight On Kosher Slaughter

Any slaughterhouse, whether kosher or non-kosher, is by definition a disconcerting, blood-filled and gruesome place. Torah law, however, is most insistent about not inflicting needless pain on animals and in emphasizing humane treatment of all living creatures.

A Brief But Shining Life

Are we to understand that our prayers were in vain - that the never-ceasing recitals of Psalms of our devoted friends everywhere were for naught?

President Bush And The Little Girl

Why did Osama bin Laden release a video four days before the recent American election and coincidentally just as Yasir Arafat had already effectively...

Facing Up To Painful Reality

How can any accommodation be reached between the Arabs and Israel when Palestinian Arab terrorists are waging war against Israel with the approval of the vast majority of Arabs, and when there is such a dichotomy between the way the rest of the world deals with terror and the way Israel is expected to "exercise restraint" in its own war against terrorism?

Jews And Guns

But the police did not arrive that night nor did they protect the city from arson and widespread looting. In fact we watched in disbelief as news cameras captured images of police officers standing idly by while looters gleefully committed their crimes.

Sharon’s Embarrassing Herzliya Speech

I paid close attention to last week's Herzliya Conference and helped promote it by interviewing various speakers, including conference founder Uzi Arad, and writing several general articles about the event.

Kaare Kristiansen: Profile In Courage

From September 13, 1993, through December 10, 1994, 92 people died in 47 separate Palestinian terrorist attacks,

Why Bush Won – A Jewish Perspective

In the most accepting and tolerant country in the history of humanity, the United States of America, they have continued to feel threatened by the persistence of any aspect of traditional culture and loyalties.

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