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It’s The Values, Stupid

Sasson for his part said: I'm proud of Jewish values which are values of justice and compassion. A lot of other people share those values.

Stop Supporting Israel

Next time you're in Israel or for that matter at the airport going to Israel take a good look around.

The Bride And The Uninvited Guest

The wedding invitation stated that in the cities of Judah and the outskirts of Jerusalem, the voices of brides and grooms would still be heard. The prophet had guaranteed it.

Bush Equals Hitler? Loony Left Slanders America And Trivializes The Holocaust

And yet in polite and supposedly sophisticated circles in America today it is acceptable to say George Bush is akin to a Nazi and that America is becoming Nazi-like.

Why Terrorism Works

How did terrorism transform itself into freedom fighting and what are the reasons it has emanated from the Muslim world?

Depriving Children Of Belief: A Form Of Child Abuse?

Needless to say, not much in the way of mathematics, history, or even basic fluency is being learned.

Terrorism Addicts

The vicarious and direct thrill over the Ramallah lynching, the mutilation murders of the boys in Tekoa, the frenzied dancing during the World Trade Center attacks - all would seem to imply that the so-called Palestinians suffer from clinical sadism.

The Peace Process That Never Was

I've written it before and I'll write it again: It's time to unleash the IDF in its full might and glory - particularly the Israeli Air Force, just as we Americans used our amazing air power in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To Live Again

I held on to the familiarity of her eyes, their wisdom untouched by the ravages of the illness. They seemed to know her fate before we were willing to accept it.

Elegy For The Road Map

The bombings of the past few weeks have given me pause. In the midst of the so-called cease-fire, I'd lost the calluses that built up over the Thousand Days, and the once-familiar gory scene slides through my skin like a sharp rock.

Dr. Laura: Fair-Weather Jew

As Arnold Schwarzenegger scrambles to convince voters that he is more than a muscle-man married to a Kennedy, he would do well to emphasize the realism of his Terminator filmsover the surrealism of California politics.

Spurning Tom DeLay: Why Are So Many Jews Unhappy That A Political Leader Loves...

But there is more to the man than opposition to abortion, gerrymandering in Texas and bare-knuckles politics in Washington. He is also a fervent Christian Zionist.

Bad Neighbors Require Good Fences

Any wall can be breached, climbed over, undermined, tunneled under, or flown over. It will not deter enemies from firing rockets or mortars over the wall.

Prisoner Releases From Hell

Later, after the first intifada "broke out" in December 1987, many among the leadership were traced back to that prisoner release.

Shukran (Thank You)!

The bumps on the path to implementing the road map must be smoothed out in order for us to proceed -- not in the direction you Israelis stupidly envision, but in the direction so clearly specified in our organization's charter.

“A Generation That Knew Not Yosef”: Remembering a Gadol Hador on His Thirtieth Yahrzeit

In the 1940's and 50's, I was told, the rabbi whose rulings were cited in thousands of homes across North America was R. Henkin.

Jerusalem, 1920: A Very Special Shabbat Nachamu

"Until now, pronouncements about a Jewish National Home had only been words on paper; but now they rose before us embodied in the person of a Jewish High Commissioner...Many of the Jews present had tears in their eyes."

What Really Happened To Rachel Corrie?

Immediately, some skeptics began to point out inconsistencies between the two photos.

Middle East Orwellism

It is just one more of those unpleasant facts of life that the anti-Israel lobbies of the planet have no real interest in the well being of the Palestinians, but are merely motivated by hostility to Jews.

The Eternal Flame Of Jewish Life In Israel

When the Jews stray from the way of G-d, they will be driven out of their land into exile.

I Left My Bleeding Heart In San Francisco

You might wonder why I seem so surprised by what I found in a notoriously liberal bookstore in a notoriously liberal city.

‘Identity Theft’ A Worthy Successor To Zyklon B

The Jews insisted on staking a claim to a barren little place that no one else really wanted.

In The Blink Of An Eye: Reflections On The Murder At City Hall

While people around me dove for cover, ran frantically and crawled helplessly in hopes of escaping, I froze for a moment, trying to make sense of the state of panic that had abruptly seized the room.

The Israel We Haven’t Lost

It's been ten years, but I still remember the special hamburger and chips they offered my boys on the plane, and the exhilarating feeling knowing that the stewards on the plane knew that this was my first voyage home.

The Democrats’ Dangerous Game

Even if they did undertake such a massive project, it would take years, not months, to locate these weapons and particles.

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