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Willful Blindness To Academic Anti-Semitism

Only in the inverted world of academia would Jewish professors denounce the AMCHA Initiative report.

Seizing The Moment

Many poskim were and are adamant about the responsibility of every individual to vote.

The Limitations Of Rabbinic Oversight

Individuals who may have been abused are the “clients” in need and receiving care and protection.

5775: Giving Birth to Our Potential

The birth I speak about is to give birth to ourselves, to our full potential.


The extreme hypocrisy, contempt & vulgarity of the attacks indicate more than a policy disagreement

Second Thoughts on the Second Intifada

I remember watching the news in Portugal 10 years ago reporting numerous suicide bombings in Israel.

Why Do Jews Prefer to Select Both Secular as Well as Jewish Baby Names?

Many Jews working outside the Shtetl adopted secular names to be better accepted by non-Jews


The NY Times innocently describes Shaloudi, the Arab murderer, merely as a “resident of Silwan".

The Balfour Declaration and the Reaction of Rav Kook

Rav Kook offered recognition to the British but not thanks; the British merely fulfilled its destiny

Abbas Knows Racism

Abbas’s charge of racism spans the entirety of Israeli society.

Fighting terror: Self-defense is the Best Bet

India should not expect too much from Washington and its allies in its war on terror of ISIS.

UK: Islamist School Plot Leads to Inspectors ‘Testing’ Jewish kids on Sex, Gay Issues

{Originally posted on author's site, Liberty Unyielding} Never let a crisis go to waste. That’s the mantra – and a new development in Britain demonstrates...

Do Introverts Make Good Leaders?

Introverts are more likely to pause, view the world from a distance, and think how to make it better

How Palestinian ‘Lawfare’ Could Backfire

Widespread agreement in Israel opposing Palestinian diplomatic warfare, commonly called "lawfare."

“Calm” is The Dumbest, The Most Dangerous Response to Arab Terrorism!!!

Arab terrorism against Jews and the State of Israel is not something we should be "calm" about.

Once Again, Israeli Leftists Try To Subvert Democracy

The Israeli left, led by tenured academics, endorses pretty much anything harmful to its own country

‘The Death Of Klinghoffer’ Is An Injustice To Our Father’s Memory

We were devastated: The exploitation of our father's murder as a vehicle for political commentary.

U.S./Oman Alliance: Pragmatism, Peace and Pipelines

n past decades, Oman has struck a diplomatic balance between Saudi Arabia, the West, and Iran.

A Family’s Torah Scroll For The U.S. Military

The Torah scroll which my family donated will ride aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

The Sons of Noach

Myth #1: It is easy to be a B'nai Noach. It is extraordinarily hard to be a B'nai Noach.

Getting a Pass on Hating Israel: Muslim Privilege

The question of anti-Semitism in Europe today is truly tied to the issue of immigration.

European Narrative Versus Facts

Polls indicate that the Palestinians are much more against a two state solution than the Israelis.

Global Benefit of Better Arming the Kurds

Turkey and Iran the 2 regional powers surrounding the ISIS conflict gain from a partial ISIS victory


Emigration from Israel is at an all-time low, far lower than immigration to Israel from Europe.

Eyal/Gilad/Naftali/Klinghoffer: The New Blood Libel

Leon Klinghoffer's daughters: "‘Klinghoffer’ is justified as ‘a work of art’...This is an outrage.”

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