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Ignoring Western Press, Gideon Levy Claims It’s “Impossible” to Criticize Israel in West

According to Gideon Levy, criticizing Israel in the western media – especially in the U.S.A – has become a nearly impossible mission.

The Oman-Israel-Palestinian connection

Irrespective of the Palestinian issue, Oman—just like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and all other pro-U.S. Arab countries—is preoccupied with domestic and regional threats and challenges, which supersede the Palestinian issue

Israel Civil Administration reports PA planting trees to lay claim to land

The aim? According to Israel’s Land Law, the continual agricultural presence of a farmer affords him rights to the land.

UN Approves Terror, Torpedoes Peace

Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorist groups have interpreted the failure of the US-sponsored resolution as an internationally sanctioned license to continue killing Jews.

A Night Of Miracles

The surgeon said that if the bullet had gone one millimeter further in, that would have been the end.

New Poll: Antisemitism Alive in Europe, Knowledge of Holocaust Fading

an astonishing 5% of Europeans, or one in twenty persons, have never heard of the Nazi genocide committed against European Jewry during World War Two.

US Fears Iran Planning ‘Massive Regional War’ in Middle East

Trump vows support for Israeli defensive operations after identifying Iran as source of tunnels into Israel

UNIFIL and the Hezbollah Tunnels

UNIFIL is not supposed to be merely a means of communication, or the Security Council would have bought cell phones for them instead of paying for weapons for the military force.

First Jews Are Not Allowed To Define Antisemitism – Now We Can’t Define Our...

The world has no problem remaining quiet while Palestinian Arab leaders deny the historical bond between Jews and Jerusalem, when Jews openly celebrate their holidays and their ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, we are the ones being provocative.

How the Two Biggest Wireless Companies in America Came After a Defender of Jews

The two biggest wireless providers in America came after David Horowitz in support of two racist and anti-Semitic movements, while their own companies continue airing racism and anti-Semitism.

Amid Rising anti-Semitism in Europe, are Jews now Safer in the East than the...

A comprehensive survey conducted by CNN found alarming levels of anti-Semitic attitudes among Europeans, with statistics on anti-Semitic acts across Europe “mind-boggling.”

The Russian-Israeli Crisis over Syria Lacks an Exit Strategy

Israeli and Russian interests in Syria are colliding. Russia’s new posture is challenging Israel’s defensive campaign against Iran, and Moscow and Jerusalem have so far been unable to defuse the crisis.

Palestinians: No Difference Between Hamas and Fatah

It is supposedly fine for Mahmoud Abbas and his officials to condemn Hamas on a daily basis. It is supposedly not fine, however, for the US administration to condemn Hamas for its terrorist attacks against Israel.

Anti-Semites and their Jewish Apologists

Jewish foes of Israel want to redefine Jew-hatred in order to give anti-Zionists a pass. Decent people on the left and the right shouldn’t let them get away with it.

What Are We Celebrating On Chanukah?

What we celebrate on Chanukah is primarily the Maccabees' victory in purging the nation of alien Greek influences that corrupted our thoughts, speech, and deeds, though few know that this is the actual reason.

Will There Be Early Elections?

Behind the scenes machinations of whether Israel will have early elections, and who will lead the nation; plus stirring the"pot"

Israel’s Kindness Repaid with Terror

How were messages carried from the Hamas leadership in Gaza to its terrorists in the P.A. areas? In two ways, the Shin Bet discovered: “by Palestinians traveling from the coastal enclave to hospitals in Israel” and by “Gazan businessmen with permits allowing them to travel to the West Bank.”

We Must Teach Airbnb a Lesson

Seems Airbnb has made many enemies, not just Israel.

American Jewry’s Hanukkah hypocrisy?

A “New York Times” column misunderstands the nature of the conflict the Festival of Lights commemorates.

Are Vaccine Advocates Telling The Whole Truth?

The flu vaccine for the past few years has only been about 35% effective. And that the flu vaccine is different each year, so we don’t always know the side effects of that year’s vaccine until later in the fall

Chacham Shaul Kassin, Zt”l

He was revered for his great Torah scholarship and halachic expertise, and his influence reached across the Sephardic world.

The Trump-Mueller Saga

Of course, the issue of obstruction of justice by a president is an additional concern. Yet, it is hard to see any possible legal liability here either.

From The ‘You Can’t Make This Up Department’

Democrats reacted with fury, crowding the halls of the State Capitol in Madison on Monday and accusing the Republicans of trying to undo an election they had lost.

When Is An Attack A Hate Crime?

Considering the rise in anti-Semitic attacks, it is time for police to start using circumstantial evidence to a greater degree than is the current practice.


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