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On the Need for American Jewish Parity Between Democrats and Republicans

I find it unreasonable and counterproductive for Jewish Americans to support the Democratic Party in figures above the 70th percentile while the Democratic Party supports Jewish well-being in numbers below the 30th percentile.

Myths and Facts about an ‘illiberal’ Israel

If support for the Jewish state is declining, it may have more to do with American Jews than the Israelis they claim to deplore.

Hamas-Israel Truce Would Be “Painkiller, not Antibiotic”

All the economic benefits being offered to Gaza as part of a package deal – an improvement in water and electricity supplies, the construction of a seaport, the cancellation of debts owed by the Hamas government, a relaxation of the Israeli security blockade – hinge on Hamas accepting conditions it is categorically unwilling to countenance.

Europe is an Obstacle to Middle East Peace

Europe's policies have systematically undermined any prospects of peace in the Middle East. Instead of promoting a conclusion of the conflict, Europe has perpetuated it for ideological and commercial reasons.

Should We Care If Non-Jews Abort Their Babies?

It seems that far too many observant Jews have become coarsened to the essential abhorrence with which Judaism views abortion.

Insubordination Will Save Israel

Most of the IDF soldiers killed over the last few years were killed because the IDF prefers to protect the lives of a hostile population rather than the lives of its own soldiers. This is absolutely terrible.

Elul: Time To Delete Your Old Photos

It was obvious that to make room for new pictures, I had to delete old ones. Not so obvious is that this same process is needed to manage our personal memory banks.

A Disgraceful Attack Against The Chief Rabbinate

The Chief Rabbinate is valiantly trying to hold the line so that Israel does not experience the problems that plague the rest of the Jewish world while the Farbers of the world are trying to break down their authority by playing to the emotions of people unaware of lies they are being fed

Revenge Against Hitler

Bilaam, Lavan, Hitler, Sadaam, Ahmadinejad, Arafat, Farrakhan, and all the rest desperately tried to destroy Jews armed with the Torah, representing the power of good.

Pope Francis Rewrites The Bible

Pope Francis, along with many other Catholic leaders is remaking Catholicism in the image of leftism, just as mainstream Protestant leaders, and non-Orthodox Jewish clergy and lay leaders have been rendering most non-Orthodox synagogues and lay institutions left-wing organizations.

Hysteria over Nation-State Law

The reality is that this law was designed to ratify classical Zionism, reject post-Zionism and reiterate that Israel is a Jewish state. Not a single clause can be construed as racist,

The Druze And Israel’s Identity Law

Indeed, the Palestinians are becoming increasingly transparent that they will never abandon their hope that some day they will constitute a majority of Israel’s population.

Acosta’s Lament

It will also be recalled that last year a number of Republican participants in a softball game were targeted by a Bernie Sanders supporter, which resulted in the serious wounding of a congressman.

A Tale Of Two Progressive Leaders

By contrast, at great political sacrifice, the late Governor Mario Cuomo, the current governor's father, opposed the death penalty, citing several principled arguments, including that it was not an effective deterrent. The fact that he himself was a Catholic was irrelevant to the debate.

The Selective Outrage of Jewish Organizations

Liberal Jewish organizations who condemn the nation state law and Israel’s actions in Gaza remain oddly silent over Jewish lives lost and ecological disasters caused by Arab terror.

Israel’s Nation-State Basic Law Advances a Two-State Solution

In 2018, the State of Israel declared itself the Nation-State of the Jewish people. The public declaration has been made. The Jew is out of the closet. Deal with your anti-Semitism if you want to live next to Israel, and strike treaties and do business with the Jewish State.

Why Israelis aren’t as Worked up about the Kotel as Diaspora Jews

The Israeli public as a whole has been substantially less committed to—in fact, downright unenthusiastic about—changing the status quo at the Kotel

Corbyn’s anti-Semitic anti-Zionism is Part of his Core Belief System

For Corbyn, radical Islamists, rabid Jew-haters, none of it mattered – as long as the target was Israel, that person was considered a ‘friend’.

Has Coverage of Israel’s Nation-State Law Been Sober and Factual?

One can debate a law while presenting the facts accurately--that is the role of a journalist. Both news stories and opinion columns should be based on accurate facts without overstatement or distortion. Unfortunately, many in the mainstream media have failed.

Spreading Joy Despite The Pain

We're powered by a mixture of inner joy and adrenaline and the audience is able to tap into these positive feelings.

The Basic Law’s “Unique” Problem

The few protests by Israeli Druze are sparked by the knowledge that the Jewish left and European funded-NGOs will embrace its cause and fight side-by-side in the streets. In the Jewish State there is a left-wing army that is willing to join their protests in a manner that never existed before.

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

Wowzers! Super-rich Zuckerberg doesn’t think Neo-Nazis and ISIS supporters are intentionally denying the Holocaust. Well shucks, why would they?

Nations Must Stop Tolerating Anti-Israel Bias in Sports Tournaments

What a contrast between these vile acts of discrimination committed against Israeli sportsmen and the inclusive atmosphere at the World Lacrosse Championship, which took place in Netanya earlier this month.

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