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The Yemenite Children Horror

The slippery slope of government micromanaging lives inevitably leads to tragedy and oppression

Spin, Propaganda, Lies – From Bilam To Modern-Day Talking Heads

Bilam, accepting Balak’s invitation, became the model for all those who would rise after him. No need to mine history, fwe have contemporary examples of this strategy everywhere we turn. We live in an “age of Bilam.”

A Victim of the Hate That Won’t Be Named

If Sarah Halimi is to receive justice, then her murder must be tried as a hate crime. Anything else would be a mockery.

Great Forgotten Jews Of History

We all know the towering Jews of secular history, figures such as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud and David Ben-Gurion. There are, however, plenty...

The Battle For Halachic Judaism

Who is to be deemed a Jew is a religious question and therefore not one that lends itself to political compromise.

The Supreme Court And Religious Rights

This case involves express discrimination based on religious identity with respect to playground resurfacing. We do not address religious uses of funding or other forms of discrimination.

Mahmoud Abbas’s Particular Anti-Zionist Holocaust Denial

In Abbas's worldview, Jews had no love or attachment to the Holy Land. They were content with where they lived; they had no connection to Palestine.

FIFA Supporting Terrorism?

Rajoub must be expelled from FIFA. Swift action needs to be taken to oust Rajoub, and pressure should be put on the PA to replace him with a chairman whose passion for sports and sportsmanship is greater than his thirst for blood.

PALESTINE FALLING: The Qatar Ultimatum and Fatah’s Rift with Hamas

Sisi’s meeting with Hamas leadership was not intended to be about saving the movement, but rather preventing an armed conflict between Hamas and Israel.

The Regavim Plan for Restoring Order in the Negev

Regavim seeks to safeguard Israel's national lands, restore law and order to the Negev, and give the Bedouin community hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The Absolute Wrong Reaction to Israel’s Recent Controversial Decisions

As American Jews are struggling with unprecedented levels of assimilation and intermarriage, threatening our very future in this country, is anyone in America really in a position to withdraw support of Israel?

A Soldier’s Mother: On July 4th – A Memory that Lives Forever

Happy birthday, America - and thank you for sharing this day with us. Entebbe was set to be a mass-massacre and instead it was turned into a great victory that will always be remembered.

A Memoir – Background to Indian prime minister’s visit

Israel can be proud of an excellent relationship with India – a country with a population of 1.3 billion and with one of the world’s fastest expanding economies and which will inevitably become a superpower

Why Netanyahu Did It: The Brutal Truth on Israel and the Diaspora

Netanyahu did it. It’s not because he doesn’t care about the diaspora. Rather, it’s a result of a cynical political struggle in which one side has power and the other does not

PM Modi’s Historic Visit Celebrates 2500 Years of Hindu-Jewish Ties

Hindus and Jews have shared a history which goes back 2500 years. The first group of Jewish sailors, came to India as traders in around 562 BCE and settled in India.

Israel’s Wrongheaded Retreat on BDS

If Israel is to fight the BDS movement effectively, anti-Israel activists must be called out as publicly as possible instead of being allowed to pose as objective researchers and should be denied entry to Israel

The Western Wall Controversy: *yawn*

American Jews feel insulted and abandoned by Bibi's "ruling coalition?" because they haven't a clue Bibi had no choice. He can't have his government fall for some American whim which essentially has no impact on egalitarian prayer

What ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ And ‘Hatikvah’ Have In Common

A collection of fun and fascinating facts about the national anthems of the US and of Israel-The Star Spangled Banner and Hatikvah

The Flip Side of the Western Wall Crisis

American Jews are no longer a bastion of support for Israel. And if they still believe they have a familial relationship with Israelis, it increasingly feels like an abusive one

I Am A Muslim, And I Support Trump’s Travel Restrictions

The words, 'Making America Great Again' is more than a slogan to Pres. Trump. The flight ban is the start.

Towards a Haredi Bourgeoisie?

A haredi middle class is rising, one which has dispensable income and is developing wider lifestyle horizons. Perhaps it offers new pathways of navigating modernity for haredi and secular Israeli society.

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s Disloyal—and Dishonest—Opposition

It is time for the Israeli Left to come to terms with the existence of “The Other” and the idea that people who think differently to them are just as legitimate as those who look different to them

The 45th President’s Anti Semitism Problem

Claims of sinister Jewish control of governments used to come from the extreme Right and the extreme Left. Now they seem to be coming from the mainstream Left as well, viciously attacking Trump and Kushner

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