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A Ray Of Light Behind The Clouds

24 Heshvan 5776 – November 6, 2015
When I was asked "Where was G-d during the Holocaust?" I responded, "Where was man?"

Ger Toshav

Avraham identifies himself as a ger toshav meaning "alien resident." How could Avraham be both?

Bike Bash

24 Heshvan 5776 – November 5, 2015
"Maybe," acknowledged Benny. "But I didn't do anything wrong. I rode the bike in the normal manner, and this accident occurred."

The Greatness Of The Avos

No longer does Frank dream about spending time with his child, no longer does he yearn for that relationship. What happened?

Daf Yomi

The Stepfather in a Kesuba ‘He Was the Stepson of Kenaz’ (Sotah 11b)

Q & A: Tzedakah (Part XVI)

Question: When a stranger approaches a congregant in shul asking for tzedakah, should the congregant verify that the person’s need is genuine? Furthermore, what constitutes tzedakah? Is a donation to a synagogue, yeshiva, or hospital considered tzedakah? Zvi Kirschner (Via E-Mail)

In Simcha And In Sadness

I opened my e-mail and for the first time there was an e-mail from her waiting for me.

A Guide to the Perplexed Prayer

Preparation for prayer must be commensurate with the type of prayer offered.

Does A Husband Own His Wife?

The fruits and grain that the non-Jews had planted and toiled on belonged to them.

Redeeming Relevance on the Weekly Parsha: Chaye Sarah

At the beginning of this week's parsha, Rashi informs us that Sarah's death was no accident, but rather a result of hearing about Avraham...

Aleph Beta: Chayei Sarah: Find Me A Find, Catch Me A Catch!‏

22 Heshvan 5776 – November 4, 2015
In our journey to understand the epic legacy of Abraham and Isaac, the stories of their actions and attributes are abruptly cut short by...

The Phantom & The Man

17 Heshvan 5776 – October 30, 2015
The struggle of living both in the spiritual & physical worlds is our mission & potential greatness

Avraham, Universalism And Nationalism

Both portions deal with God’s promises to Avraham; Lech Lecha is nationalistic, Vayeira is universal

Aleph Beta: Vayeira: the Power of Abraham’s Influence‏

17 Heshvan 5776 – October 29, 2015
What does the odd bargaining session between Abraham & God mean? What does it teach about Abraham?

Is Milk Kosher?

The Shita Mekubetzes there asks why the Gemara did not cite a source to permit the consumption of milk from a pasuk in this week’s parsha.

The Love Of Chesed

Avraham spent his life emulating Hashem. Every waking moment of his existence was focused on making himself as much like Hashem as humanly possible.

The Guest Dilemma

Perhaps G-d’s approval of Abraham's emphasis of kavod habriyot can be found in the subsequent verses (Genesis 18:19).


When David returned, he apologized to Moshe and offered to pay for replacement of the fender.

Daf Yomi

A Hot Air Blower ‘Whoever Eats Bread Without Wiping His Hands…’ (Sotah 4b)

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