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‘DEPRESSION’ – What is it & How do We BEAT IT as We Come...

A person who is depressed finds it hard, if not impossible to function or lead a normal life. What are the dangers, and how can we beat it to really ensure that we start this Rosh HaShana holiday and New Year off right, and lead ourselves to a better and more productive and happy life?

Is America Heading for a Civil War, or is it Already in a Civil...

With many Democrats and Progressives working against U.S. President Donald Trump, as well as re-defining morals and values, what kind of course is America taking today? Will Trump be able to govern a country which has so much opposition to his presidency? And how will the ripple effects affect the rest of the world, especially Europe and Israel?

Rabbi Sacks: Confusing Satan – A Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Shiur

Rabbi Sacks delivered a pre-Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur shiur entitled ‘Confusing Satan’.

Back to School

On Sunday, millions of Israeli school children went back school.

Finger Lickin’ Good – Israel On My Mind [audio]

In this episode, Jono and Ross cover the news like only they can. The IDF has a command that must be followed if you want to keep your beard - thou shalt know the weekly parsha! Your hosts discuss two new medical advances in Israel - eye drops that correct vision and a new drug that brings hope to those suffering from Leukemia. Listeners will learn about the benefits of pomegranates, and the ethical reasons for choosing date honey over bee honey this upcoming Holy season. From the kind treatment of animals to Kentucky Fried Chicken's return to the Holy Land, this program is "finger lickin' good."

Diaspora versus Exile – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Jews living outside the Jewish homeland like to define their situation according to their attitude toward Jewish nationhood.

“Pleasure Principle” of Judaism – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Do American Jews care about candidates who want to wipe Israel off the map? Should rabbis meddle in the feuds of divorcing couples? From identifying the enemies among us to celebrating the mundane, a thought provoking hour of radio.

Rabbi Richman on Parshat Ki Tavo

The people of Israel enters the land of Israel by virtue of the Torah of Israel and thereby becomes the nation of Israel, beloved by the God of Israel. This is the message, the entire message, of Parashat Ki Tavo, from beginning to end, a message for Israel today, and a message for the world.

Is Children Keeping Shabbat a Crime? – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly speaks with Guy Levy about the attempt to remove Judaism from Israel, and even kindergartens! Listen to more on this show!

Is Iran on the Verge of War with the World? – The Tamar Yonah...

No more Right of Return for Arabs to Israel and no more hundreds of millions of US dollars pumped into the Palestinian Authority and...

The Kotel’s Semiannual Checkup and Cleaning

The Western Wall gets a cleaning and checkup, just like going to the dentist.

The Inauguration of Sarah and Michoel Behrman Way in Crown Heights

The Inauguration of Sarah and Michoel Behrman Way in Crown Heights

Goldstein on Gelt: Learn the Benefits of ETFs

What is an ETF, how to use them effectively in your portfolio, and why can this investment benefit American expats?

New Ways of Warfare & THE Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict! – The Tamar...

No more Right of Return for Arabs to Israel and no more hundreds of millions of US dollars pumped into the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. This is very positive news, and Tamar delivers it right to you with a variety of guests who are speaking on this and more!


The number 1460 is the number of days since the war with Gaza ended and the soldier's bodies haven't been returned.1460

SodaStream and Cannabis Ice Cream – Israel On My Mind

In this show, Jono and Ross discuss PepsiCo's recent purchase of the Israeli Company Soda Stream, the real reason that Israelis always turn out to be among the happiest people on earth, magicians in search of the lost ark, the Episcopal Bishop who got caught, Cannabis flavored ice cream, worms that do complicated math problems and MUCH more! Don't miss SodaStream and Cannabis Ice Cream.

Dishing Out The Truth – BULLETPROOF [audio]

You can't buy the enemy's narrative, and still be a Zionist. Thus says Ari Fuld in this power-packed show! You will learn so much!

Elul & Humility: Who ARE We? – PULL UP A CHAIR [audio]

Does 'aberrant' merit celebration? From boasting about one's abortion to pardoning the neighborhood Nazi, a new politically-correct language of Anything Goes infects society and shows no sign of abating. Can Torah meet the challenge of this rudderless-ship?

Basic Laws – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The Knesset has passed the Basic Law - Israel the Nation-State of the Jews. It has resulted in controversy so it is important to understand what it is and what it means

Claiming Our Rights to Pray at Our Holy Sites – From Jerusalem With Love...

Why can't Non-Muslims pray on the Temple Mount? Orly Benny Davis says that THIS Yom Kippur, Jews should be allowed to pray at our Holy Sites and go up the Temple Mount as well. She wants to know what you think!

The Nation State Law Changes Nothing and Why the Prime Minister Must Go –...

Hear: The new Basic Nation State Law fully explained. Why: I can no longer support Benyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. And: One Kosher step too far !

A Politically Incorrect Feminist – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Discover how a young Jewish woman married to the son of an Afghan diplomat define what Gender Islamic Apartheid is and launch a professional career as a renowned political incorrect feminist?

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