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August 1, 2015 / 16 Av, 5775
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Netanyahu: Settlers Will Be Able to Choose Palestinian Citizenship

These were the "Biluim," Russian Zionists who came to Palestine in the 1880s, dressed like Arabs, worked in the fields and paved roads like Arabs, and got paid like Arabs. At night they sat around the fire with a garmoshka, played Zionist songs and slept under the starry skies. Now, 100,000 more Jews may be given the opportunity to do the same…

These were the "Biluim," Russian Zionists who came to Palestine in the 1880s, dressed like Arabs, worked in the fields and paved roads like Arabs, and got paid like Arabs. At night they sat around the fire with a garmoshka, played Zionist songs and slept under the starry skies. Now, 100,000 more Jews may be given the opportunity to do the same…

An official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told AP Sunday that all Jewish settlers should have the right to remain in their homes in a future Palestinian State.

Since the Oslo Accords of 1993, the common assumption has been that those Jewish settlers who find themselves on the wrong side of the new green line under the peace deal would be uprooted. Indeed, when Israeli unilaterally left the Gaza Strip, some 8500 Jewish settlers were not offered the option to stay under what, back then, was still a PLO government.

But Netanyahu now appears to believe, according to his official, that there is no reason for a future Palestinian state to be “ethnically cleansed” of its Jews, the official said.

During his stay in Davos, Switzerland over the weekend, Netanyahu told reporters at the World Economic Forum that he was not going to uproot any Israelis as part of the peace agreement.

Netanyahu has committed last year to keeping a settlement “blocs,” where the vast majority of the estimated 500,000 settlers live, as part of any 2-state deal. The Palestinians, apparently, have been planning to accept this as part of the final deal, in exchange to land swaps with Israel – although this part will prove difficult to carry out, as no Israeli Arab is prepared for his town or village to be handed over to the PA.

It is estimated that at least 100 thousand Jews live outside of the settlement blocs, include two major clusters: Karnei Shomron, Ginot Shomron, and several other bedroom communities near Tel Aviv; and Beit El near Ramallah. Until today, it was unclear where they would go. Even if they did not resist deportation—which is highly unlikely—the cost of offering them fair market value and resettling them inside Israel would be staggering, certainly beyond the ability of the Israeli economy and, these days, beyond what the U.S. and the EU might be able or willing to contribute.

Which may explain why the Israeli official on Sunday told the AP that Netanyahu believes there is no reason to uproot settlers against their will.

“The prime minister believes that in peace, just as Israel has an Arab minority, there is no logical reason why the Palestinian state could not contain a Jewish minority and that Jews living in Judea and Samaria would be given the option to stay,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It should not be accepted a priori that in peace the Palestinian state must be ethnically cleansed.”

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett on Sunday condemned the message coming out of the prime minister’s office, saying they were born by confused values. Bennett said the Jewish people has not endured 2000 years of yearning for Eretz Israel to live here under the rule of Abu Mazen (PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s nom de guerre).

Bennett told Israel Radio that anyone who even considers Jews living under Palestinian rule in Eretz Israel is pulling the rug from under our living in Tel Aviv as well.

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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27 Responses to “Netanyahu: Settlers Will Be Able to Choose Palestinian Citizenship”

  1. WTF? They’d be better off going back to Germany!

  2. That is crazy….just plain crazy. This entire “peace” discussion with these Pal criminals is nothing but absurd and a waste of time…I don’t know what the solution nay be, but a two state solution is looking less and less rational.

  3. Luzia Alves says:

    First thing, support for them; then, the pitfall…

  4. Netanyahu should resign if he said this.

  5. What? So just throw them to the wolves. Forget that Yehudah ve Shomron has made huge contributions to the world, what about to the defense of all Yisrael? Pray to Master Yahweh that this never be.

  6. Nathan Katz says:

    C’mon, folks, you’ve got to at least imagine what a peace settlement might look like.

  7. Ben II says:

    Is this guy freaking nuts? What the hell is wrong w Bibi?

  8. Funny article in Sunday Time about the Afghan game with the West. The West accuses Karzai/Taliban of exaggerations and fabrications and their intention never to sign a deal with the West while claiming that everything (all the deaths and misery) is the fault of the West. The US and EU have had 65 years to witness what is taking place btw the Arabs and IL. They (US & EU) clearly show that they have learn NOTHING in 65 years and keep undermining the same victims years after years: the Jews.

  9. Noah Farbstein says:

    Huh? @#!?@?#???? This turkey is totally braindead.

  10. I once was very supportive of Netanyahw, but have gravitated toward Bennet over the last few years.

  11. Just the start of the 7 yr plan :(

  12. Netanyahw is adopting the Kerry propaganda.

  13. Netanyahw is adopting the Kerry propaganda.

  14. I only support a peace deal in which Israel gives up no land.
    This peace plan seeks to give up more of God’s land and that is a clear sin against God. God has not changed; He is the same as he has always been. From the day that he gave this land to Abraham until now, He is the same. In recent decades there have been many attacks followed by a time of settling and then renewed trouble and more attacks. Today we see this same scenario but with greater weapons involved and with less time settling in between attacks with more and more troubles mounting. There are even terroristic attacks within the settling periods. We see the Muslim nations getting closer to Moscow as time goes and Iran gaining more military sway in the region. This looks to be setting up the national alignment of the attack made in EZ 38 that takes place in the middle of the tribulation period. I believe that the rapture/departure of the Christian church is to take place very soon and that the war in Isaiah 17 will take place with Damascus being destroyed overnight. An evil peace deal will be made for 7/360 day years, between Israel, the Arabs and a person who will head the one world government. That man will be the anti-Christ. I wrote a book in 2012 that discusses some of the prophecies written about in the Bible. It’s a short read of 6 or 7 pages and it’s totally free. I hope you will have a look: http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next

  15. Apparently these Jews already live there! as Arabs live in Israel, I supposing from reading the article. Bibi knows they don’t want peace…and Israel should make no concession. Why? It’s been tried and failed. Get real.

  16. there were many Jews who wanted to stay during Sharon's disengagement – he is 100% right – bravo to Bibi for saying this

  17. Why when reading this outragous statement of Netanyahu do I see a snake in front of my eyes. Betrayal is not even a word that comes to mind as it is calculated and cruel to even suggest such an "offer" and beyond betrayal… Netanyahu, now I begin to understand why people call you 2 faces…
    How disapointing!

  18. Diana Lopez says:

    Well abu mazen already said he wont have one Jew in Palestine. So I'm not sure how that will work, as Abu Mazen s the more "moderate" of the corrupt, genocidal holocaust denying terrorists that populate the PA

  19. Chuck W Bird says:

    I would have thought a supposed Rav would know that Aretz is not Bibi's land to give away to anyone, as it does not belong to him, It belongs to YHVH, period.

  20. Kjeld Hesselmann says:

    Nobody learns from history. The PA administration has shown the world that they cannot govern themselves. Even a publication from The Washington Institute for Near East Policy from 2000 mention countless violations of democracy and governance. To leave Jewish settlers and others to the corrupt and Jew-hating Palestinian Authority is just over the brink. Forget it!

  21. Cathy Sherman says:

    well, I'm pretty sure I saw Bibi's tongue in his cheek, but the Arabs didn't, ha ha

  22. Dorothy Myers says:

    I'm not familiar with land title in the area. Are the houses/land held in private ownership? Is private property recognized with title? If the houses/land really belongs to the homeowners/landowners, then there's no reason not to honor those arrangements. Evicting people from land/houses they own is immoral. I know eviction has been done on both sides, so this is a horrible problem that has yet to be solved.

  23. Yori Mendel says:

    This is No Choice. It's a threat.

  24. Drora Bat Melech says:

    We are told morning and night that the Arabs WOULD NOT, ARE NOT and more importantly WILL NOT acknowledge the right of Jews to live in Israel…so again I ask…Please explain to me what and why are we negotiating? the terms of our annihilation G-d forbid? on all other days this would not be so obvious….. but today when we discuss the Holocaust ..?!! http://archive.adl.org/main_arab_world/default.html

  25. I cant see the palestianians allowing the Jewish people who stay to have their own synagogue, as they worship Islam and anyone who doesnt is an infidel, sort of a stalemate for the rulers of Palestine brilliant on the part of Bibi.

  26. …at least taxes will be lower…

  27. INSANITY, the Arabs must go, their will never be any "peace" only true victory. HKBH gave us Jews the tools to beat our enemies totally, no reason to still live with the shtetyl mentality.

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