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January 18, 2017 / 20 Tevet, 5777

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42 Teams, 4 Planes Fighting Zichron Yaakov Fire through the Night

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The fire that raged throughout the town of Zichron Yaakov on the Carmel Mountain Tuesday erupted again around 4 AM, fanned by unusually strong gales, and four firefighting planes, 30 civilian and 12 IDF firefighting teams went in to push it back once more, Israeli media reported. Meanwhile, new spots burst in flames around the town and residents who had been permitted to return to their homes had to be evacuated again. Altogether, some 3,000 people had to stay out of their homes overnight.

On Wednesday morning police blocked access to several affluent neighborhoods where estimates are that the blazing fires are likely to return. Police sources have estimated that no one would be allowed back into the homes in Zamarin, Vilot Ba’horesh, and Givat Eden. Schoolchildren have been assigned to new schools in town, while public transportation in the risky areas has been stopped.

A series of fires erupted in several parts of Israel, on both sides of the “green line,” leading to the evacuation of dozens of families from their homes. According to police, in Zichron Yaakov, which was the focal point of several large scale blazes, 23 people were hurt, three remaining in hospital overnight; and 30 homes were damaged.

In the community of Dolev, Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, 17 miles north-west of Jerusalem, the fires continued to rage overnight, the result of several gas tanks catching fire. Some 20 homes were evacuated as 21 firefighting teams dealt with fires that reached a hight of 60 feet.

The fires have been put out in the Lachish forest, near Kiryat Gat, and in Revadim, a kibbutz east of Ashdod. Some 40 families were evacuated from Revadim due to heavy smoke pollution.

Up north, firefighters managed to control the fires that erupted in Naharia, a coastal city just south of the Lebanese border, and in Kfar Vradim in western Galilee.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan referred on Tuesday night to the 2010 “Mt. Carmel Disaster,” which claimed 44 lives and led to the evacuation of some 17,000 people. Erdan suggested the lessons that have been learned from that traumatic experience are reflected in “the communication between all the entities involved, the quick decision-making regarding the evacuation of residents and closing down major traffic arteries, and the risk evaluations being issued every few hours.”

According to weather reports, eastern winds are expected to reach 55 MPH speeds in the north and be in the 40 MPH range in central Israel. Such strong winds are not unusual this time of the year, but they rarely continue for a week and more as they have done this year.

David Israel

Report: ISIS Launching Suicide Attacks on Allied Forces Fighting to Retake Mosul

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

In a statement released online after the beginning of the Kurdish and Iraqi assault on Mosul in northern Iraq, ISIS has claimed that it is launching deadly suicide car bomb attacks against the invaders.

More than two years after ISIS forces had entered the city of Mosul, Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces have begun their attack to recapture the city. Fears of an impending humanitarian crisis have already created more refugees, with only about one million civilians estimated to remain in the city, out of a population of two and a half million.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the assault in a televised address on Monday, announcing, “Today I declare the start of these victorious operations to free you from the violence and terrorism of Daesh (ISIS).”

With US air power, Iraqi forces are still keeping their distance from Mosul itself and are expected to lay siege before directly engaging the jihadists. The terrorist forces are vastly outnumbered, with only an estimated 8,000 warriors in the city and surrounding area.

David Israel

Fighting The Battle Of The Bulge: The Yom Tov Edition

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

If you, like so many others (including me!), watch your weight in an attempt to keep those numbers on the scale heading in a downward direction, you know that this is a pretty tough time of year. Rosh Hashanah and its plethora of calorie-laden goodness may be behind us, and we do have a 25-hour mandated fast coming up this week, but with Sukkos just a few days later, it is hard to keep your weight from going up, up, up over the Yom Tov season.

But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. How to enjoy the yomim tovim without totally torpedoing your diet? To be honest, while the answer is painfully obvious (eat less), it is easier said than done when that sizzling hot potato kugel or those gooey brownies are plunked down in front of you. Like any other solider going to war, you need a battle plan in order to achieve success, and while I can’t promise you that planning ahead for those inevitable temptations will guarantee you won’t gain weight, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Let me issue a disclaimer right here. I am not a nutritionist or a weight loss expert and I can’t guarantee that I will get through the yomim tovim at exactly the same weight I started at, but I am certainly going to try. Hopefully, sharing my thoughts in print with you guys, my thousands of nearest and dearest friends, will guilt me into sticking to my plan!

Challah: In a perfect world, I could give up meat, chicken, fish, eggs and cheese entirely and live on nothing but freshly-baked breads. Alas, our existence is imperfect and no matter how enticing warm challah may be, overdoing it is only going to lead to regrets. By all means, have a slice of challah with your meal and, if you are going to skip all the other carbs being served, have a second or maybe even a third. But if you are planning on eating a full meal, then stick to one slice and one slice only. Want to trick yourself into thinking you are eating more than you actually are? Cut that slice in half, chew slowly and do your best to pretend you are having two pieces instead of just one.

Dips: The truth is that I am not a mayonnaise eater, which right away prejudices me against dips, which I think are the handiwork of the devil. While the vegetable-based spreads can be fairly low in calories, and chumus is a protein powerhouse, most are nothing more than flavored oil or mayonnaise. Worse yet, most people aren’t just eating heaping spoonfuls of flavored mayonnaise – they are slathering it on, you guessed it, challah (see above), adding more unwanted calories to a meal that is likely to continue with at least two more courses.

Defeat da Fats: Growing up, my father would often refer to the chicken soup having “eyes,” little circles floating at the top of the soup. They are, of course, fat, and definitely something you don’t want to eat; thankfully, you don’t have to. Whether you are making chicken soup, stew, a roast or any meat or poultry-based item in a liquid or sauce, getting rid of those little greasy globs is pretty simple. Just pop the pot, pan or whatever into your fridge for a few hours and the fat will rise to the top, where you can hopefully pick it out with a fork. I have to admit it is a pretty icky process, but nowhere near as gross as ingesting all of that fat.

Late Night Bites: The yomim tovim bring with them quite a few night-time meals, particularly on Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah, when davening can end far later than normal. While every family has their own customs as far as Yom Tov fare, if you can get away with it, try to go lighter for those late-night meals. Do you really need gefilte fish, soup, chicken and potato kugel and chocolate mousse when you are eating at 10 p.m. and going to sleep right after you bentch? Over the years, we have narrowed the menu down for those nights to a light soup and maybe a single kugel and nothing else. Not only does nobody mind, but everyone is happy to skip a heavy meal. Depending on what your family enjoys, you can lighten things up by serving fish instead of meat or chicken, going totally dairy, serving sushi or anything else your family enjoys.

Lovin’ My Oven: When it comes to cutting calories, your oven can be your best friend. Oven-frying is a great way to cut down on the fat and the calories and not only does it go a lot faster than conventional frying but it doesn’t leave messy splatters all over your stovetop. Oven-roasting is also a great way to cook vegetables, with high temperatures, a dash of seasoning and a light drizzle of oil, bringing out the best flavor in your veggies. Investing in a large roasting pan is a worthwhile investment. Look for one that has low sides or no sides to ensure that your vegetables roast instead of steam and line the pan with foil to totally eliminate cleanup time.

Bowling for Greens: Think outside the kugel pan this Yom Tov with plenty of salads. A green salad with cubes of salmon, chicken, meat, cold cuts, cheese or chick peas is great as either an appetizer or a main dish for a lighter meal. Switch things up a little with different greens (romaine, arugula, spinach, cabbage or bok choy, to name a few), a variety of dressings (go easy on those, obviously) and whatever else appeals to you. Walk away from the table feeling sated, not stuffed and you may just find yourself going for meals in a bowl more often.

Dessert: What I should be telling you is to make sure to serve lots of cooked and fresh fruit so that you can finish off your meals with low-calorie treats. If that works for you, then it is absolutely a great idea, but to be perfectly honest, I am scheduling a few really small portions of something decadent in my Yom Tov menus. The rest of the time I am hoping to serve desserts that don’t tempt me and skip any extras like nuts, candy or chips that sometimes make their way to the table. Of course, all bets are off if any good quality chocolate is involved… there are only so many things you can ask a girl to give up without ruining her simchas Yom Tov, and chocolate is definitely not one of them!

Sandy Eller

Jews and Arabs Fighting in Social Security Building

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

A large fight broke out between Jews and Arabs in the Bituach Leumi (Social Security) building in Jerusalem on Shimon ben-Shetach street after news of the terror attack came out.

Police were called in to break up the fight.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Fighting Anti-Israel NGOs And BDS Activists: An Interview with Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

In just a few years, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has shot to political stardom in Israel. A computer engineer turned politician, Shaked, 40, has been a member of Knesset for the Jewish Home party since 2013 and was appointed justice minister by Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2015.

Shaked, a forceful champion of Israel’s rights both at home and abroad, is an outspoken supporter of Jewish settlements and was the driving force behind Israel’s 2016 NGO transparency law.


The Jewish Press: Can you describe your background and what influenced your political views and your decision to join the Jewish Home party?

Shaked: I was right wing since I was a child, after having watched a debate between Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres. I served in the army in the Golani Brigade and that also influenced my ideology, since most of the soldiers were from the Religious Zionist movement.

For a few years I was a Likud member, working with Benjamin Netanyahu after the Gaza Disengagement. I decided to leave the Likud and join the Jewish Home party because I thought that it’s very important to have a party that has secular and Orthodox working together on the basis of Religious Zionist values.

How concerned are you that the UN will try to impose a unilateral solution on Israel?

The UN is a very political and biased organization and I don’t believe in truth coming from it. It’s just a body of political interests. The fact that the UN has failed to deal with Syria while hundreds of thousands of women and children are being slaughtered there proves that it does nothing. The UN tries to hit Israel whenever it can in a very biased approach without even mentioning the ongoing incitement by the Palestinian Authority. Just the other day Mahmoud Abbas paid a condolence call to families of terrorists who tried to kill Jews.

The UN also ignores the fact that there are terror attacks conducted in the U.S. for the same reason – radical Islam against the West. In dealing with the UN, Israel should stick to its own beliefs.

Establishing a Palestinian state right now is a very dangerous thing. It’s also not realistic at all. The majority of the people in Israel, including those from the left and center, don’t think we have a partner right now. So Ban Ki-moon can talk, but it’s just wishful thinking. In reality we will do what we think is good for us.

How would you advise America to combat the scourge of Islamist terrorism that both America and Israel face?

You just need to face reality. In Europe they are already facing reality and identifying it as radical Islamic terrorism. We are not at war with Islam. In Israel, 20 percent of the population is Muslim. And we have a very good relationship with them. But we need to distinguish between Islam and radical Islamic terror, which threatens the Western world.

This is actually a war between two civilizations; between the Western world and radical Islamic terror. It’s in the U.S., in Europe, in Israel; it’s all over the Middle East. And radical Islam is mainly aimed at hurting other Muslims. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims all over the Middle East who have been slaughtered because of this extreme ideology. We need to face this reality.

What is your position on Israel’s claim to Judea and Samaria?

After the Oslo Accords, Judea and Samaria were assigned to areas A, B, and C. Areas A and B are under the Palestinian Authority and area C is under Israeli authority. If you ask me what will be in the end, how will we finish the conflict, I believe we should annex area C. There are 425,000 Jews and 90,000 Arabs who are living there. The Arabs should be full citizens of Israel and get all the according rights. Areas A and B should be a strong autonomy or in conjunction with Jordan.

Under international law, those territories are not occupied territories; they are territories under dispute. There is a lot of land in area C that belongs to the state and we should expand building on those lands. There’s nothing we need to apologize for. It’s legally state land and we should continue to build there.

You initiated and then advanced Israel’s NGO bill through the Knesset. What do you hope it will achieve in terms of deterring agitators from working within Israel?

It’s a transparency bill. In Israel, there are a few NGOs that get the majority of their money from abroad from different countries. Those countries actually try to interfere in a diplomatic way in Israeli policy and are trying to do it through NGOs.

We are not forbidding that, but we want the public to be aware of it. That’s why we passed a transparency bill that any NGO that gets more than 50 percent of its budget from a foreign country should declare it when approaching a Knesset member and in their official publications.

What more can be done about many of these NGOs who are aligned with the BDS movement and their allies, such as the Black Lives Matter delegation that recently visited Israel and accused it of “genocide”?

There are definitely NGOs in Israel that cooperate with BDS groups, mainly in the United States. They actually lay the groundwork for the lies and they distort the facts the BDS groups end up using.

We need to determine what falls under freedom of speech, but we are fighting against the threat of delegitimization the NGOs are pursuing. This is something we are dealing with on a regular basis because it’s based on lies and it hurts Israel.

Unfortunately, many agitators against Israel in these various groups are Jewish. What would you say to them as Jews?

They are confused. I talked about it in the lecture that I gave to the JNF, in which I said there are extreme liberal Jews who just swallow the lies and the propaganda the BDS movement is selling. They are confusing liberal and human rights values with the new anti-Semitism. BDS is perpetrating a fraud and unfortunately there are people who are buying into it.

Sara Lehmann

UPDATE: Serious Deterioration in Peres’ Condition, Brain Damage Irreversible

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Former President Shimon Peres’ family members on Tuesday told reporters there has been a severe deterioration in his condition. They say the doctors have not been able to wake him up and he has been completely unresponsive. Tests he underwent earlier on Tuesday showed the damage to his brain is irreversible.

According to Peres’s personal physician and son-in-law Prof. Raphy Walden, Peres, 93, is “in very serious condition” and his medical team is afraid of an approaching collapse of his systems since there hasn’t been a significant improvement in his condition.

In recent days Peres has undergone a series of tests that showed his indicators are stable, but he continues to be in serious condition and the family at his bedside is not optimistic about his chances for recovery. Hospital sources have said that despite the fact that his condition has not worsened, “each passing day makes it more difficult to be optimistic.”

On Monday the hospital released a statement saying the former president’s condition remains stable and his indicators have not changed, as his medical team proceeds with applying conservative care in keeping with his neurological and general condition. Last weekend his breathing was reported to have improved a little. The medical team attempted to remove him gradually from the ventilator, and his anesthetic drugs have been reduced. The doctors even reported some attempts on the patient’s part to communicate and to follow instructions such as raising his hands. But on Tuesday his conditioned has worsened.

David Israel

Conversations with Heroes – Is Israel Still Fighting the War of Independence? [audio]

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

The Land of Israel is often referred to as the Promised Land because of The Creator’s repeated promise (Gen. 12:7, 13:15, 15:18, 17:8) to give the Land to the descendants of Abraham. Neither this promise nor history’s overabundance of agreements, proclamations, resolutions, wars, and the establishment of The State of Israel itself seems to have convinced the world that the Jewish people have a rightful claim to this Land.

On this week’s show, Heather speaks with three inspiring Israelis who were born outside the Land of Israel, made Aliyah, and overcame many an obstacle to claim their place in the Land and even utilize their unique talents to help their fellow Jews.

Meet Nina Brenner Bukstein, who heroically overcame the challenges of moving to Israel as a single mom with almost no prospects or income, yet courageously and resolutely built a thriving business; Paint Parties Israel. In the most surprising ways, you will hear how her company’s events both entertain and transform participants across the country.

Rivka Aminoff, Founder and Principal of Kol Hadassa High School (and previous show guest!) returns to discuss her unique relationship to the Land of Israel, which began with her upbringing in Australia to her eventual relocation to Israel. It was dear old Dad who helped her reframe a particularly disappointing first visit to the Western Wall. Check out what he told his daughter about the holy site.

Frequent guest contributor, David Olesker, founder of the Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training (JCCAT) checks in this week and makes the case for naming all of Israel’s battles, skirmishes, and intifadas: Israel’s War of Independence. If you think Israel’s War of Independence was a fait accompli in 1948, think again says Olesker.

You may contact any of Heather’s guests from today’s show via their websites: Nina Brenner Bukstein paintpartyevents.com Rivka Aminoff kolhadassa.org David Olesker jccat.org

Conversations with Heroes 21Sept2016 – PODCAST

Israel News Talk Radio

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