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October 26, 2016 / 24 Tishri, 5777

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Jewish Teen Detained By Israel Police, Allegedly Near Temple Mount

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

A 16-year-old Jewish teen was detained late Monday night for allegedly being near the gates to the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Honenu civil rights organization reported.

An attorney from the organization was looking into the cause of the detention, the group said in a statement.

The Al Aqsa Mosque, as well as the Dome of the Rock are both located within the Temple Mount compound, and Muslims cite Jewish “interference” of any kind as the slightest excuse for wild riots and major terrorist attacks.

The Jerusalem Arab terrorist who murdered two people this past Sunday (Oct. 9, 2016) and wounded six others in the capital claimed as his excuse the Supreme Court restraining order banning him from entering Jerusalem for 30 days. He ranted in a post on a social networking site 48 hours earlier that his life was “worthless if he could not enter Jerusalem to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque.”

The real reason for his dedication to Jerusalem, however, was belied by a reference in his rant to “Qassam martyrs,” which later made sense when the Hamas terrorist organization announced he had been a member of the group. The military arm of Hamas is called the Izz a-Din al-Qassam Martyrs’ Brigades.

Tensions over the Temple Mount are extremely high, in particular as the Jewish high holy days are underway. Terror attacks are again on the rise in Jerusalem, as well as on the roads of Judea, Samaria and in the Binyamin region.

Hana Levi Julian

The Failure of Jewish Self-Esteem in the West (or Have Pen, Will Grovel)

Monday, October 10th, 2016

{Originally posted to the author’s blog, Israel Thrives}

Most western Jews, for obvious historical reasons, tend to be left-leaning and concerned with issues of social justice and universal human rights.

It is obviously no coincidence that one of the most kicked-around people in human history would support the rights of minority populations everywhere in the world, including their home state of Israel. It is for this reason that the country of the Jewish people has a far better human rights record than any of their hostile neighbors. Despite malicious claims otherwise throughout the Muslim world and among pussitudenous western-left Jews, Israel treats Palestinian-Arabs far better than do their brothers and sisters elsewhere in that part of the world.

The great irony is that the political movement that claims to stand for social justice and universal human rights, the progressive-left, actually stands for neither. If it did, surely it would have stood up for the Yazidis when their people were being slaughtered by ISIS or it would have supported the Christian Copts in Egypt who suffer the Qur’anically-based genocidal intention of the far larger Muslim population.

It did neither.

In the United States the culmination of the four-year election cycle brings out the very worst in ideologically-blinkered political drones who do little more than spit hatred, ridicule, and contempt at their counterparts on the other side of the aisle.

{I find it disheartening and vaguely nauseating.}

Among American Jews, however, what never ceases to amaze is the tenacity with which they cling by their teeth to a political party that holds them in such contempt that its leadership honestly believes that they have every right to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live.

They will vote for a political party with members that flew the flag of the Palestinian-Arabs inside the hall of the Democratic National Convention, even as some burned the Israeli flag just outside in the street.

Furthermore, they did so while calling for Intifada which is nothing less than calling for the murder of Jews on Jewish land.

In the early years of the Obama administration it was clear to many of us that Obama’s insistence that Jews be allowed to live over here, but not over there, in the Land of Israel rang the death knell of the two-state solution. I wrote about it as early as 2009 in a piece entitled, The End of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process.

The point then, as now, is that by demanding “total settlement freeze” Barack Obama forced Benjamin Netanyahu and dictator Abbas into entirely irreconcilable positions. Netanyahu, if he were to maintain his governing coalition and the respect of Jewish Israelis, could never agree to Obama’s anti-Semitic demand that Jews not be allowed to raise families on the very land where Jewish people come from. For his part Mahmoud Abbas was forced into the position where he could demand nothing less because he cannot afford to be seen as more pro-Israel or pro-Jewish than the American president.

Even Yassir Arafat was willing to sit at the big table while Jews built housing for themselves on land purchased within disputed territory. It took the Obama administration to turn it into a deal killer right out of the gate.

And, yet, lo these many years later, Obama continues to make such demands because he is clearly incapable of learning from past mistakes and because he honestly believes that he has the right to kick the Jewish people in the head whenever he so pleases.

Writing in Ha’aretz, Barak Ravid tells us of Obama administration fury at Jews for daring to build 300 housing units – a whole 300 – on historically Jewish land. He writes:

A senior U.S. official said that the White House boiled with anger at the advancement of the plan and even more at the timing of the decision – just a week after the signing of the military aid agreement by which the U.S. will give Israel $38 billion for a decade, and the day of the death of former president Shimon Peres, whose funeral was attended by President Barack Obama.

The White House “boiled with anger,” huh?

I find it amusing that Israel sent Obama into a rage of fury at the mere thought of Jews building housing for themselves and their children on Jewish land. And, yet, against all rationality, the commander-in-chief is entirely complacent about the rise of Political Islam, which not only calls for the slaughter of all Infidels who refuse to submit to al-Sharia, but continues to perform an excellent job on that project to this very day.

The indignant reaction of Obama, the Democratic Party, and the western-left to the fact of Jewish people daring to build housing is reminiscent of the medieval princely authority to push Jews around in a likewise manner. Then, as now, western authorities believed that the Jews must comply to their prejudicial demands in regards the placement of arbitrary limitations on Jewish living spaces.

Furthermore, this most recent 38 billion dollar deal with the Obama administration gives the US government additional leverage over the Israeli government.

The statement, signed by Mark Toner, deputy spokesman for the State Department, drew an unusual linkage between the signing of the defense aid agreement with Israel and criticism of settlement building.

And this is precisely why Israel should never have signed this deal to begin with.

Israel has the capacity to build all the weaponry it needs and doing so would reinforce the Israeli economy through strengthening its arms-manufacturing sector. What the deal really means is that the Obama administration can twist Jewish-Israeli arms behind Jewish-Israeli backs in order to force them to conform to the wishes of dictator-terrorist Mahmoud Abbas and his friends in Brussels.

The saddest thing about all of this, however, is the obvious failure of Jewish self-esteem in the West.

Israeli Jews may stand tall and proud, but progressive-left Jewish Americans bow their heads before the kind of progressive-left virtue posturing and self-righteous indignation that the Obama administration has turned into a form of art.

When even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) becomes an arm of the pro-Islamist Obama administration it sends a very strong signal that American Jewry is slowly falling into a chronic state of spineless prostration.

Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL has pen and will grovel.

What a shame.

Michael Lumish

Welcome to the Home of the Jewish People

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Video of the Day

The Jewish People: No Commonality with Indians

Friday, October 7th, 2016

Contrary to the ill-informed claims of so many self-appointed “hasbara indigenous rights activists,” “Native-Americans” have little (if any) commonality with the Jewish nation. The analogy is ridiculous, and only one devoid of knowledge of Jewish history and Torah would make the comparison.

There is a definite reason “Indian rights” activists align with Arabs and their war with Israel. They share an interest in living the fantasy of a revolution that will never happen. And they have embraced anti-Israel positions for self-interest:


  1. As Jews we have a legacy and a mandate of bringing the knowledge of the One True G-d to the world. The Torah is a treasure trove of knowledge and intellectualism. Native Americans were animistic pagans. In Judaism, prophecy represents the highest level of intellect coordinated with a mastery of the body, and the creative faculties. The Native American “vision quest” represented the total abandonment of the rational faculty to primitive imagination, spurred on both by deprivation and artificial stimulus induced by hallucinogens. From a Torah perspective, every shaman must be a fraud. And the fraud is the antithesis of the Torah leader.


  1. Jewish law is predicated on the sanctity of human life. Biblical wars (and halachic wars were necessarily brutal) offered the enemy an opportunity to repent. They had a limited window to do so and to extricate themselves from the fate of their people. Native Americans were masters of collective mass slaughter, torture, rape, all sorts of depredations, physical, sexual assault, etc. A code of barbarism and savagery. In fact, research shows that even the less violent tribes often retained a surprisingly rigid mastery of torture practices.


  1. Native Americans fled their origins in Siberia to find a new place to live- out of necessity. When necessary they displaced and killed other tribes. G-d GAVE us our land, and we were Divinely mandated to expel and kill. And Jews have always yearned for the one place sacred to us, Eretz Yisrael.


  1. Jewish tribes were mandated to maintain unity and brotherhood, despite the unfortunate reality of factionalism that existed throughout the history of the monarchies. Native Americans were defined by their brutal violence towards each other long before any European came to the land.


  1. Judaism appreciates nature as the creation of G-d. Native Americans venerated and worshiped nature. And contrary to the mythos of the ecological native, many tribes were destructive to nature. Judaism has a balance where man must conserve the world but still retain dominion over it. And worship of nature is what led early man to turn to the stars and planets as they descended into the abyss of idolatry.


  1. Native Americans society was cruel by any standard, and the violence they often meted out towards the ill and infirm was shocking. Judaism repudiates the cruel personality.


  1. Judaism is intellectual. Our halachic system is based on logic. Native Americans were creatures of impulse, even if it was contrary to their best interests.


  1. Judaism has never shied from documenting our less than stellar moments in history. The Torah and Talmud often record events that portray as us sinful, ungrateful, and generally belligerent to Hashem. Truth is never sanitized. Indian history is defined by politically correct pseudo-history and her advocates all have one narrative. White, raping, exploitative, Europeans. Good noble Indians.


  1. While the Native-Americans certainly contributed to our knowledge of fauna, flora, agriculture, building, hunting, their contributions pale to the contributions of the Jewish people, both in the realm of the sacred knowledge of Torah and individual contributions of Jews in general to medicine, education, arts.


  1. The Native-Americans world is largely gone, save for the reconstructed false image which shapes the modern narrative. The Jewish people will live forever.


There is one important commonality. Neither Jews, nor Indians, nor any people’s, are indigenous to anywhere in the world, since people are not frogs or plants. People are not indigenous. People conquer or they are conquered. People migrate. Like “native Americans” who came from Siberia. In truth, the term “native American” is a misnomer. Arriving earlier doesn’t make one MORE native. “Earlier” is unrelated to “original.” And many tribes slaughtered and expelled weaker tribes from regions. Were these tribes colonizing earlier denizens, or did they get a pass because they were indigenous? As Jews we differ because our conquests of Eretz Yisrael were Divine mandated and that is our sole claim to Israel.


Some people get upset because religious arguments offend them. Some have made careers selling exotic stories of “indigenous Jewry”.  They never engage in discussion because theirs is not a rational claim. So they pout and scream and hurl obscenities in response to reasoned arguments. Too damn bad. Those self-serving arrogant hasbarites who don’t like it, can go beat on a tom-tom to mollify their frustration or take some peyote and go on a lonesome vision quest.


Many Native Americans suffered as a result of European conquest, but they surely gave it as good as they received it. At the end of the day, they were beaten by the same force that allowed the strongest among them to dominate and destroy the weaker. Superior force. Injustices and atrocities were not the sole domain of Europeans. Their own history was one of aggression, and a collective understanding that the strong dominated the weak.


Chalk up this perverse association to social media and 21st Century hasbara. Truth and integrity have no voice when popularity and political correctness is what brings in the money. And this is the root of the problem which explains the “hasbara machine’s” close ties with messianic missionaries who throw millions of dollars at them, as well as secular strains which eschew anything Jewish for contemporary liberalism.


If one wants truth, one turns to Torah. For falsehood and populist pandering, one turns to the well-oiled Jewish hasbara (public relations) machines whose true interest is contrary to Torah.


Indigenous rights activists have nothing to say to us Jews about our identity. They know nothing of Torah and thus they are irrelevant to any Jew who believes in Divine claims.  Jews who engage in this magical thinking betray an irrational approach to life that has zero commonality with rational Torah thinking. The essence of Judaism is the rejection of the primitive and the pagan. Native American culture embraced and cultivated these very things. The Am Kadosh has no commonality whatsoever with those who worshiped nature and readily resorted to wanton murder. And it is perverse to make this foolish comparison.

We have Torah, they have totems.

Donny Fuchs

The Jewish Soul Of Shimon Peres

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Much will be written about the incredible life of Shimon Peres, who passed away last week at age 93, and it is not my intention here to present a comprehensive review of his fascinating biography or to praise his important contributions to Israel, which spanned many decades. Nor is it my intention to paper over what many felt were his misguided ideas and policies. Suffice it to say that his fierce dedication to Israel and its people is beyond dispute.

He is the only person ever to have served as both prime minister and as president of Israel, although he did lose five elections for prime minister, which may constitute the all-time historical record for futility by the nominee of a major political party seeking election as head of state.


Peres was a principal player in the building of the state of Israel. Ironically, though touted around the world as a man of peace, he played a seminal role in engineering and advancing Israel’s military establishment, from acquiring weapons for the new Israeli army to developing Israel’s state-run military industries to being singularly responsible for the development of Israel’s nuclear capability.

Following the 1967 Six-Day War he championed the establishment of settlements under the slogan “Settlements Everywhere,” but he eventually changed course as he pursued his dream of a “New Middle East,” which would have entailed significant Israeli concessions as part of a hoped-for peace agreement.

But Peres’s legacy presumably will be defined by the important role he played as architect of the disastrous 1993 Oslo Accords (for which he was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize together with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chief Yasir Arafat) and by his naïve trust in Arafat’s good intentions.

Though Peres was raised in a non-religious family and was not personally observant, he studied Talmud as a child with his maternal grandfather, the great Torah scholar Rav Tzvi Hirsh Meltzer, Hy”d, who had a great influence on his life. Rav Meltzer’s last emotional words to Shimon as his grandson immigrated with his family to Eretz Yisrael in 1934 were “Be a Jew!” and indeed he was.

In recognition of Peres’s deep respect for traditional Judaism, David Ben-Gurion often sent him to work with rabbinic leaders on critical religious matters, including the deferment of military service for yeshiva students. (Peres later recalled that whenever he met with the rabbis, “I felt like I was sitting with my grandfather.”) He also met frequently with the Lubavitcher Rebbe to discuss issues relating to Jewish identity in Israel, including many specifics regarding Russian immigrants.

Standing against his fellow secular Zionists, Peres opposed the elimination of traditional Judaism from the new Jewish state and throughout his life maintained a deep respect for Jewish customs and practices. For example, he declined to attend the Friday night opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic games out of respect for Shabbat. In the historic June 30, 1994 correspondence written on his Minister of Foreign Affairs letterhead to Rav Menachem Porush and exhibited with this column, he displays further sensitivity to Shabbat observance:

As to your letter of 20 Tammuz, 1994 – in order to prevent the mass public desecration of Shabbat, we have expended great effort to ensure that Yoshev Rosh Ashaf [the head of the PLO, i.e., Yasir Arafat] will arrive in Gaza on Friday during the early afternoon hours.

Rav Porush (1916-2010) was an Israeli rabbi and politician (and longtime Jewish Press columnist) who served as a member of the Knesset, deputy head of the Jerusalem city council, and deputy minister of labor and social welfare.

singer-100716-from-peresThe background of the letter is fascinating. Arafat’s sudden announcement that, in his first trip to the Palestinian territories since 1967, he would be visiting the Gaza Strip – “I am coming home!” – had the Israeli government scrambling to make security arrangements. Prime Minister Rabin, committed to honoring the Oslo Accords regarding Palestinian self-government, agreed to a three-day visit and told his generals and security chiefs that the question was not whether Arafat would come but, rather, how Israel would manage the visit.

Though Arafat had not asked to come to Jerusalem, then-mayor Ehud Olmert expressed his belief that Arafat might try to sneak into the holy city on Shabbat, when religious Jews could not organize a protest. Thousands of Israelis opposed to the Oslo Accords jammed the center of Jerusalem in a wild demonstration and hundreds of policemen were posted in the Arab Old City as a precaution. Nevertheless, on Friday, July 1, 1994, Arafat made triumphant return to the Palestinian territories, though he was prevented from going to Jerusalem.

Finally, in Peres’s memory and in the spirit of the yamim noraim, exhibited with this column is a 23 Elul 1989 correspondence on his Minister of Foreign Affairs letterhead that evinces his knowledge of biblical verses, his respect for Jewish tradition, and the honor he accorded Rav Porush:

With greetings of the New Year, I extend to the Rav’s honor and to his entire household a good and blessed year, a year in which all your wishes be fulfilled with health and long years.May it be [Hashem’s] will that the year, may it come upon us for the good, will be a year of peace and serenity for Israel in our land and in our Diaspora, a year of the ingathering of exiles and, in the words of the verse from the weekly Torah portion: “And Hashem your God will return you to your home and will have compassion for you and gather you from among the nations which Hashem your God had dispersed you” (Deuteronomy 30).

Saul Jay Singer

Heirs of Jewish Refugee Suing Met over Stolen Picasso

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

The estate of Paul Leffmann, a German-Jewish businessman who fled Nazi Germany in 1938, on Friday filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Museum of Art in new York, over ownership of Pablo Picasso’s painting The Actor, The Art Newspaper reported.

The 1904-5 oil on canvas painting shows a lanky man gesturing with his hands. The Met curators describe it as a “simple yet haunting” work that marked the beginning of Picasso’s interest in “the theatrical world of acrobats and saltimbanques (acrobats).”

According to the suit, Leffmann sold the painting under duress for $13,200, when he and his wife were in Paris, to pay for their escape to Brazil. The painting was sold to art dealer Hugo Perls and Picasso’s dealer Paul Rosenberg. The painting was then purchased for $22,500 in 1941, by Thelma Chrysler Foy, daughter of founder of the Chrysler Corporation, Walter Chrysler. In 1952, she donated the picture to the Met.

The suit argues that the Met should have known that the original owner was forced to part with the painting, today estimated at $100 million, because he was the victim of “Nazi and Fascist persecution,” according to The Art Newspaper.

The Met argues that Leffamann actually received for his Picasso more “than any other early Picasso sold by a collector to a dealer during the 1930s.” They bring as proof the fact that when the Leffmanns, after the war, were trying to recover their stolen property, they did not include The Actor on their list. If the Leffmanns themselves did not consider the painting stolen, why should the Museum be accused of holding improperly acquired property?

The litigation was begun by Leffmann’s great-grandniece, who presumably discovered her family’s connection to the Met’s Picasso about ten years ago.


Justice Minister Shaked Issues Manifesto on Jewish Democracy, Based on the Teachings of Chief Justice Barak

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

“The Knesset is attempting to legislate away our lives and the High Court is invading territory to which it is not entitled,” declares Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi), in a lengthy but exciting essay in the inaugural issue of Hashiloach, an Israeli Journal on thought and policy. The essay, titled “Tracks toward Governing” (the Hebrew title is a play on words between Mesilot-tracks and Meshilut-governance), suggests that the behavior of some of Israel’s branches of government is threatening individual freedoms as well as the ability of elected officials to govern. Shaked is urging a return, as soon as possible, to the proper governing on the proper tracks, from within Israel’s definition as a Jewish and democratic state.

“Good governance is not a blind force, certainly not a strong but silent engine,” writes Shaked, stressing that “the ability to carry out goals in the way they have been defined is a prerequisite condition for good governance, but is far from being sufficient in itself: good governance is measured above anything else by the ability of government ministers to establish their own goals.”

“A politician who knows how to bring the train to its destination, but is unable to set the destination, as senior as he may be — is not governing but merely subcontracting; he may have been appointed Minister, and he may get to cut ribbons in the end, but he is nothing more than a contractor,” Shaked argues. “To move down a track laid down by others does not require leaders; any driver could do it just fine. The essence of governance is always setting down directions and posting goals. This requires of elected officials to lay down new tracks only after they had decided for themselves where they would like to take the train.”

Shaked asserts that every time the Knesset votes in favor of any given law, it is also voting against the freedom of individuals to take care of their issues on their own. She calls it a vote of no confidence in the autonomy of communities and individuals. Indeed, as Chair of the Ministerial Legislative Committee, Shaked laments that she has processed more than 1,500 legislative proposals, from amendments to existing laws to fully realized, new bills. Suggesting the Knesset is by far the most prolific parliament in the entire Western world, Shaked describes this abundance of new laws as a hospital that’s being built underneath a broken bridge to care for the people who fall off.

Referring to economist Milton Friedman’s impressions following his visit to Israel in the 1960s, when he predicted that the historic spirit of Jewish freedom would eventually overcome the newly bred spirit of Socialist bureaucracy in Israel, Shaked admits she’s not so sure Friedman was right. “Without our firm push on the brake pedal of this locomotive, week in and week out, those legislative proposals would have created for us an alternative reality, in which government controls the citizens through the regulation of more and more economic sectors, with the individual being left with precious little freedom to manage his own affairs.”

Shaked provides several examples whereby proposed legislation would have, for instance, created a world in which a landlord would be forbidden to raise the rent for several years. Of course, rents would soar on the eve of this new law going into effect, followed by a loss of interest on the part of investors in creating new rental stock, leading to a drop in available apartments and, of course, another rise in rents. It would also be a world in which employers must comply with pensions set by the legislator, until, of course, they go bankrupt. And a world in which police would be bound by a two-strike law that compels them to arrest any individual against whom someone has filed two complaints. Running down some of these “bizarre” proposals, as she calls them, Shaked eventually describes a proposal to compel the state to solve terrorism by distributing bulletproof vests to every citizen against knife attacks, as well as a proposal to eliminate the reference in the law to “Beit Av,” which is the Biblical term for Household, because it has a reference to a father rather than to a mother.

Shaked reports that she requested, for the 2017-18 budget, that the ministerial committee would no longer consider bills that add new criminal offenses to the law books, without a thorough investigation of similar legislation in other countries, of the ramifications of the new criminal law on the books in Israel’s society, and, most important — of existing, non-criminal alternatives.

Alongside the need to restrain the legislator, Shaked sees a dire need to restrain Israel’s expansionist Judiciary. She notes an ongoing war between the Supreme Court and the executive branch, which necessitates the passing of a new constitutional-level legislation (Foundation Laws in Israel’s system) to regulate once and for all this combative relationship. She cites several cases in which government was blocked by the high court in areas that are clearly the executive’s domain, such as the law regulating the treatment of illegal infiltrators from Africa, and the government contract with natural gas companies to exploit Israel’s rich deposits.

Shaked laments the fact that the Supreme Court so often usurps the right to kill an entire legislation, as if it had appointed itself the 121st Knesset Member (or more than that, since it so frequently joins with the opposition parties to defeat a majority coalition). She has no problem with individuals seeking remedy in the lower courts to damages they claim to have suffered from, say, the new gas contract. That’s a legitimate use of the court system. But how can the unelected high court delete an entire legislation passed by elected officials? Who, after all is said and done, is the sovereign, the people or their appointed judges?

As a result, the art of politics in Israel is practiced as follows, according to Shaked: first the different parties vie for the voter’s trust; then, in the Knesset, the coalition negotiates with and fights against the opposition over a proposed bill; finally, after the bill was passed, the opposition parties appeal it before the Supreme Court, which reverses it. That, in a nutshell, was the story of the natural gas bill earlier this year.


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