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January 21, 2017 / 23 Tevet, 5777

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Ahmadinejad Offers to Fix Bitter Past for Obama for Only $2 billion

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (ruled 2005 to 2013) has written outgoing US President Barack Obama that he still has time to “restore people’s rights” to the tune of $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets, Tasnim reported.

The Ahmadinejad letter was delivered to the White House through the Swiss embassy in Tehran, and posted by the website Dolatebahar.com, which is affiliated with Ahmadinejad.

After the traditional Islamic greeting of “As-salamun alaykum,” Ahmadinejad writes: “You took office as the president of the United States amidst a climax in global frustration… following several decades of hegemonic policies and behavior of consecutive US administrations. … Your campaign slogan was ‘change’ and you claimed to be determined to change those policies as well as behaviors.”

Ahmadinejad then describes the years of “oppression and cruelty by different American governments” against Iran, which merely held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days, after taking over the US embassy in Tehran.

Ahmadinejad expresses his disappointment in Obama, who promised to restore ties with Iran, but has not, “and the same hostile policies along with the same trend of enmity were pursued, in alternative ways,” he complains, noting that Iran never received its much deserved “compensation for the past” during Obama’s term in office.

Now, here is what Ahmadinejad believes Obama should do to wipe the slate clean with the suffering Iranian people: last April, the US Supreme Court ruled that Iranian assets worth $2 billion be paid to the American families of victims killed in Iran’s military attacks in Beirut (1983) and Saudi Arabia (1996). But Ahmadinejad insists the ruling had been “based on unfounded claims without presenting any reliable documents, issued a sentence based on which about two billion Dollars of the Iranian nation’s assets would be seized unlawfully.”

“It is the clear expectation of the Iranian nation that the particular case of property seizure . . . be quickly fixed by your excellency and that not only the Iranian nation’s rights be restored and the seized property released and returned, but also the damage caused be fully compensated for,” says Ahmadinejad, concluding, “I passionately advise you not to let the historical defamation and bitter incident be recorded under your name.”


Liberman Apologizes to Obama for Munich Comparison

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Last Friday, Israel’s Defense Ministry reacted sharply to the claim by President Obama that it, too, has reached the conclusion that the Iran nuclear deal improved security in the Middle East. The Defense Ministry, in an unsigned announcement, compared the Iran deal to the Munich accords of 1938, saying that the “basic assumption, that Nazi Germany could be a partner to any kind of agreement, was wrong,” and the world failed to prevent WW2 and the Holocaust, because world leaders at the time ignored the explicit threats made by Hitler and the rest of the Nazi leadership.

On Monday night, Defense Minister Liberman had to walk back his office’s statement, and apologize to the US. The Defense Ministry’s announcement Monday insisted the Friday release had been misunderstood by the media, and that “the State of Israel and the Israeli defense apparatus will continue to work in close and full cooperation with the US, out of a deep appreciation and mutual respect.” However, the new announcement explained, “Israel remains deeply concerned over the fact that even after the nuclear agreement with Iran, the Iranian leadership continues to declare that its central aim is the destruction of the State of Israel, and continues to threaten Israel’s existence with words and action.”

According to Ha’aretz, some 45 minutes after the Friday announcement, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has had his own clashes with the current Administration, rushed to release his own statement, clarifying that “Prime Minister Netanyahu still believes that Israel has no greater ally than the United States.” Netanyahu then sent a senior advisor to US Ambassador Dan Shapiro, to explain that the Defense Minister had acted on his own, without Netanyahu’s approval.

On Sunday, the White House staff let the Israelis know they were fuming, and unable to understand how Israel chooses to attack the president in the midst of negotiating the biggest military aid package the US had ever awarded anyone on planet Earth.

Amb. Shapiro, who maintains a close relationship with Liberman, helped him out of this quagmire. He told him directly that unless he wants his name on the failure of the American military aid deal, he must apologize ASAP. Liberman understood, eventually, and for the first time in his career, apologized to a foreign entity. He pinned some of the blame on the media, but finally eked out an apologetic statement: “The difference between the positions of Israel and the US does not in any way diminish our deep appreciation of the United States and the president of the United States for their enormous contribution to Israel’s national security, and the enormous importance we attach to the strong alliance between the two nations,” the apology opened, and then delivered the needed specifics: “The Friday statement was not intended to make a direct comparison, neither historically nor personally [with the Munich accords]. We are sorry if it was interpreted otherwise.”

And he’ll never do it again.


Sanders Endorses Clinton

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

On Tuesday morning, at a rally in Portsmouth, NH, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. It was their first joint appearance, just two weeks before the Democratic National Convention.

“Today, I am so honored that Senator Sanders is joining me on the campaign trail and is ready to take on Trump and the GOP,” Clinton said in an email Tuesday, asking supporters to “stand with Senator Sanders and me.” So many showed up to see the deed getting done already.

“Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process, and I congratulate her for that. She will be the Democratic nominee for president and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States,” Sanders said, adding, “I have come here to make it as clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president.”

Sanders said Clinton is “far and away the best candidate” to care for “the needs of the American people … [and] the very serious crises that we face.” He called presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump a step in the wrong direction for America.

At the rally, Clinton said, “With your help, we’re joining forces to defeat Donald Trump, win in November, and build a future we can all believe in,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Thank you, thank you Bernie for your endorsement, but more than that, thank you for your lifetime of fighting injustice. I am proud to be fighting alongside you because, my friends, this is a time for all of us to stand together.”

David Israel

Donald Trump Running to Be ‘Greatest President God Ever Created’ [video]

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate developer, casino owner, entertainment mogul, TV personality and father of a woman who converted to Judaism and says she observes Shabbat, tossed hit hat into the huge ring of Republican candidates for president Tuesday.

He probably holds the record for being the most frequent “almost candidate,” having hinted several times in the past he would run for president.

This time it is for real. He said in his announcement in a 45-minute speech in New York:

I am officially running for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again. Sadly the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before.

He boasted his net worth at $8.7 billion, twice the amount estimated by most sources, and said:

I’m really rich. I’m not doing that to brag. I’m doing that to say that’s the kind of thinking our country needs. We need that thinking. We have the opposite thinking. We have losers…. The greatest social program is a job.

Trump went on to state, without batting an eyelash:

I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” I’ve watched the politicians, I’ve dealt with them all my life. They will never make America great again. They don’t even have a chance.

Polls show that Trump has a chance to win the Republican nomination, but he still is a long shot. He loves Israel, but it is questionable if American Jews love him. He has made statements disparaging blacks and Hispanics, so he can forget about most of them for support.

What might really be interesting is if he does not win the Republican nomination but runs as an Independent. third-party candidate. That would make for the most interesting presidential election since former Alabama governor and segregationist George Wallace’s four pitches for the presidency, earning him the description of America’s “most influential loser.”

Trump, like Wallace, is a gadfly and shoots from the hip, something like an American version of Israel’s Avigdor Lieberman before he got too smart for his own good. Trump has sworn up and down that President Barack Obama did not fulfill a basic qualification for the presidency by being born in the United States. Trump’s constant jabs at Obama, along with those of other “birthers,” finally forced the president to produce a birth certificate. Of course, the hard-core birthers said it was a fake.

Trump’s name is plastered on a variety of industries, from real estate to wrestling, media, golf course, a chartering company, ice cream parlor, a line of men’s wear, vodka, books, steaks and a golf course.

Being a maverick gives him the image of sticking by his word. When he says he loves Israel, he puts his money where his mouth is. Trump has a huge real estate project in Netanya, and his daughter Ivanka, who converted to Judaism, looks favorably on Israel for real estate investment.

Her husband is from an Orthodox Jewish family, and she has taken her conversion seriously, adding “Yael” to her name and saying that “we’re pretty observant, more than some, less than others.”

If “the Donald” is elected president, the United States will have its first Jewish daughter in the White House.

Her father hates President Obama with a passion and has said that he is Israel’s greatest enemy. Trump also is a fan of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Below are three videos. The first one includes parts of Trump’s speech today, the second one is from 2013, when Trump endorse Netanyahu for Prime Minister. and third is of Ivanka’s visit to Jerusalem in 2008.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

The War on Terror is Over: Now What?

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Originally published at the Gatestone Institute.

“We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us.” — President Barack Obama , National Defense University, 23 May 23, 2013

Just a few days before the Memorial Day holiday weekend in May 2013, the President of the United States declared unilateral surrender in what used to be called the Global War on Terror [GWOT] – that is, the war to defend the U.S. and the free world against the forces of Islamic jihad and Islamic Shariah Law. No, he did not actually wave a white flag from the podium, but he may as well have done: in calling for an end to the “Authorization to Use Military Force” (AUMF); declaring al-Qa’eda “on the road to defeat” (again—or maybe it is ‘still’), and expressing reservations about “keeping America on a perpetual wartime footing,” Barack Obama made it clear that he hasn’t the stomach for this fight. It is not that the war is actually over, of course, but rather that, as Andrew McCarthy put it, “he wants it to be over.”

In an odd sort of way, though, Obama’s abandonment of the field of battle to the enemy clears away a good deal of the “clutter” that has attended the so-called GWOT over the last dozen years since the 9/11 attacks. Obama even used language that may help the average American and those observers who see things rather differently from him to begin formulating a new, coherent, and comprehensive kind of national security strategy geared actually to defeating an Islamic supremacist adversary.

The president rightly noted that “[w]e need all elements of national power to win a battle of wills, a battle of ideas.” He even went so far as to reference Islamic “extremists,” and acknowledged that there remains a “pull towards extremism.” Of course, after once again accurately mentioning that a “common ideology” fuels the terrorism we face, he shied quickly away from explaining just what that “common ideology” might be and instead launched into a shopping list of surrender terms that he is betting will somehow sap the fighting spirit of Islamic jihad, perhaps, one assumes, by the sheer force of their reasonableness. Among these are the U.S. retreat from Afghanistan and fewer boots on the ground everywhere (they are claimed to be “self-defeating”); suspension of the “Authorization to Use of Military Force;” partnerships with jihadist state powers such as Pakistan; addressing “underlying grievances,” such as poverty and sectarian hatred (no details on how to get Sunnis and Shi’as to start liking each other, though); more foreign aid (perhaps to some of the oil rich jihad nurseries such as Qatar or Saudi Arabia?); greater respect for state sovereignty (Libya, Syria and Israel presumably excepted); and, of course, closing Guantanamo Bay [GITMO]. The one that’s sure to grab jihadi attention immediately, though, is the president’s determination to “be humbler.” Unfortunately for the president’s strategy, the ideology of this particularly savage enemy tends to treat “humility” as groveling — and as an invitation to double down on aggression.

Now, back to this “common ideology” that fuels Islamic terrorism: as Michael Adebolajo, one of the two Nigerian-British jihadis, declared just after hacking Drummer Lee Rigby to death in the middle of the street in Woolwich, London, “…we are forced by the Qur’an in Sura at-Tauba [Chapter 9 of the Koran], through many, many ayah [verses] throughout the Koran that [say] we must fight them as they fight us, a eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth.” That is, even though Adebolajo. reportedly a convert to Islam from Christianity, was entirely wrong to suggest that British forces (or American ones, for that matter) have in any way impeded the application of Islamic Sharia Law in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, or anywhere else (quite the contrary, in fact, as Andrew Bostom points out here), his reference to Qur’anic verses that obligate Muslims to jihad against non-believers is quite accurate. The 9th Sura, or “Sura of the Sword,” as the final word in the Qur’an about the Muslim obligation to fight and kill the infidel, is not only especially apt as the Islamic justification for this gruesome murder, but also theologically authoritative in that the Qur’anic doctrine of abrogation means this penultimate chapter of the Qur’an replaces any and all of the chronologically earlier verses that might have encouraged peaceful tolerance.

A continent away, in Tripoli, Lebanon, one of Adebolajo’s former mentors, the exiled Omar Bakri Muhammed, founder of the outlawed UK Islamic supremacist group, Al-Muhajiroun, echoed Adebolajo’s reference to Islam’s teaching about “fighting for Allah” and beheading its enemies. Bakri spoke admiringly of Adebolajo’s “courage” in attacking an (unarmed) British soldier in broad daylight and then waiting for the police to show up to arrest him. Referring dismissively to “moderate chocolate” Muslims who fail to act on their beliefs, Bakri quoted from the Muslim prophet Muhammad, saying “The prophet (Mohammad) said an infidel and his killer will not meet in Hell.”

Dzhokhar Tsernaev, the younger of the two Chechen-American Muslim brothers who killed and maimed hundreds of innocent people at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, likewise identified Islam as his inspiration. As he lay bleeding in Watertown, Massachusetts inside a boat where he had hidden, he scrawled in pen on the side panel of the boat, “F*** America” and “Praise Allah.” He also invoked the Islamic doctrine of “defensive jihad,” writing “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims.” Islamic doctrine holds that “defensive jihad” commands the involvement of all Muslims anywhere in the world who are able to enter the fight, even without the command of a Caliph, whenever any part of “Muslim lands” is attacked, invaded, or occupied by the infidel. In this case, the Tsernaev brothers, steeped in the jihadist traditions of their Chechen family and its ancestral homeland, and likely influenced as well by jihadist teachings in their Muslim Brotherhood-oriented Cambridge, Massachusetts mosque, appear to have been invoking just this doctrine, responding possibly to Slavic Christian domination of the Russian Caucasus, or to other places, such as Afghanistan or Iraq, where Islamic forces confront non-Muslims seen as invaders.

Chiheb Esseghaier, one of two Muslim suspects arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in May 2013, was accused of plotting to derail a NYC-Toronto passenger train over the Niagara River gorge in a terror operation directed by the al-Qa’eda Shura Council that has been operating out of Iran since 9/11. At his initial court appearance, the Tunisian-born Esseghaier was just as frank about his Islamic faith as Adebolajo and Tsernaev; he told the judge that he rejects Canadian law because it is “a book written by humans.” Despite his permanent residency status in Canada, he was openly declaring his allegiance to Islamic Shariah Law.

It cannot get much clearer than that. Each of these accused terrorists is a self-described jihadist in the service of Allah and Islam. Different plots on different continents by Muslims who never knew one another — yet, the message from each is the same message that Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have tried to convey: writing in 2002, bin Laden offered a long list of grievances, imagined and otherwise, to explain why Muslims fight America and the West; but most revealing perhaps was the passage where he invoked the Islamic obligation to fight jihad against what he called “aggression”:

It is commanded by our religion and intellect that the oppressed have a right to return the aggression. Do not await anything from us but Jihad, resistance and revenge.

Ayman al-Zawahiri was even blunter in his recorded audio message to Barack Obama, shortly after he won the November 2008 U.S. presidential election; Zawahri told the incoming administration:

[You are] “facing a Jihadi [holy war] awakening and renaissance which is shaking the pillars of the entire Islamic world; and this is the fact which you and your government and country refuse to recognise and pretend not to see.”

When President Obama described the jihad wars as “a battle of wills, a battle of ideas,” he was, of course, exactly right. It is just that neither he nor his predecessor, President George W. Bush — who, surrounded by the top leadership of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood at a Washington, D.C. Islamic Center on September 12, 2001, bewilderingly said “Islam is peace” — actually meant, or perhaps even understood, that the battle of wills and ideas in question is for nothing less than the survival of Western civilization.

America’s presidents are hardly alone in their refusal to recognize the “Jihadi awakening” that al-Qa’eda helped catalyze: UK Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking in response to the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby, was no less clueless:

“This was not just an attack on Britain, and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to this country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

This, of course, was after Cameron’s intelligence officials had briefed him on how the two knife-and-machete-wielding attackers had screamed “Allahu Akhbar” as they stabbed Rigby to death and then tried to hack off his head before telling horrified onlookers that they acted in the name of Allah. It was also some six years after Adebolajo had been photographed at a public demonstration standing behind Britain’s leading Muslim hate preacher, Anjem Choudary, who for all his rhetoric, consistently and accurately cites Islamic doctrine, law, and scriptures. And it was a year after British authorities had prevented Adebolajo from traveling to Somalia to fight jihad alongside the al-Qa’eda-linked Islamic terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

What is coming our way cannot be averted by duck-and-cover measures such as the British Defence Ministry order that British troops should not wear their uniforms off their bases. Nor will mumbling about how “confusing, horrific, bizarre” it all is or that “none of it made sense.” A stiff British upper lip and making an effort at “keeping calm” are not going to be of much use either, as Bruce Bawer points out here. The enemy’s motivations are based on both popular jihadi literature and mainstream Islamic jurisprudence. The truth we must face is that the jihadi renaissance (a theme ominously celebrated by Tariq Ramadan and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked leadership at the December 2012 MAS-ICNA Annual Convention) is not going to be subsiding anytime soon.

The massive human cost and disastrous strategic fallout from the entirely predictable power shift too many still call the “Arab Spring” were merely harbingers of the Islamic ascendancy now in probably unstoppable progress. U.S. and Western failure to take steps years earlier that would have at least helped to empower genuine proponents of liberal, democratic-style governance, instead of throwing our considerable but badly misguided support to al-Qa’eda and Muslim Brotherhood jihadis, drove a policy that is now unraveling before our eyes.

The United States is not at war with Islam—but Islam sure is at war with us. And that jihad, by the Dar al-Islam [Abode of Islam] against all of the Dar al-Harb [Abode of War] — the two worlds into which official Islam divides the world — is not going to stop unless we capitulate in unconditional surrender to the dictates of Shariah Law. As Barry Rubin notes, no amount of outreach is going to convince millions of jihadist Muslims that America is their friend. On the contrary, we are now in a period of rapid acceleration in the jihad wars, in large measure thanks to a feckless U.S. policy of aiding and abetting those who fight for Shariah in the name of Allah. Chaos is spreading rapidly across the Middle East and North Africa. The Muslim Brotherhood is rising to power in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and possibly soon, Jordan and elsewhere. “Popular will” in such places means the desire for loyalty to Shariah—not to individual liberty, pluralism, and tolerance. Al-Qa’eda is resurgent in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen; and jihadi offensives are underway on countless fronts (including AQAP, AQIM, East and West Africa, and the Internet), none of which was in play on September 11, 2001. The call for individual jihad (or fard ‘ayn) against soft civilian targets has gone out from top al-Qa’eda tacticians such as Abu Musab al-Suri, and the call is being answered. A seeming drumbeat of attacks, attack plots, and street riots pounds relentlessly from Boston, Burgas, London, Paris, Sweden, and Toronto and beyond to wherever the next target site will be.

America really is “at a crossroads.” In some ways, President Obama’s throwing in the towel and calling off the GWOT are going to allow events to speak for themselves, thereby forcing a public reassessment of our failed national security strategy about Islam and the jihad wars. When one jihad attack seems to follow the last before the first news cycle has even reached its end, the false narrative about Islam as a “religion of peace” and outreach to the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood as the antidote to the jihadist al-Qa’eda will seem so much policy debris to be tossed out in favor of a fact-based review of what Islamic jihad and Shariah are all about. When jihadis from one end of the world to the other consistently, predictably proclaim devotion to Islam, their motivation for the litany of atrocities and “martyrdom operations” past and to come, one hopes that the confused ramblings of a Marc Sageman, for instance, who writes about how impossible it is to understand what turns young Muslim males to terror, will be replaced by a more sober study of the doctrinal issues at the core of the Islamic onslaught.

In this, President Obama was absolutely right: “We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us.”

Clare M. Lopez

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