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Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate developer, casino owner, entertainment mogul, TV personality and father of a woman who converted to Judaism and says she observes Shabbat, tossed hit hat into the huge ring of Republican candidates for president Tuesday.

He probably holds the record for being the most frequent “almost candidate,” having hinted several times in the past he would run for president.


This time it is for real. He said in his announcement in a 45-minute speech in New York:

I am officially running for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again. Sadly the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before.

He boasted his net worth at $8.7 billion, twice the amount estimated by most sources, and said:

I’m really rich. I’m not doing that to brag. I’m doing that to say that’s the kind of thinking our country needs. We need that thinking. We have the opposite thinking. We have losers…. The greatest social program is a job.

Trump went on to state, without batting an eyelash:

I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” I’ve watched the politicians, I’ve dealt with them all my life. They will never make America great again. They don’t even have a chance.

Polls show that Trump has a chance to win the Republican nomination, but he still is a long shot. He loves Israel, but it is questionable if American Jews love him. He has made statements disparaging blacks and Hispanics, so he can forget about most of them for support.

What might really be interesting is if he does not win the Republican nomination but runs as an Independent. third-party candidate. That would make for the most interesting presidential election since former Alabama governor and segregationist George Wallace’s four pitches for the presidency, earning him the description of America’s “most influential loser.”

Trump, like Wallace, is a gadfly and shoots from the hip, something like an American version of Israel’s Avigdor Lieberman before he got too smart for his own good. Trump has sworn up and down that President Barack Obama did not fulfill a basic qualification for the presidency by being born in the United States. Trump’s constant jabs at Obama, along with those of other “birthers,” finally forced the president to produce a birth certificate. Of course, the hard-core birthers said it was a fake.

Trump’s name is plastered on a variety of industries, from real estate to wrestling, media, golf course, a chartering company, ice cream parlor, a line of men’s wear, vodka, books, steaks and a golf course.

Being a maverick gives him the image of sticking by his word. When he says he loves Israel, he puts his money where his mouth is. Trump has a huge real estate project in Netanya, and his daughter Ivanka, who converted to Judaism, looks favorably on Israel for real estate investment.

Her husband is from an Orthodox Jewish family, and she has taken her conversion seriously, adding “Yael” to her name and saying that “we’re pretty observant, more than some, less than others.”

If “the Donald” is elected president, the United States will have its first Jewish daughter in the White House.

Her father hates President Obama with a passion and has said that he is Israel’s greatest enemy. Trump also is a fan of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Below are three videos. The first one includes parts of Trump’s speech today, the second one is from 2013, when Trump endorse Netanyahu for Prime Minister. and third is of Ivanka’s visit to Jerusalem in 2008.



  1. All of a sudden the word ‘God” is being used by the Republican Presidential clown car candidates. Are they running for the Evangelical Christian leadership in the United States? Rand Paul used the word ‘God’ at the beginning of his meaningless speech. Wow. Praise be the Republican Presidential clown car candidates. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  2. We need a business man to bring our economy, jobs and industries back…we need someone who will close the borders…we need someone who will support our troops mostly, we need someone who doesn’t need the money and won’t be on the take from big business and who doesn’t trust big business…an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to grow and to win…These are what Trump has always stood for…I will go for Donald J.Trump

  3. The American people in the lower and middle incomes are concerned with not giving tax cuts to the rich while imposing unfair higher taxes on the middle class, the availability of jobs, fair housing, not cutting the government benefits, and having a President who knows how to reach out and relate to the concerns, feelings, issues, and the urgencies of all of the American people. A President who accepts everyone equally and not on the basic of race, religion, and national origin. Screw “Traditional” values. Republican Christian George W. Bush had ” Traditional” values for his inept 8 years at the White House? Ruining the economy with the two wars, imposing trickle down economics, which led to hundreds of thousands of jobs lost every month, and consequently the deficit was huge. The needs of all of the American people first, which means not having a Republican clown car President. .Donald Trump is not only never going to get the Republican nomination, BUT he will never become the next President.

  4. liars and women haters. we would lose roe v wade, lose all women’s services, all children’s services. this country would tank. thank god for obama for getting us back on our feet with that miserable pub congress. i hate them all with such a passion. they care about one thing…their $$$$$$$.

  5. ……well, it could be that it might be right..”to be the..etc etc etc…”
    l know, he knows a lot about ladies and business….but for sure, something better then the last 32yrs…what we had as a ”president…”….
    especialy the one now,..who care’s more for the islam/muslims, than the non muslims/islams in the u.s., …

  6. there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Trump is capable of doing the job of President….after all Americans elected George W Bush – twice…How hard can the job be if good old W could manage it…It is not the complexity of the job…it is the character and intergrity of the man or woman who is elected to the oval office…Trump is a serious candidate no matter how much other republicans may dislike him and all his money…(so funny to say that about republicans disliking a man because he is so wealthy!)…

  7. Why do the Democrats always talk about rich Republicans. It seems to me that there are many many wealthy Democrats. For example Bill and Hillary Clinton. Why is it so terrible about how Donald made his fortune? Did Bill and Hillary earn their billions by digging ditches???
    I truly believe that Trump would get our economy back to where it should be. Get us strong economically and not be in debt to China. Create jobs in this country.
    I haven’t decided yet, it’s way too early. I am an Independent. I am not loyal to any party. Both sides have their issues. However I’m a true believer that less is more.
    Less Government, more prosperity.
    I want the Old American Dream to come back for our young generation.
    The sky’s the limit.
    However money does not fall from our trees.
    You want success you need to work hard for it.
    Donald has gotten my attention. It all started with a project called Trump Village in Brooklyn. Beautiful affordable housing for the working class.
    He was never a slum lord. I admire him because he is a good businessman. I truly believe he can get our economy back and reduce our debt.
    Certainly we would be in much better shape then we are now.
    He’s looking for a General MacArthur or Patton to strengthen our military and lead us in the right direction.
    We need our military to be safe. Obama has no plan. He admitted that himself several times. He sends 450 young men and women out to battle and jeopardizes their lives.
    How can 450 of our youth fight hundreds of thousands of Islamic radical terrorists.
    Obama refuses to call them Islamic Radical Terrorists.
    If he can’t identify them how will we be successful in defeating them?
    I think Donald Trump could be a far better president than what we have right now.

  8. Why do people of Jewish ancestry support Obama when he continuously bashes, slanders and criticizes Israel? I’m reading the comments bashing Christians like they voted in Obama. The fact is, Liberal “Christians” voted in Obama, specifically Democrats. It is sad the the Judaeo/ Christian community cannot get behind a candidate

  9. Who then? Folksy Jeb? Well he is better than a Democrat, as far as I can gather. Don’t they, in the form of the people’s person Hilary, want to tax high earners to feed not just the needy low earners but the ‘hard luck story’ non-earners? This is a disincentive for hard workers to work hard which is bad for any country… Anyway, from a Jewish perspective if Trump is a friend of Israel, American Jews would be wise to vote for him.

  10. Calling yourself a “Christian” because you are in a church does not make you a Christian anymore than walking in a garages makes you a Cadillac…my definition of a Christian is obviously different than yours…I’m sure all Jews did not vote for Obama either…the issue is not religious, it is Liberal versus Conservative

  11. US is in so much “do do” that we MUST have SOMEBODY to do something drastic – and in a big HURRY. He is not owing to no one and has the guts to act…quickly. He might be the only person that CAN-WOULD save us from ISIS….

  12. The Donald may be able to save the US from the disease of neglect by career politicians and their minions of supporters from all companies, worldwide. The Donald knows the value of Israel and openly supports Israel. Trading with the US and Israel would be a match made in Gan Eden!

  13. Why is it crazy to like Trump yet sane to have voted in a community organizer with no gubernatorial or executive experience? Bloomberg ran a great NYC and I’d vote for Trump’s valet before I’d vote for any Democrat. At least he earned his money without a “Trump Foundation.”

  14. And for all of my Israel-loving friends – Trump loves Israel, his daughter converted to Judiasm and his son-in-law, who owns The New York Observer, is pro-Israel. We’re living with the anti-Semite in the White House now who, no matter how much he might disagree with Bibi, had NO RIGHT to insult him like he did. A decade of President Trump would be better than a day with Obama as president.

  15. I don’t think it’s liberal vs conservative. I am liberal, yet I know Obama is no friend of Israel. Israel is a liberal state. Yet I am labeled conservative by some.

    American Judaism excels at debate and liberalism. Human rights, gay rights etc. even the more right wing Jews believe in debate.

    The problem is that this ability to debate and self criticize makes it hard for us to realize that there is a time to not criticize Israel. And because the conservative candidates are so detestable we stick with Obama because he affects our every day life

    While I support israel and would live there if I could. I have to also vote for my country. But I don’t vote for Obama because he is far more conservative than he pretends to be.

  16. I hope you all understand he is and has always been nothing more than a self centered, narcissistic and “ugly” human being. Pandering to Jews and Israel is meaningless coming from this very disingenuous person to say the least.

  17. Love and hate don’t mix. Managing money does not make good leadership. Delegating and mediating is good to deal with other countries. How can you take him serious when he lowers himself to media bashing. Opinionated with Rosie O’Donnell and others. No respect for the president even though he’s our leader.

  18. Beverly, I don’t care about egos…if there is someone that has the guts to act swiftly to save America from certain destruction – from ISIS, etc…I’m with him/her 1000%…I believe that Trump is the only candidate that sees the urgency…

  19. Trump is a chump and hardly anyone in America can stand him. Any one of the other candidates who love Israel would be better to direct your attention to. Trump is an obnoxious, self-indulgent, mean and nasty runt. Just fact, FYI.

  20. He would be the first politician who would speak the truth. I hope he is elected but I'm sure the globalists will try to destroy him. He 's the last person they want in there though most of thinking America would vote for him. Obama and the globalists want to destroy America and he wants to do just the opposite. God Bless him.

  21. Hey Donald the publicity hunter, You are fired !(not before you exposed the mind shallowness of the "rich" by manipulation of the system..) P.S. the IRS are looking for more Republican Candidates who had sheltered their money and now using it to buy publicity….

  22. Trump's comments about Mexicans were racist and extremely ugly, as well as being untrue. I certainly respect Ivanka Trump, but she isn't the candidate. Perhaps some day she will be and at that point I might consider voting for HER–but definitely not for her father!

  23. Obama did not produce the hardcopy of his birth certificate as was requested.
    Instead, an Internet version of this document was finally released prior to his re-election but forensic examiners who have analysed it say it is a forgery. All letters contained therein should be that of a 1960s typewriter but it apparently includes font types from a current day computer. With a compliant press, critics seem to have been exhausted and given up on this issue, instead of standing fast and insisting on the release of the original hardcopy which is the only legal vital statistical record of a person's birth parents, birth location and birth date. Obama’s Presidency will probably go down as one of the greatest cons in American political history.

    All indications are that Obama was indeed born in Kenya thus making him constitutionally unfit to assume the role of President of the United States. Obviously most Americans at the time didn’t care and were fooled by this sweet talking Muslim and Marxist whose idea of raising employment levels is to expand the Federal Government bureaucracy.

    The next President (hopefully Republican) should do something to ensure that the original Obama birth certificate be produced. If found to be a phony, then Barack Hussein Obama should be incarcerated along with all those involved in this greatest of frauds perpetrated on a gullible American public.

    Cleaning out the Federal government will be a monumental task in its own right.

  24. We should have a business person not a politition, they all scare for the chair they use,Nancy P + Obama should use the Obamacare and show the public how wonderful it is,not to use tax money,use what you created to use for your family.

  25. I have been very happy to have a breath of fresh air with Mr. Trumps announcement..He says what he means and follows through..If we don't vote him in we will all down in ashes. He love America as well as Israel, that puts him on top on my list! He will stop Iran…

  26. I forgot to mention . I love the idea of him sealing the border. I came to US legally , not fair many border crossers come illegaly and would get inmigration benefits right away. They dont wanna learn the language they want free medicines , doctor appointments, food, they come and have 3, 4, 5 , 6 babies. Thats a little bit too much. We dont need that , this country needs good people, willing to give to this country and not to take from this country and send it overseas. Thats what this nation needs. Most hispanics like me (because i am hispanic) think US is an atm , they come and take money and take more money from this nation. No , thank God i dont think that way. If u r gonna do something do it legally. If not u stay where u need to stay. If u come to US dont try to fool uscis irs or any US institution, not worth the trouble. Finally someone is willing to stand for this nation. Thanks mr Trump

  27. angry folks ha ? on the "happiness meter" checked every year Moldova came out as the unhappiest place to live! maybe you got too much time on your hands so you find faults with everyone that does not look like you :"blond, chubby, and full!

  28. Yippy for Osorio! mr perfect! except that the lord like imperfect people that is why he made more of them! and pray tell who is the Donald going to hire to build this wall at 6-7 dollars per hour ? how many legals do you know who can be pefect and live on 6 dollars per hour ?

  29. True and well said, I don't understand why R the spineless Republican that they R now in power R not doing anything about it, The only person working with the courts about this issue, is Attorney Orly Taize from Ca. bless her heart, we all should appreciate her effort and fight with the liberal establishment.

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