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January 19, 2017 / 21 Tevet, 5777

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Reports: 72 Diplomats in Paris to Stop Short of Recognizing ‘Palestinian State’

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

The diplomats from an 72 nations who are at this moment participating in the Paris Middle East Peace Conference on Sunday are expected to call for a two-state solution, according to a draft declaration seen by the DPA news agency, but they will not proceed to recognize unilaterally a new, independent Palestinian state. The draft calls for “two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.”

Secretary of State John Kerry, who recently blamed mostly Israel for there not yet being a Palestinian state, also stopped short of recognizing such a state unilaterally. It is expected, then, that at least the European diplomats, including Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier, would resist the temptation to both punish pesky Israel and to let incoming President Donald Trump have a piece of their mind.

According to Ha’aretz, when senior French officials met in New York with Trump’s advisers, the latter “objected strenuously” to the very idea of the conference, five days before Trump’s inauguration.

Last week, Deputy State Dept. Spokesperson Mark C. Toner, said as much at his daily press conference, telling reporters: “We’re not expecting any major new announcements to necessarily come out of this meeting. I mean, you’d have to, obviously, talk to the French about their intentions, but our understanding is that this is an opportunity for various governments and foreign ministers to get around the table and to talk about the way forward. But I wouldn’t expect any specific initiatives to come out of it.”

As to the possibility that the Obama Administration would support a new UN Security Council condemnation of Israeli settlements, this time, possibly, with a toothier resolution, Toner said: “Well, our understanding is that the French don’t have any plans to follow-up their conference at the Security Council. Obviously, I’d refer you to them to more definitively address that question. But the President said about pursuing that goal through the Security Council that a resolution that outlines final status issues is not appropriate, and we would continue to reject any UN Security Council product that is biased or seeks to impose a solution.”

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault published an article in “Le Monde” Thursday, also saying France is not trying to impose a solution, only to stop an “infernal cycle of radicalization and violence” between Arabs and Jews.

Of course, as infernal cycles of radicalization and violence go, Ayrault would have found much more to contemplate in other sections of the Sykes-Picot Middle East map that was drawn between the Brits and the French and are yet to result in a single year without violent bloodshed.

Neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority is attending the Paris summit. In the tradition of the 1938 Munich agreement between the Germans and the British, the envisioned solution is being put together by anyone but those directly affected by it. Or, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of the conference last week, “This pushes peace backwards.” All the way to the Sudeten…

Spokesperson Toner was actually playing fair last Thursday, when he reiterated that “it still remains for the two parties involved – the Palestinians and the Israeli Government – to sit around a table and to talk through what a negotiated settlement looks like,” adding, “I think what our preference is that both sides create the kind of environment where they can go back to the negotiating table.”

David Israel

Kill the Two State Solution Dead

Friday, January 13th, 2017

{Originally posted to the author’s blog, Sultan Knish}
“Is the two-state solution dead?”

The two-state solution, a perverse euphemism for carving an Islamic terror state out of the land of Israel and the living flesh of her people, is in trouble. The solution, which has solved nothing except the shortage of graves in Israel and Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, is the object of grave concern by the professionally concerned from Foggy Bottom to Fifth Avenue.

Obama set up his betrayal of Israel at the UN to “save” the two-state solution from Trump. The media warns that David Friedman, Trump’s pick for ambassador, is so pro-Israel that he’ll kill the “solution.”

But you can’t kill something that was never alive.

The two-state solution is a zombie. It can’t be dead because it never lived. It was a rotting shambling corpse of a diplomatic process. If you stood downwind of the proceedings, it looked alive.

Up close there was only blood and death.

Like the Holy Roman Empire, the two-state solution didn’t solve anything and it wasn’t in the business of creating two states. Not unless you count a Hamas state in Gaza and a Fatah state in the West Bank.

What problem was the two-state solution solving?

It wasn’t the problem of terrorism. Turning over land, weapons and power to a bunch of terrorists made for more terrorism. It’s no coincidence that Islamic terrorism worldwide shot up around the same time.

The consequences of giving terrorists their own country to play with were as predictable as taking a power drill to the bottom of a boat or running a toaster in a bubble bath. The least likely outcome of handing guns to homicidal sociopaths was peace. The most likely was murder. And that was as intended.

The problem that the two-state solution was solving was the existence of Israel; the Jewish Problem.

Spray the two-state solution over an irritating country full of Jews who managed to survive multiple Muslim genocides. Apply and wait for as long as it takes until the Jewish Problem is solved again.

The two-state solution didn’t end the violence. It turned it up to eleven. It didn’t even create a Palestinian state. But it did a moderately decent job of solving the Jewish Problem by killing Jews.

It killed thousands of them. It filled cemeteries, ethnically cleansed towns and villages, and brought war to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the first time in a generation. It turned terror from an aberration into a routine. It made death into a way of life for the Muslim population controlled by the terrorists and the Jewish population targeted by them. It endangered the existence of Israel for the first time since 1973.

The two-state solution isn’t dead. It is death.

The “solution” has turned children into orphans and left parents weeping at the graves of their daughters. It has sown hilltops with dragon’s teeth of rockets and sent cities fleeing to bomb shelters. It has ushered in an endless age of wars against terrorists who can’t be utterly defeated because that would destroy the two-state solution.

And it can’t get any better. Only worse.

Death is the only thing that the two-state solution has ever accomplished. That’s the only thing that it was meant to accomplish. It’s all that it will ever accomplish.
The two-state solution is a zombie. Its existence has no purpose except death. As long as it goes on moving, it will go on destroying. But, like a zombie, the two-state solution is weak. It’s a slow and shambling thing. It’s absurdly easy to escape it. The only way it can catch you is if you let it.

In the nineties, the two-state solution looked like a living thing. There were negotiations and big plans. There were ceremonies and Nobel prizes being handed out like party favors. There were equally big bombings and mangled body parts smeared along sidewalks and storefronts. But it was easier to listen to another round of peace songs and pay no attention to the ghastly carnage.

But by the oughts, the Muslim settler population in ’67 Israel, for whose benefit the two-state solution had been crafted, made the same “democratic” decision that the Egyptians and other Arab Spring countries would later make. They chose the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic law that demands that non-Muslims must surrender and be ruled by Muslims as before. Or be massacred and subjugated.

And then the zombie solution began to rot from the head.

The two-state solution was kept alive by pretending that Hamas had never won. An illegal takeover by Fatah, the “good” Islamic terrorists who were willing to pretend to negotiate in exchange for enough foreign aid from the United States, led to two Islamic terror states, one in Gaza and one in the West Bank. These states occasionally tried to form a united government, but couldn’t even get along with each other. Never mind getting along with Israel.

The two-state solution had become a ghoulish joke.

Some two-state solutionists urged embracing Hamas. A crazed collection of leftist activist “Rabbis” even signed a petition calling for outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood terror state despite a charter which called for exterminating all the Jews. Kerry aided a Code Pink mission to Hamas.

Most two-state solutionists decided to pretend that nothing had gone wrong. The zombie solution was in the best of health. Pay no attention to the stench of decay and the way it keeps trying to eat you.

They wanted to strengthen the “good” Islamic terror state in the West Bank to discredit the “bad” Islamic terror state in Gaza. Anyone who opposed the “good” terror state was accused of trying to kill the “two-state solution” which had already killed more people than the average natural disaster.

But then the “good” terror state stopped even pretending to negotiate.

Since the terrorists wouldn’t negotiate, Obama and Kerry just propped up the corpse of the two-state solution on their shoulders, Weekend at Bernie’s style, and tried to pretend it was still alive by negotiating with Israel on behalf of the terrorists without telling either Israel or the terrorists.

But the “good” terrorists rejected the unsolicited deal that Obama and Kerry got for them.

Obama and Kerry solved that problem the way that the solutionists had been solving it for decades. They blamed Israel. The insane logic of the two-state solution demanded it.
An Islamic terror state is the “solution” offered by the two-state solution. If you blame the terrorists, you undermine the credibility of the solution. If you admit the terrorists don’t even want to negotiate, you kill the two-state solution. And then how will you justify destroying Israel?

The great two-state solution began incrementally with an autonomous territory of disarmed terrorists. This fantasy led to a two-state solution of heavily armed terrorists inside Israel. The next stage is a one-state solution in which Israel will be forced to take in every single Muslim claiming to be a refugee.

And you can’t get from one stage to the next without blaming Israel when the previous stage fails. As it was always intended to. Each planned failure advances a more extreme incarnation of the “solution”.

All the way up to the final solution.

Each failure has to be blamed on Israel to justify an even more extreme solution. Each attack on Israel, like Obama’s UN treachery, is justified as a defense of the two-state solution. As long as the lie that the two-state solution is a pro-Israel policy lives, it can be weaponized as a pro-Israel attack on Israel.

In its terminal stage, the solution zombie will kill Israel and then die. Unless we kill it first.

The two-state solution hasn’t solved anything. It is the problem. And now it’s time to solve the problem of the two-state solution. Like the rest of the Jihad, the two-state solution is not a potent threat. It is a lie that we have become too weak to resist.

Lies die when we see them for what they are.

Like the old Monty Python bit, the two-state solution is a dead parrot. The shopkeepers of the press who keep trying to sell us its stiff unmoving body insist that the peace process is just pining for the Norwegian fjords of the Oslo peace accords. Feed it some more of Israel and it’ll fly back to life.

It’s never worked before, but there’s always an Nth time.

Lies are zombies. They are mimicries of the truth that feed off what we wish to be true.

The two-state solution is a parasite that thrives by feeding off our hopes and fears, our optimism on the one hand and our inability to imagine an alternative on the other. When we see the lie for what it is, when we turn our hopes and fears to sustaining what we truly care about, then it will fall.

Real solutions, such as Caroline Glick’s Israeli Solution, already exist.

Daniel Greenfield

Michigan Becomes 16th State to Officially Outlaw BDS

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

The Michigan State Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder officially made the State of Michigan the 16th state in the U.S. to outlaw and condemn discrimination via the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel and Israelis. The bipartisan legislation (HB 5821 and 5822), sponsored by Representatives Al Pscholka, Robert Wittenberg, Mike Callton, Jeremy Moss and Andy Schor, prohibit the state from contracting with a business that boycotts a strategic partner of the United States.

Michigan is one of a growing number of states fighting back against national origin discrimination. The bills protect Michigan’s economy from efforts to restrict trade with Israel, efforts which are being promoted by the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. “These bills protect Michigan’s citizens from the devastating economic impact that would result from a boycott of Israel,” commented Peggy Shapiro, Midwest Director of StandWithUs. The organization has long been involved in educating key leaders about the issues relating to anti-boycott legislation praised the legislation. “This legislation is good for the future prosperity of the state, the nation and Israel.” Michigan enjoys tens of millions of dollars in annual economic trade with Israeli entities, in addition to business done with many other partners who have commercial interests in Israel. Such trade encompasses many of the state’s most important economic sectors, such as defense, technology research and development, and health sciences. Shapiro said legislators sent a strong message that the state will not tolerate attempts to weaken its ability to conduct trade with Israel or any other country.

“These bills ensure the State of Michigan will not support those that participate in campaigns fueled by intolerance and anti-Semitism – like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The state and governor have taken a clear stand against the bigotry and discrimination of BDS, which singles out only Israel,” she said.

The legislation exercises the state’s discretion with taxpayer funds and is an important part of reinforcing public policy and the basic ethical standards of government. It does not impact individual conduct or speech.

The goal of the BDS campaign is the elimination of the State of Israel. While some BDS proponents claim it is about “occupation,” BDS movement founder Omar Barghouti has said in the past, “Even if the occupation were to end, my call for BDS would not.”

The legislation is the result of many community organizations providing grassroots support. ​Shapiro ​praised the ​Michigan JCRC/ADL, The Israel Allies Foundation, and The Israel Project ​Association for “their vision, leadership and partnership that led to this crucial moment.”

StandWithUs (SWU) is a 15-year-old, international, non-profit Israel education organization that supports people around the world who want to educate their campuses and communities about Israel. Based in Los Angeles, the organization has chapters throughout the U.S. including the Midwest, in Israel, the UK Canada and Australia.

Hana Levi Julian

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ‘Outraged’ at Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement at around 5 pm Israel time Sunday, expressing his sadness and outrage over the vicious terror attack that left four young IDF soldiers dead and 15 others wounded in Jerusalem.

“I am deeply saddened and outraged at the terror attack earlier today in Jerusalem that claimed the lives of four and injured many more,” wrote Cuomo in a post on the Twitter social networking site. He added in what may have been a pointed reminder to the White House, “In times of crisis, friends stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. Our thoughts are with the people of Israel today and we pray for those lost and injured and their families.”

In June 2016, Gov. Cuomo was the first in the United States to sign an executive order directing the state to divest public funds supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. The state sanctions any firm that chooses to boycott the State of Israel.

Gov. signed the bill just before leaving to lead the annual Celebrate Israel Parade.

Two years earlier, Cuomo came to Israel on an official visit during which he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin, as well as with U.S. natives of New York who are currently living in the Jewish State.

Hana Levi Julian

Which Terror Attack Convinced You There Must be a Palestinian State?

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Video of the Day

John Kerry, US Secretary of State: Living in a Self-Imposed Bubble

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

The US State Department funds, to the tune of half a billion dollars a year, a Palestinian Authority/ UNRWA educational curriculum based upon the RIGHT OF RETURN, an ideology which indoctrinates half a million Arab school children who learn in UNRWA schools to conquer Palestine, all of Palestine, by force of arms.

Yet the US secretary of state had the audacity, on December 28, 2016, to pontificate for one hour and eleven minutes, during which advanced the notion the PLO and Arab League implicit recognize Israel, as if he does not know that the PLO never canceled its covenant and remains in a full state of war with Israel, albeit in stage…as if he does not know that the Arab League conditions for a peace with Israel involve conditions that no Israeli government can ever accept- relinquishment of control of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and the recognition of the principle of Arab right of return to Arab villages that existed before 1948.

The US secretary of State knows full well that neither the Saudis nor the Arab League are ready to cancel their full state of war with Israel, as declared in 1948.

Any journalist or diplomat can call the embassies of the Arab league and the Saudi Kingdom and ask if they maintain their war with Israel.

I often call both embassies and get a clear answer: Their war with Israel continues.

The Secretary of State does not know that?

Remember: Saudi Arabia is the only Arab state that attacked Israel in 1948 which never agreed to a cease fire.

And what about the PA/UNRWA war education system? I am not referring to ‘instances” of incitement. The question concerns the entire school curriculum imposed on Palestinian Arab school children by the PA and UNRWA, with the generous funding of the US and other Western nations. Does the US Secretary of State not know about the US funded PA/UNRWA curriculum which rejects the notion of a Jewish and Arab State living side by side?

In July 2015, I met with the highest policy official who advises the US Secretary of State, the man who oversees matters dealing with PA and UNRWA.

He looked me straight in the eye and said that the PA school books used by UNRWA advance peace and reconciliation.

Following that meeting, I asked Israeli and Arab experts to purchase, translate and evaluate all of the school books used in the PA and UNRWA schools.

Their work confirmed there had been no change whatsoever in the PA/UNRWA school books of war. We shared our findings with the US embassy in Tel Aviv in January, 2016.

Yet when these Israeli and Arab experts arrived to brief staff of the Middle East subcommittee in the US House of Representatives in March 2016, the US state department issued a statement which repeated the notion that the US evaluated the textbooks used to educate the next generation of Arab school children in US funded schools had been vetted by the US government that PA/UNRWA school books advance peace.

However, representatives of US AID, which administers funds for PA and UNRWA schools, met with us in August 2016 and made it clear that they never examine the school books used in these schools.

Indeed, we have letters from US AID on file from 2004 and 2009 which clearly state that the US builds their schools and that it is not in their mandate to examine their curriculum.
So there you have it.

It would seem that the US secretary of state functions in a self-imposed bubble, which ensures that the czar of US foreign policy has no idea what he is talking about when he assures the world that the PLO, working through the PA, aims to coexist with the state of Israel, side by side.

Important background material:



David Bedein

Kerry’s Biased Anti-Israel Speech Ignored Facts, Promoted Falsehoods

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech today essentially was a proposal for a Hamas-Fatah-Iranian-Palestinian-Arab terrorist state, which divides Jerusalem in two, forcibly evicts Jews from their homeland, and requires Israel’s retreat to indefensible borders. He speech was was filled with anti-Israel vitriol and falsehoods. Neither the U.S. nor Israel nor any of our allies would benefit from establishing another Iranian or Iraqi or Libyan or Syrian-style state in the Middle East – and that is exactly what Kerry’s proposal entails. Kerry’s proposal endangers Israel’s safety and security – and would reward the Palestinian Authority (“PA”)/PLO for promoting the murder of Jews, honoring murderers of Jews, and paying pensions to families of murderers of Jews.

Kerry also called for easing the Gaza weapons blockade, which he called “restrictions” on Gaza. This would enable Hamas to bring in more military equipment, further gravely endangering Israel’s citizens.

In the course of his speech, Kerry repeatedly ignored or twisted reality and/or blatantly lied.

Although Kerry threw Israel a few “bones” – such as speaking about the PA’s incitement of terrorism and naming of public squares after terrorists, Kerry engaged in the false “moral equivalence” of equating Jews living in their homes to the PA’s promotion of terrorism and murder. And Kerry’s attacks were mainly reserved for Israelis who dare to live in their own millennia-old homeland in Judea/Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.

Despite Israel’s willingness to negotiate and the Palestinian’s refusals, Kerry blamed the Israelis and the Palestinians “equally” for the lack of peace.

Kerry ignored that the PA/PLO rejected offers of statehood in 2000-01 and in 2008 and refused to negotiate with Israel for the past seven years, proving that the issue is Israel’s existence – and not a Palestinian state or Jews living in their old city in eastern Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria. Despite Israel’s willingness to negotiate and the Palestinian’s refusals, Kerry blamed the Israelis and the Palestinians “equally” for the lack of peace.

Kerry also ignored the diplomatic terrorism carried on by the Hamas-Abbas alliance, which also proves that the Palestinian Authority’s intention is murdering Jews and destroying Israel.

Kerry promoted “justice ” and compensation for Palestinian-Arab “refugees’ – of which there are only about 30,000 remaining. – but Kerry ignored the almost one million Jewish refugees who were forced out of their homes and businesses in Arab countries when the Arabs invaded the newly-reestablished State of Israel in 1948.

Kerry also blatantly lied that the Obama administration has supported Israel regarding Iron Dome and BDS (anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions), etc. In fact, the Obama administration repeatedly attempted to cut funding to Iron Dome. Congress restored the funding cut by Obama. The Obama administration invoked anti-Semitic labeling restrictions, and frequently issued statements (like UNSC Res. 2334) that promote BDS.

Kerry castigated Israel for its security checkpoints – ignoring the fact that the only reason that checkpoints exist is the existence of continual Arab terrorism against innocent Israelis. If there were no Arab terrorists, there would be no checkpoints. The U.S. has checkpoints in every airport. If there was no Islamist terrorism, there would no checkpoints in Israel or in airports around the world.

Kerry also promoted that each side should adopt his proposals “without waiting for the other side.” Thus, Kerry would have Israel endanger its citizens’ lives by removing checkpoints, without waiting for PA/PLO/Hamas knife and car ramming attacks on innocent Israelis to end.

While Kerry acknowledged that Hamas wants “one (Palestinian Arab) state, Kerry ignored the fact that the PA/PLO/Fatah has repeatedly proven that they also want one Palestinian Arab state that replaces all of Israel. PA/PLO/Fatah maps, stamps, official emblems and textbooks all show no Israel and a “Palestinian state” that encompasses the entire land of Israel. The PA/PLO Fatah repeatedly calls the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 the “first occupation,” and the lands that Israel regained while defending herself in the 1967 war, the “second occupation.” PA leader Abbas at the UN has condemned Israel’s occupation since 1948!

Much of Kerry’s argument against settlements (which he admitted are only located on a tiny portion of Judea/Samaria) was based on Kerry’s baldly-stated false premise that a Palestinian Arab state must be “contiguous” to be viable. Kerry ignored the fact there are many countries throughout the world that have non-contiguous enclaves and exclaves, which are perfectly viable (including Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malawi, India and Bangladesh, to name a few).

Kerry also ignored that a “contiguous” Palestinian-Arab state would cut Israel in two, resulting in a non-contiguous indefensible Israel.

Despite admitting that settlements are on only a small percentage of Judea/Samaria, and that 99% of the Palestinian Arabs live in the areas under the PA’s or Hamas’ authority, Kerry falsely depicted settlement growth, which is almost all within existing Jewish towns borders, as the problem.

Kerry also falsely acted like UNSC Resolution 2334 passed last week was not of any serious consequence, or any different from prior anti-Israel resolutions. Kerry ignored that Resolution 2334 declares that the Jewish quarter, Temple Mount, and Western wall are now “occupied Arab land” and that makes 700,000 Jews living in the Jewish homeland into pariahs (or even criminals) who are living there illegally. Prior resolutions calling for a “freeze” of “settlements” did not say that the “settlements” were on Arab land.

Resolution 2334 also called for dividing Jerusalem. And now, in his speech, Kerry publicly proclaimed that he too wants to divide Jerusalem in two.

Kerry also praised the Arab Peace Initiative (API). He ignored that the API requires Israel to make every concession first, and then the Arabs will decide whether to have normalized relations with Israel. The API also calls for millions of alleged descendants of supposed Arab refugees to move into Israel, in addition to having a Palestinian state.

In sum, Kerry’s speech tossed a few bones to Israel while again stabbing Israel in the back with a proposal that endangers the Jewish state.

Zionist Organization of America

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