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Tovia Singer

Tovia unleashes his anger at the international media for hesitation, refusing or dancing around exactly what this week’s attack in Tel Aviv was: TERRORISM!

Tovia Singer Show 09Jun – PODCAST


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  1. Because we are Jews. Look how BBC’s reporter turned to a Jew outside the Paris Kosher Supermarket and told the person on air it was all the Jews fault because of Israel. Therefore it is the British people’s fault that over 60 of them were killed due to an incident in the underground, and it was the French who were at fault causing them to be involved in a shooting incident where over a hundred died. And in California, it was the Americans who caused their own deaths when two Muslims were involved in a shooting incident. Jews and Israel can play the game as well. It is time to place photos of these foreign journalists working for the Palestinian side while saying they are only journalist, while residing in Israel. Let the public know exactly who is responsible for this deranged reporting.

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