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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in a public statement, referred to the threatened deal between Iran and the west, as a "bad deal," a "very, very bad deal."

Iran looks to be the big winner in the high stakes negotiation game that the world powers, led by U.S. President Barack Obama’s team, have played like amateurs.

The biggest news is that, whereas ten years ago Iran was not permitted to have even one centrifuge, the “deal” the P5+1 will be offering, according to senior Israeli and other officials, allows Iran about 6,500 centrifuges.


Those centrifuges have nothing to do with creating nuclear “power,” in the oil-rich Islamic Republic of Iran. Those centrifuges will be spinning the material to hurtle Iran towards nuclear weapons capability.

The details that are emerging support the position the Israelis have been warning against, increasingly loudly, for many months. Although the U.S. recently admitted it had kept Israel out of the loop about details of the deal, Israel has been kept abreast through other channels.

The “deal” has not yet been finalized, and talks will resume next Monday, after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met to hammer out details for several days in Geneva.

“We had serious talks with the P5+1 representatives and especially with the Americans in the past three days…. But still there is a long way to reach a final agreement,” Zarif told Iran’s Fars news.

The P5+1 refers to the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the U.S., the United Kingdom, Russia, China and France, plus Germany.

In addition to the huge number of centrifuges that Iran will be permitted under the deal, the end date of the agreement between the P5+1 and Iran is of great concern to Israel and others who recognized Iran’s apocalyptic capabilities. The agreement is expected to end in about ten years, after which there will be no restraints at all on Iran’s nuclear program.

AP reported the deal would initially freeze Iran’s nuclear program but gradually allow it to increase activities, as a “reward” for “compliance,” that could enable it to produce nuclear arms in the last years of the agreement. 

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon voiced Israel’s deep concern about the impending deal, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“The agreement with Iran as it is coming together now is a great danger to Western world peace and a threat to Israel’s security,” he said.

“Iran today is the leading factor for instability in the Middle East, and it sends terrorist proxies around the world with the goal of harming Western and Israeli interests,” he said. “Therefore, any agreement that will be signed between the West and this apocalyptic, messianic regime will severely harm Western and Israeli interests and enable Iran to become a threshold nuclear state and continue its terrorist activities.”
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be addressing a joint session of Congress next week. He will focus on the dangers of the deal with Iran. He openly admits his goal is to convince members of Congress to do all they can to insist any agreement be one that keeps Iran from achieving its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

The speech has become a major source of conflict between the U.S. administration and Israel, with false allegations that Netanyahu “blindsided” the administration by failing to inform it in advance of accepting the invitation.

With the details slowly emerging of a very bad deal between the world powers and Iran, and with polls showing the vast majority of Americans distrust the Iranians, it may be that Washington’s petulance will have at least one unintended consequence: a boost to Bibi.


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  1. No surprise. The west appears to disbelieve what grievous acts are known to be happening. Deny, then it is not happening. In less then 12 months the worlds peace has become trampled by the tornado of extremist evil and aggression based on power and greed..

  2. We knew the deal was going to stink. Do you really believe that Iran, will stop and, with “good behavior”, will be allowed to continue. What nonsense kind of deal is this. All the supposed mighty men in the white house and the world, are nothing but puppets. The only one that makes sense is the Prime Minister. Evil is at our door steps and they allow them to continue on. GOD help us all.

  3. How can my so called pres. make a deal with Iran who is and has supplied deadly arms to Isis and other deadly hate mongers, that have killed a huge amount of humans. To all the leaders of the word say no to this insane idea. we are only kidding ourselves.

  4. He is a true patriot, this Benjamin Netanyahu guy unequivocally and unabashedly so. His pedestal in the Israeli pantheon of great leaders will stand equally tall with his predecessors the likes of David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir.

  5. One day, I dream of Frank Marshal Davis Jr { aka Obama } being brought to justice like Eichmann and held accountable for genocides and blood on his hands in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and all over; This bastard is evil beyond Hitler, Stalin Ghenguiz Khan and Haman; Nuclear race in the Middle East now guaranteed and Arnmageddon to bring the Mahdi a certainty; G-d Damn Obama, and his Jewish agents

  6. It is time for Bibi to step up and use everything He has to stop this, regardless of what the dumb and stupid international community thinks, says or does. Bibi, you have waited long enough; time for action.

  7. I am not sure BHO wants peace at all. He wants the USA and the West weakened, and the arm of Islam and the 3rd world strenghtened. Watch youtube Glen Beck and Dinesh da Souza. Da Souza (not Jewish) sees clearly that BHO along with his muslim friends wants Israel sweettalked into the sea

  8. BHO is more like the snake in the Garden of Eden. What he says is not what he means. But we see him more clearly now than we did before. When he was first campaigning for office I too thought he was wonderful! How deceived I was! How he was voted in a 2nd time I don't know! There is no doubt USA has a politically committed muslim in the White House, with an agenda. WHO PUT HIM INTO OFFICE, REALLY and white-washed his history. Glen Beck and da Souza talk about that on youtube too. Who is behind BHO?

  9. What happened to OBAMA-CARE? Since Obama will soon be out of the White House and the next president will have to work with the guidlines that are now being negotiated, than why does this deal not has to be presented to the congress for review and approval prior to the final signature? Does Obama really care or does he has Iran's interests and not Israel and the world?

  10. This is comparing a Genius BiBi, with a Pothead, Obama and expecting the results to be favorable? Of course Iran is taking advantage of Obama his entire term has been one of compromise not to be favorable but from weakness and an inability to articulate complexities. Everything else was based on falsehoods the press refuses to challenge.

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