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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen giving a press statement regarding a nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, April 03, 2015.

They can’t even coordinate their public descriptions of what the deal entails, that’s how bad it is.

The sort of, kind of nuclear agreement between the P5+1 and Iran makes concrete the previous understanding that U.S. President Barack Obama has been dead wrong about almost every major terrorist threat he has encountered: Al Qaeda is not, as he intoned, “decimated”; ISIS is not a “junior varsity” terrorist network; and Iran is not a partner with whom the west can successfully negotiate.


It looks like the U.S. is the captain of the junior varsity team. And Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will not sugarcoat his assessment.

This “agreement” which is not a deal, is not even the framework of a deal, is, ultimately, an attempt by the Obama administration to rack up at least one foreign policy “achievement” during its tenure.

But that “achievement” confuses an end date to a series of discussions with the attainment of even the modest goals this administration claimed it would reach.

What follows are key details which have been released about the “agreement” reached between the U.S.-dominated allies known as the P5+1 (the junior varsity) and Iran, regarding the latter nation’s nuclear program.

A quick perusal makes clear the U.S. administration’s insistence that  diplomacy would safely ensure Iran would not become a threshold nuclear power was exactly what its critics claimed: a hollow gesture which rewarded Iran with its goal of more time to continue in pursuit of achieving that status. What’s more, the deal which the parties are currently hurtling towards will not only permit but will actually legitimize Iran in its achievement of that status.


Iran currently has 9,000 operational centrifuges (that is the generally accepted number). The U.S. claims that, under the terms of the new deal, about 3,000 fewer Iranian centrifuges will be operational during the next 10 years, while 5,060 centrifuges will continue enriching uranium during that period.

The U.S. also claims that Iran will not use “advanced” centrifuge models for 10 years, and any development will be in accordance with P5+1 oversight. The Iranians say nuts to that, and will continue doing research and development on advanced centrifuges during the duration of the 10 year period.

Fordow, the uranium enrichment plant built in an underground bunker, will be used for “peaceful purposes.” The U.S. claims that Iran will move two-thirds of its centrifuges out of this facility and will not enrich uranium there for at least 15 years.

In other words, even according to the U.S. version of the facts, and even were one to believe that Iran will strictly adhere to its obligations under this “pre-deal,” Iran gets to continue enriching uranium, thousands of centrifuges will continue spinning, and the underground bunker will have operational centrifuges during the term of the deal.


The U.S. claims that Iran’s acurrently enriched uranium will be reduced. That is already a three-step default by the allies. Initially, all enriched uranium was to be destroyed. As the result of negotiations the Iranians had allegedly agreed to instead move its already enriched uranium to Russia, where it was to be converted for non-military use.

Instead, the U.S. is reduced to bragging about a mere “reduction” in Iran’s already enriched uranium. And we don’t know what is meant by “reduction” or “neutralization” – another term used in the U.S. fact sheet.

According to a former CIA analyst, “If Iran’s enriched-uranium stockpile remains in the country,” and if it is only converted to powder form, which the Obama administration had previously – erroneously – claimed meant it would be neutralized, “Iran will retain the capability to make about eight or more nuclear weapons in about three months.”  Maybe little league rather than junior varsity players more accurately describes Secretary of State John Kerry and his negotiating team.


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  1. The only way to peace is for arabs who do not whish to be Israelis and live peacfully in Israel to leave to other existing arab countries. There is no room for 2 states in Israel. Helping such arabs to move will cost less than what’s spent on wars.

  2. Netanyahu and bigoted Israelis don’t like the peace deal because it makes Obama look good and Bibi is friends with the Saudi Sunnis (who, like ISIS and Hamas, happen to be terrorists) and Iran is Shiite! Netanyahu and his right-wing war-mongering followers are saying that Iran doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, therefore, the peace agreement is no good. Do the Sunnis recognize Israel’s right to exist?

  3. Sad to say our Government has become so weak and too compromising. We are turning into a Socialist teetering on Communist country. By the time Obama is out of office. We will have much fewer rights and freedom. We trusted those elected in Nov 2014. To stop this kind of aggression by him. They have once again let us down. We longer can trust either party. What a Mess !!!

  4. Couldn’t have said it better. The time in history when things around the world is the worse that its ever been and we have junior varsity running the White House and making irresponsible deals with the most treacherous people on earth. Because of American blindness we handed America over to the devil.

  5. 1. Turkey (1949) 2. Egypt (1979) 3. Albania (1991) 4. Azerbaijan (1992) 5. Kazakhstan (1992) 6. Kyrgyzistan (1992) 7. Uzbekistan (1992) 8. Tajikistan (1992) 9. Turkmenistan (1992) 10. Jordan (1994) all recognize Israel. Giving nukes to a country that wants to exterminate you has to do with SURVIVAL and the enemy of their enemy is their friend. France not exactly historically pro Israel also thinks the deal sucks.

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