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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu speaks at Jerusalem Day ceremony, Ammunition Hill.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed Sunday at a Jerusalem Day ceremony that the Israeli capital will remain undivided “forever.”

Speaking at the government’s official Jerusalem Day ceremony held at Ammunitition Hill, Netanyahu said, “We need to tell the truth without fear. This is where we began our path as a nation.


“This is our home – and this is where we will stay.”

The priority, said Netanyahu, is to ensure that Jerusalem forever remains open to all who wish to worship within her walls.

When Jordan occupied the eastern portion of the Israeli capital, that was not the case – despite an original United Nations mandate directing that Jerusalem always remain an open, international capital of the world. Instead, barbed wire blocked off Jewish access to Judaism’s holiest sites, and to a great extent even Christian access to sites holy to that faith as well.

Filth and garbage was strewn all around and over the Western Wall, nearly burying the holy site.

“Only under Israeli rule will there be freedom of worship for all religions in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said. “Believers pray at their holy sites not in spite of our rule in the city, but precisely because of it,” he noted.

“We will forever preserve an undivided Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty,” Netanyahu vowed.

“Who opposes our presence in Jerusalem? Those who refuse to recognize our right to exist as a sovereign nation in our own state,” the prime minister said. “They see us as a foreign entity that needs to be uprooted.”

He added that just as the radical Islamists are terrorizing the rest of the region, so too are they aiming at Jerusalem – and after the heartbeat of the Holy Land, next will be the West.

“Sunni extremists like Da’esh (ISIS), and Shi’ite extremists like the leadership of the ayatollahs in Iran,” he pointed out. [They] “fight each other, but [then] they have a common enemy: the West and the open, free culture it represents.”

Netanyahu also warned against the nuclear technology deal being negotiated between Iran and the world powers led by the United States.

“We are opposed to that deal and we are not the only ones,” he said. “There needs to be a better deal.”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Israel Liberated Judea and Samaria – Just like U.S. and its allies liberated Kuwait

    Iraq conquered and occupied Kuwait a sovereign Nation and was liberated by the U.S. and its allies.
    Israel without outside help liberated Judea and Samaria after it was attacked by Jordan and removed Jordanian occupation, just like the allies liberated Kuwait. It also has a war with Egypt and Syria at the same time – June 5-10, 1967.
    Historically Gaza was a Jewish City and the Golan Heights was always Jewish territory.
    YJ Draiman

  2. Take Jerusalem it belongs to Israel, all true Christians will rejoice. You might also take back Judea and Samaria. It's not "West Bank" that is a mis-name given to the area to hide the truth of who that piece of land actually belongs to. Take what is rightly yours, the world will condemn Israel and continue to do so until you no longer exist no matter how you try to appease them, they are never satisfied. Stand firm on the promises of God. He is the ultimate authority. Do not divide Israel, rather take it back, yes there will be trouble but so what, you have trouble anyway.

  3. The majority of Israelis, certainly the only one who counts in Israel's political system, the Prime Minister, unfortunately never learned to think without a ghetto mentality. Too bad Israel is incapable of electing a Jewish statesman who would repatriate back to Jordan & Egypt the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims non-Israelis west of the Jordan River.

  4. Wonderful words about an undivided Jerusalem, but that’s about it, just words.

    But what about the main issue of the Temple Mount, the most prized piece of real estate in Jewish heritage?

    A site where both Jewish Temples once stood.
    A site that was allowed to be retained by the Muslim Waqf in an act of magnanimous stupidity by Moshe Dayan after the 1967 war.
    A site where today, the Israeli Police act on behalf of the Waqf in ensuring that Jews be forbidden from entering, lest they be seen to be moving their lips in prayer.
    A site where foreign dignitaries to the Jewish nation should be escorted to instead of Yad Vashem, a memorial to our various graveyards.
    A site that is today desecrated by Muslim youth playing soccer and Muslim families having picnics.

    The regularly used claim that Jerusalem is the united and indivisible capital of Israel rings hollow when this united capital excludes the Temple Mount and is being surrounded by a ring of steel in the form of illegal so called “Palestinian” housing going up under Israel’s very nose.

    It is time for Israel to act like a sovereign power and act unilaterally in addressing all issues including at a minimum, the reclaiming of the Jewish heritage that is the Temple Mount.

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