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Aftermath of Russian strike on Syrian rebels and ISIS forces.

Moscow is becoming the de facto capital of Syria, if not Iran.

Russian cruise missiles bombarded positions of rebels fighting the Assad regime, which is totally dependent on Russia and is virtually owned by it.


Iran also might find itself under the thumb of Russia. USA Today reported Thursday that Tehran pressed President Vladimir Putin to become directly involved in the Syrian civil war, which has left the country disintegrated.

Basher al-Assad has held on to power only through the generous supply of weapons from Russia. Now he has the Russian Air Force pummeling rebel positions.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Tehran-backed Hezbollah terrorist army has been fighting alongside Assad’s soldiers but have suffered a huge number of casualties.

The Associated Press reported that the commander of Iran’s special elite forces travelled to Russia in August to convince Putin to join the fray, and the counties now operate an intelligence center in Baghdad.

Russia is the only major power that has had the guts to move into Syria. President Barack Obama backed off his threat earlier this year to intervene after there was proof that Assad was using chemical weapons.

Russia intervened and worked out a sleight-of-hand act by which Assad handed over his chemical and biological stockpile to international inspectors. The Obama administration easily swallowed the tale that Assad handed over all of the weapons, many of which were in Syria courtesy of none other than Russia.

Iraq has been disappointed with the American-led strike force’s inability to pulverize the Islamic State (ISIS), and Russia has used ISIS as the perfect excuse to move into Syria, set up an air force base and stake its presence as the power broker in the region.

Whether or not President Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry really believed Putin’s promise that Russian forces are in Syria only in order to wage war on ISIS, their illusion that their words speaker louder than action has left them too paralyzed to do anything about it. It was clear from day one that Moscow’s real objective is to save Assad.

Four Russian warships launched 26 missiles against rebel forces as wells ISIS on Wednesday in addition to aerial attacks that have allowed Assad’s foot soldiers to try to take over more territory.

NATO Secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia’s military actions are “troubling escalation” and added:

My concern is that the Russians are not mainly targeting ISIS but they are targeting other opposition groups and they are supporting the (Assad) regime.

It’s a bit late for his concern.

Syrian rebels are firing anti-tank missiles at Assad’s soldiers who have Russian aerial support.

Syrian activist Raed Fares was quoted by AP as saying:

Russia is targeting civilians and the Free Syrian Army brigades that are supported by America. They are not targeting the Islamic State as they claimed. Russia is here to keep Assad in power, so they will strike what Assad strikes.

The rebels, and even ISIS, don’t have much of a chance against the superior Russian firepower.

Regardless of its ulterior motives, Russia is the only country in the world that has taken the initiative to directly confront ISIS.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter thinks that Russia is on the wrong track, despite the failure of 7,000 strikes by the U.S.-led force to seriously damage ISIS.

He said in Rome:

We believe Russia has the wrong strategy. They continue to hit targets that are not ISIL. This is a fundamental mistake.

If he is wrong and Russia succeeds, it will decide the future of Syria, if not Iran.



  1. NATO backs up Erdogan whose Turks have crossed into Northern Iraq since
    Saddam Hussein’s reign to kill Kurds, Peshmerga, Iraqi Christians and Jews,,anyone who opposes Islam. Now Erdogan is giving refuge to ISIS who is fleeing Putin’s forces,,and wants Obama to defend Turkey from Russian forces who have sent their best fighters in to individually hunt down the ISIS leaders wherever they run to. All the while, Erdogan is slaughtering Kurd, Peshmerga and Yezedi refugees on the Turkish border. I say take out Erdogan!

  2. dont you love how these big bad global units are totally useless and do absolutely nothing just make dumb comments ah yes where very concerned imagine you call your local fire department because your house is on fire and they say ah yes where very concerned mel brooks needs to make a movie about this lol.

  3. The largest pro-Kurdish group fighting in Syria has said it is ready to co-operate with Moscow, after Russian jets began launching airstrikes in the country.

    After Russia began a series of 20 strikes in the north of the country on Wednesday night, the leader of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) called the move “an important step”.

    Sipan Hemo, general commander of the YPG, told Russian news agency Sputnik that his fighters want to co-operate with Russia against the forces of Islamic State (IS).

    “We can work together with Russia against IS,” Hemo is quoted as saying.

    “We want air support against IS. We want weapons support.”

    do not know anything about this media group, thou i do understand the U.S has turned its back on the Kurds in more than a few instances.

  4. Isaiah 17:1The oracle concerning Damascus. "Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city And will become a fallen ruin. 2"The cities of Aroer are forsaken; They will be for flocks to lie down in, And there will be no one to frighten them

  5. Russia needs to concentrate on ISIS first, and saving their patsy Assad secondarily. The fall of Assad is less a threat to the Russian interior, than is ISIS. ISIS threatens to ignite both Russia and China.

    So forget about Assad, for now; sever the throat of ISIS.

  6. This is my writing: By Jennifer Davidson/ Jennifer Marie Holt
    Russia seems to be ignoring others law, and the way things are done in order to achieve their goal. What overall goal they are trying to achieve is still a question of concern. Secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg seems to also have the same concern as I do writes Gedalyahu (October 8, 2015). The concern is that Russia is not mainly targeting ISIS which they agreed to do, but in truth they are targeting other groups that are against Mr. Assad, and in fact are truly supporting him.

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