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Eugene Kontorovich, a professor at Northwestern University School of Law and an expert on constitutional and international law, tweeted Thursday night, following the indictment of the director of the World Vision charity in Gaza for diverting to terrorist ends the millions in charity contributions from evangelical Christians intended to support Gaza’s indigent population, noted Thursday night that WV was not an innocent bystander in this story of deception and terror. He pointed to a World Vision official publication titled, “Advancing a Just Peace in the Holy Land,” which states clearly:

“WV is committed to supporting initiatives, whether exclusively Palestinian, Israeli, or joint, operating from a framework of ‘coresistance.’ We welcome Israeli actions that resist the occupation and work towards restoring rights for Palestinians living in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.”


Clearly, despite their hectic claims to the contrary, WV saw its mission in Gaza, Judea and Samaria as going much farther than feeding the children of the Holy Land, as its Australian CEO claimed Thursday.

Kontorovich then asked, speaking of innocent bystanders, “Can Israeli ‘human rights’ organizations that are World Vision’s ‘partners’ in ‘co-resistance’ please comment on that partnership?”

The same WV publication lists the charity’s numerous local partners in supposedly improving the lives of the suffering civilian population in Gaza. In a separate section headlined “OUR PARTNERS,” the charity lists “a number of local Israeli and Palestinian partners” with whom it collaborates, “along with international partners,” on “advocacy campaigns that focus on issues affecting the wellbeing of children in the Holy Land.”

We’ve already learned from the state prosecutor on Thursday that the work carried out by World Vision’s director and staff had nothing to do with the wellbeing of those children, but supported instead the murder of Jewish children and other Jewish civilians on the other side of Israel’s border. Now it’s time to examine who was in cahoots on the ground with the Hamas-run organization, and they should conceivably provide a record of their activities with Mohammed El Halabi, the Hamas-member director of the charity in Gaza.

Would a Knesset committee assemble the following NGOs’ representative for a hearing on their ties with El Halabi? According to World Vision, these NGOs are:

B’Tselem, Breaking the Silence, Hamoked, ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions), Rabbis for Human Rights, as well as local advocacy partners in “Palestine,” such as the Defense for Children International-Palestine Section, Ma’an Development Center, and Grassroots Jerusalem.

Israeli legislators and policymakers should find out the extent of the cooperation between these organizations and the man who was central to the advocacy campaign against Israel in the past decade, and who was also an agent for a major terror organization condemned by the civilized world.



  1. Final Border Status: Part 5 of 6.
    Quote:The Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    One is fully entitled to approach the gentile and say to him in straightforward terms [quoting Ethics of the Fathers 5.10]: ‘Possessions belonging to me are mine; possessions belonging to you, are yours’. You have the entire world; we have a tiny portion of land which cannot accommodate the nations [Talmud Tractate Gittin 57.1]. The Torah commentator Rashi elaborates in his commentary on the Torah portion [B’chukosai 26.32]: ‘That which the verse forewarns ‘The Land of Israel will lie desolate’ [which appears to be a part of the Curses] is actually a blessing. When the Land is made Judenrein, then gentiles also are unable to take possession of that land!’ [Translator’s note: This ancient prediction mentioned in the Torah, has taken place before our very eyes in Gush Katif which remains utterly desolate of Arab inhabitants and production].

    They are only able to move around there temporarily, but can never reside there permanently. This is the very nature of the earth of the Land of Israel. Since all of this [from the Bible] has already been translated into all languages, the nations of the world are well acquainted with this fact.
    for full talk go to

  2. As stated before, I never trust any organization that has the word "world" in its title. World order, world nation, world peace, world health, one world, world community…. we are divided into different countries and different people because it is human nature to collect among those who have the same values and wish to live in the same manner as we do. No one person, and no one country and no one organization can save the world. We can only do our own small part as best be can.

  3. Its true there are many misguided Christians who feel they ought to support the Ps (cause they are suffering)against the Jews.Am pained by it,as they are dogmatic about it.They don't seem to understand they want our blood whether we do good or evil,it hardly matters.

  4. Why does Israel allow these "NGO"-s and other organizations to stir up in Israel? Everybody knows that all these international organizations are used for political purposes.
    For example even the Red Cross was used during the 1917 Russian commie revolt.
    If you don't want in your country you ban all of them. For some reason the Israeli leadership loves these crooks.

  5. I am not surprised at this news of WV. For years the leaders in Hebron put out newsletters which were very unfriendly to Israel. I lived and worked in Jerusalem at the time, as far back as 1985 and I sensed that World Vision while purporting to be Christian, was very anti-Israel and yet stated it was not. I have warned many people to avoid supporting that Charity, now I have validation of my fears. Totally reprehensible. May God bless Israel and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  6. Why refer to pagan writings here, especially from the Greek testament, the book that's caused more death and pain and antisemitism to Jews than any other during the past couple thousand years? Wasn't Thessalonians allegedly written by Paul? He was a Jew-hating nutcase who spent his life refuting G-d's Torah.

  7. to the author David Israel;
    Do you really believe the Israeli Establishment was simply unaware of the sinister collusion going on between these anti Israel groups and World Vision's objectives?
    Shurat HaDin busted them 4 years ago – if Shurat HaDin knew all about them, so did Netanyahu.

  8. Reuven Wopschall – they are themselves anti semites. They just deny it but the obvious promotion of New Testament preachings on a Jewish website just shows how they hate and disrespect the one true G-d, His Jewish people and Judaism.

  9. Pam Gelfstein Agreed. It's not possible for a Christian to truly believe NT teachings without being anti-Jewish. Unfortunately, many Xtians are so ignorant of their own book, they're blind to the hatred of Jews in which their religion is rooted. Even more unfortunately, many other Xtians are fully aware of those teachings, and cling to their beliefs, anyway. All we can do is continue to pray for, and look forward to, the final redemption, and the end of false religions — may that day come quickly, in our lifetimes. Today woud be okay with me.

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