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Israeli attorney Tamir Turgal in a Berlin bar.

Israeli attorney Tamir Turgal was the guest of honor of the new Team Freiheit (Team Liberty) party in a pub in Berlin (lots of German political movements have started in pubs, you’ll recall), where he and his comrades exchanged views about the “vaccines conspiracy” which world governments are forcing on their people.

The reason the new party was established was that under German law they could not meet to disseminate information that could sabotage the health authorities’ efforts to vaccinate the population, but as soon as they registered as a party, they became protected by free speech laws.

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The new party’s website declares (courtesy of Google Translate and my one semester of college German): “We, attorney Viviane Fischer, attorney Dr. Reiner Füllmich, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer, and Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab, have just founded the TEAM FREIHEIT party in Berlin.”

They note: “According to Article 21 of the Basic Law, political parties participate in the formation of the people’s political will. With their respective party programs, they are the mouthpiece of people with similar ideas. Even in Corona times, parties can be founded, party work, and party meetings can take place. The only important thing is: always pay attention to the corona guidelines!”

And so, with the legalities having been taken care of, the new party founders sat down with their beer mugs (we presume) to hear attorney Turgal’s message, as part of a five-hour evidence collection on the corona crisis and the measures taken up by governments to fight it.

Kan 11 news reported on the event Saturday night, we embedded below the English-language portion of the report, the first speaker, on the left, is Turgal:

Attorney Turgal petitioned the High Court of Justice regarding the obligation of wearing facemasks in public places in Israel. And while his talk in Berlin focused on civil rights, his high court petition focused on cases where individuals had a hard time breathing with the facemasks, suggesting alternatives (such as head-to-waist plastic bags) as seen in the image below:

The high court rejected the appeal for an insufficient cause to interfere with the working of the professionals at the Health Ministry and also pointed to the fact that the Corona Law actually provides remedies for individuals who have difficulties complying with the facemask rule.


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