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Eric Adams with a voter on 13th Ave. in Borough Park, Sept. 29, 2020.

The blog Mondoweiss (“Coverage on Palestine you won’t find elsewhere”), the radical left-wing blog co-edited by vehemently anti-Zionist journalists Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz, is awash in grief over the projected mayoral primaries win of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. It turns out that back in 2016, the former NYPD captain traveled to Israel with a delegation of past and present NYPD officials, and they stopped at an IDF base on the Golan Heights and received a counterterrorism briefing from the Israeli National Security Council (BP Adams Leads Brooklyn Delegation on Mission to Israel, With Focus on Public Safety and Economic Development Partnership).

“The State of Israel will find no better friend than the borough of Brooklyn, and strengthening our partnership is vital to advancing that friendship in the name of mutual benefit for our communities,” Adams declared at the time. “As Brooklynites, we are not only proud to be home to the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, we are reflective of their religious, ethnic, and ideological diversity and a model for greater cultural harmony. Our interests in public safety and economic development are best enhanced when we work hand-in-hand with our allies, and I am excited about the work we will accomplish on this trip with our Israeli counterparts on these important issues.”


Man, did Michael Arria, writing for Mondoweiss hate that, noting that “there are a number of Palestinians living in Brooklyn” – about which Israelis couldn’t be happier, all of us wish them much success, from Brooklyn to Toronto, from London to Vienna, go for it.

Arria also mentioned, probably without paying much attention to the sound of anti-Semitism that reeked from the statement, that a squatter in Sheikh Jarrah who is about to vacate his Jewish-owned home under a court order, said he was being replaced by “squatters with Brooklyn accents.”

Yes, Mondoweiss, we know it hurts, but over in Jerusalem’s properly renamed Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood, as in many other parts of the 1967 liberated territories, we’re all “squatters with Brooklyn accents.”

But there are so many other reasons for the left to hate Eric Adams. For instance, did you know that during Operation Guardian of the Walls, this pro-Israel mayoral candidate tweeted: “Today on Yom Yerushalayim, Israel came under attack from Hamas-fired rockets in Gaza. Israelis live under the constant threat of terrorism and war and New York City’s bond with Israel remains unbreakable. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel at this time of crisis.”

It’s like he totally ignores the 30% of New Yorkers who are true BLM believers, even while their stores are looted and burned down and menacing bullies are intimidating them by their restaurant tables.

And Arria can’t forgive the next mayor of New York for the Mishpacha interview (For Eric Adams, Steady Wins the Race).

The Haredi magazine asked the candidate back in May: If elected, do you plan on doing the job New York City mayors have traditionally done, to be an advocate for Israel?

Adams answered: “I’ve visited Israel twice, I am going back again, and I am going to try to find a plot of land so it can be my retirement place. I love the people of Israel, the food, the culture, the dance, everything about Israel.”

Mishpacha asked: Where in Israel do you plan on retiring?

And Adams answered, laughing, “In the Golan Heights.”

OMG, is he even a Democrat? Doesn’t he know the Golan Heights are treif ever since President Donald Trump recognized it as part of Israel? How does Adams expect to win in NYC with these Israel-loving statements? How can a black man be a friend to Jews and Israel and still attract the Black vote?

By the way, Mishpacha also settled the score once and for all the rumors about Adams and Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton, the two pillars of Black anti-Semitism in America. They asked him about a NY Times article that revealed he once “praised Farrakhan and hung out with Sharpton.”

Adams answered honestly (although, clearly, he came prepared for that one): “If you do the math, 1993 was 28 years ago. If anyone ever had a question, is Eric anti-Semitic? Look at my 20-year run. I am not anti-Semitic and I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of the Nation of Islam. We were part of using the local members here as part of the crime-fighting initiative — we were in a different city back then, with 2,000 homicides a year, 98,000 robberies. They had a security program that was like the crisis management of today. Eric is not anti-Semitic, Eric is a friend of the Jewish community.”

Mondoweiss noted that “if Adams holds on to win he will join the vast majority of Democrats who support Israel despite a turning tide among the people who vote for them.”

Arria mentioned an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll this week, showing that 51% of Democratic voters say “the US should be more supportive of Palestinians.” And 62% of Democrats who view themselves as liberals feel the same way.

The thing is, Democrats didn’t vote in this primary race over which candidate loves Israel less, because had they based their choice on that, they would have picked Maya Wiley for Mayor (Relax, Eric Adams Will Probably Beat Maya Wiley Maybe). Also, the language of the poll kind of begs the desired response on the part of AP et al. I’m curious how the same Democrats would have answered a question like: “Should the US be more supportive of Palestinians even though they bombarded Israeli civilians with 4,000 rockets?”

There’s no doubt Mondoweiss and the American left are angry. They were sure AOC’s choice for Mayor, Wiley, would win the race. Now that her chances to benefit from the new RCV system are waning, the dream is shattered. Hopefully, part of America’s return to normal following the worst year in recent history is that folks will be moving to the center again, and the Jew-haters at Mondoweiss (according to the ADL, they get their funding from Ron Keeva Unz, publisher of a website that promotes anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, conspiracy theories, and white supremacist material) will have to come up with something new.


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