Israel Suspends Broadcasting License for Shelanu TV (God TV) Over Christian Proselytizing to Jews

“A channel which seeks to address the Jewish people who dwell in Israel [and present it with] the gospels of Jesus will never be broadcast on HOT."

Evangelical Leader: Stop GOD TV Missionary Broadcasts Aimed At Jews in Israel

"Our only mandate to the Jewish people is to love and support them because they are God's chosen people."

Shmuley Boteach to Debate Jew for Yoshka on ‘New Testament’ Anti-Semitism

It's probably safe to say that the August 8 debate will not result in much burning, but the Talmud discourages a voluntary religious debate with gentiles.

Jewish GOP Candidate Invites Messianic Clergy to Eulogize Pittsburgh Victims at Pence Rally

An anonymous Pence aide told the AP that Jacobs "was not invited by the VP's office to speak on behalf of the Jewish community."


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