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Gunman Identified as Local Man in Deadly Southern California Nightclub Shooting

The Israeli Consulate in California said there were no identified Israelis known to have been at the bar when the shooter attacked.

Florida’s Governor-Elect Vows to Be ‘Aggressive’ in Fighting BDS

DeSantis was a tireless pro-Israel advocate during his six years in the US Congress.

#MeToo Founder Alyssa Milano Won’t Join Women’s March Over Linda Sarsour’s Participation

Milano became aware of Sarsour's caustic influence on liberal women's politics when she was challenged by rightwing reporter Laura Loomer.

Identity Politics is America’s Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is tribal. Those who hate Jews tend to be losers who are convinced of their own natural superiority and blame the Jews for their failure to achieve it.

Post-Midterms: With Democrats Retaking the House, Jewish Leaders Still See Strong Israel Support

“The concern we have is that some new Democrats are not favorable for Israel, and the hope is that they will be marginalized.

IDF Discovers Live Grenades Intended for Jews on Monthly Pilgrimage to Joseph’s Tomb

Had the grenades detonated, the results would have been catastrophic in terms of human cost on the ground and from a diplo-political standpoint as well.

Knesset Empowers Interior Minister to Stretch Legal Fiction in Approving Usury

When one pays a real estate tax bill with interest to a city hall that's covered by a blanket Heter Iska from the Interior Minister – that's very much a violation of Torah law.

Watch: Drought Caused ‘Kinneret Island’ to Merge with Shore

The streams running from the north no longer provide water to the Kinneret, which loses one centimeter (0.4 inch) of water a day to evaporation.

When 11 Jews Are Murdered In Their Synagogue – Jews Blame Other Jews?

When a tragedy that should lead Jews to unite instead leads Jews to turn against other Jews, that is worse than a tragedy; it is a disaster.

US Grants Sanctions Waivers for Eight Countries, 3 Nuclear Plants

Proceeds from sales earned during the period are to be held in escrow in order to ensure the revenue is spent solely on humanitarian and other non-sanctioned activities.

Eight Students in Jerusalem’s Famed Mir Yeshiva Hospitalized with Measles; Everyone in Building Immunized

Medical teams arrived at the yeshiva on Tuesday morning to immunize everyone in the building, with and without medical insurance.

Starting Wednesday: General Strike in Public Transportation, Utilities, Govt Offices

The job action comes after the government ignored repeated requests for increased enforcement and implementation of international standards to solve workplace safety issues.

‘Occupation’ is Nonsense, Netanyahu Tells Likud Colleagues at Faction Meeting

“Power is key. Power changes everything in our policy with Arab nations."

Border Guard Police Foil Female Arab Terrorist at Kfar Adumim

The terrorist was shot and wounded by Israeli Border Guard Police on the scene.

Shin Bet Chief: The Quiet Is Deceptive, We’ve Thwarted 480 Terror Attacks

"Hamas is trying with all its might to carry out terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria, directed from the Gaza Strip, Turkey and Lebanon."

Police Want to Question Tycoon Lev Leviev in Diamond Smuggling Affair

Police suspect the smuggling was carried out between 2008 and 2018, and are focusing their investigation on Lev Leviev's LLD Diamonds.

Is Trump Good for the Jews?

Liberal American Jews are free to disagree with President Trump. Yet, if they still consider themselves Jews, they owe Trump a measure of respect for his support for the Jewish state of Israel and cracking down on its enemies.

Netanyahu Hails ‘Historic Day’ as US Begins Full Sanctions on Iran

"The sanctions imposed on the SWIFT, the banking clearing system used by the Iranian regime, will add a very severe blow to Iran's terrorist regime."

Pompeo, Mnuchin Reveal Details as US Begins Sanctions on Iran

“This is part of a maximum, unprecedented U.S. economic pressure campaign the United States is waging against the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror.”

Brooklyn Synagogue Attacked as Jews Pray Inside

The attackers hurled a metal pole through one of the glass windows of the lower-floor synagogue, shattering it.

Report: Netanyahu Approved Advancing Death Penalty to Terrorists

The defense minister accused Habayit Hayehudi of trying to torpedo the law.

Turkey Won’t Fuel Iranian Passenger Planes as Trump Sanctions Take Effect

Mnuchin warned SWIFT, the bloodline of global banking, the US would penalize if should it not cut off financial services to entities doing business with Iran.

Ice Cream Causes Brain Freeze

Ben & Jerry’s decision to fund a group whose leaders endorse Louis Farrakhan throws zero tolerance for hate out the window.

Knesset Mulls Legislation That Could Bar Unvaccinated Children From Schools

“Non-vaccinated children are exposed to various diseases and may lead to outbreaks of infectious diseases which could end in death.”


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