NYT: Trump to Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal

According to the report, Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday morning that he would withdraw from the deal.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Mike Pompeo, Benjamin Netanyahu to Attend Launch of David Friedman’s...

Kushner is cofounder and chairman of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute launched with Ivanka Trump and Israeli-American philanthropist Haim Saban.

IDF Targets Terror Arsonists in Gaza Amid Border Clashes, Balloon Attacks

Incidents at the border have increased from weekly events to near-daily attacks. The number of Gaza Arabs attempting to storm the security fence and the number of arson attacks is also on the rise.

Sikorsky Wins $2.7B Contract to Build CH-53K Helicopters for US and Israel

The eight aircraft for the Israeli Air Force follows the initial production announcement in 2022 for the first four aircraft under a US Navy Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreement.

IDF Clashes with Arab Mob as Hundreds of Jews Pray at Joseph’s Tomb

The PA asked to postpone the entry of Jewish worshipers to the tomb complex amid threats to avenge the killing of a terrorist.

Liberman, Kahlon Agree on NIS 150M to Bolster Home Front Security

The agreement to shore up bomb shelters and other civil defenses will require a sign-off from the Security Cabinet.

Meretz MK Removed by Force from Debate on Extreme Amendments

The rotation-enabling amendments, which had been decided in the Likud–Blue&White negotiations, may not hold water legally.

IDF Destroys Longest Hamas Terror Tunnel in Area of Recent Gaza Riots

The IDF was prepared for the possibility that Hamas would use the tunnel to carry out an attack behind the cover of the demonstrations.

Watch: Nikki Haley Resigns as US Ambassador to United Nations

The move shocked many foreign policy officials in the Trump administration as well as those abroad.

Netanyahu Leading in the Polls Despite Police Recommendations to Indict

In a Channel 2 News survey, 50% of respondents said Netanyahu should resign, 42% said he shouldn't. Not so bad, considering the hype.

Dropping All Pretenses, US Demanding UNSC Enforce Ceasefire Deal Biden Said Came from Israel

With this latest resolution, the US has taken off the gloves, removed the masks, and stood firmly in favor of letting Hamas survive to fight another day.

No German Leopard 2 or US M1 Abrams Tanks for Ukraine – For Now

US Senator Lindsey Graham: "To the Germans: send tanks to Ukraine because they need the tanks. It is in your interest that Putin loses in Ukraine.”

Annals of a Ceasefire: Gaza Crossings Open Despite 5 Rockets Fired at Israel Overnight

Israel fired five artillery shells at 2 AM at Hama al-Thoghur east of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, east of al-Bureij, and east of Gaza City. Even Steven.

IDF Strikes 15 Hamas Terror Targets in Gaza

The air strikes were carried out in response to new rocket attacks launched by Gaza terrorists.

Israel Issues Permits for Close to 4,000 Housing Starts in Settlement Blocs, Isolated Settlements,...

After having handed out a measly four permits in the past 20 years to the Jewish community of Hebron, it is expected that 30 housing units will be approved there.

IAF Weighing Shorter Flight School Course to Meet Gaps Created by Anarchist Reserve Pilots

The Air Force should anticipate a higher rate of damage to machines and personnel.

Israel Rejects UNHRC Probe Accusations of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity

"The council is setting new records for hypocrisy and mendacity, out of an obsessive hatred of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East."

Arrests Made as Ethiopian-Israeli Protests Continue in Major Cities Around Israel

Members of the Ethiopian-Israeli community are accusing the state of institutionalized racism, saying they face a double standard in every area of Israeli life.

Direct Polls: Gantz Leading, Lapid Crashing, Liberman and Ben Gvir Soaring

Balad, the vehemently anti-Israeli party, for the first time, received 4 mandates.

IDF to Probe Soldiers, Settlers Who Celebrated Purim Miracle in Huwara

WAFA reported that settlers, backed by military forces, stormed the neighborhood and "performed Talmudic rituals there.”

Pew: 51% of Americans Have Unfavorable View of Netanyahu’s Government

73% of Evangelical Protestants have a favorable opinion of Israel’s government, compared with 55% of non-evangelicals.

Israel to Commemorate Diaspora Jews Murdered in Antisemitic Attacks

The proposal also aims to deepen the connection and mutual responsibility between the State of Israel and its citizens with the Jews of the Diaspora.

Watch: Arab, Leftist Students Disrupt Jerusalem Mayor’s Hebrew U Lecture

Mayor Barkat: 'We will not bow our heads to the violence and incitement of the radical-Left.'

Israel Strikes Syrian Position for ‘Spillover’ Attack on Golan Heights

It took less than an hour for Israeli Defense Forces to retaliate against the Syrian military position that fired the mortar.

Shechita Crisis in Europe: Entire Teams Infected with COVID-19

This has affected production throughout Europe and is slowing meat processing and packing down to a halt.

Ra’anana Terrorist Aimed to Kill IDF Arabic Spokesperson Avichay Adraee

Adraee maintains a highly popular Arabic-language account on the X social media platform.

Watch: IDF Raids Yata Home of Ari Fuld’s Murderer

The force carried out measurements of the terrorist's home in anticipation of an order to demolish it.

Pushing Back: 75K Reservists Sign Anti-Refusal Petition Overnight, 500 Doctors Oppose the IMA Strike

The past 24 hours have seen more and more operational units in the reserves raising the anti-refusal banner.

How Can We Help Foreign Journalists Understand Israel?

Zionist organizations and the Israeli government devote incalculable resources to the effort to contain the damage caused by news reports and opinion pieces that portray Israel inaccurately and unfairly. The conventional response is for Israeli diplomats and hasbara activists to bombard journalists with angry emails and reader comments. It would be much more productive to encourage journalists to learn both sides of the story, even compensating them financially to do so.


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