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Geula Cohen Was Right

Geula Cohen, brave woman, you were right and so many of us were dead wrong. Which is why so many of us are dead, before our time.

Palestinians: Israel is One Big Settlement

It is time to listen carefully to what the Palestinians are saying -- in Arabic -- to understand that the conflict is not about Jerusalem and not about settlements. They want Israel removed from the planet.

Trump Asked Netanyahu Bluntly: Do You Really Want Peace?

Call it the art of the deal or call it simply Trump's impatience with politeness and protocol – he did pop the question.

Israel to Host Trilateral Security Meeting with US, Russia in June

"A meeting like this has never taken place before in Israel. Never."

IDF Unit 8200 Foils ISIS Terror Attack in Australia, Iranian Cyber Attack in Israel

Unit 8200 engages in terror intelligence and cyber conflict in and beyond the territory of the State of Israel.

It’s Final: Trump Will Not Move Embassy

Back in March, Vice President Mike Pence told the AIPAC conference that President Trump was "seriously considering" moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Danon Slams UNHRC Progress on Blacklist Against Israel as ‘Expression of Modern Anti-Semitism’

“Instead of focusing on the terrible humanitarian problems plaguing the globe, the Human Rights Commissioner is seeking to harm Israel."

Brazil’s Bolsonaro to Visit Israel in March

It’s not yet clear whether the newly-inaugurated president will use the occasion to announce a relocation of Brazil’s embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel Shoots Down Enemy Drone Over Lake Kinneret

The Code Red incoming rocket alert siren was triggered in Israeli communities in the Golan Heights and the northern Jordan Valley.

If Trump Visits Israel He May or May Not Move Embassy, Make Peace

He wouldn't even confirm whether or not he plans to make good on the rumors that he might visit Israel on May 22, or on May 23-24.

Reborn Israel Has Settled the “Jewish Question”

Modern-day anti-Semites channel their Jew-hatred into the more politically correct avenue of so-called anti-Zionism. By conflating Zionism with racism and alleged human rights abuses, they attempt to delegitimize the very existence of the state of Israel.

Memorial Stone to Strasbourg’s Old Synagogue Vandalized

Thierry Roos, a spokesman for the local Jewish community, stated, "There is no doubt this was an intentional act. […] They wanted to erase the memory of the synagogue on quai Kleber by destroying it twice."

Election Season’s Upon us (again); Can Anyone Break the Political Stalemate?

The deadline for political parties to submit their official lists came and went. While the two largest ones from the previous election—Likud, and Blue and White—largely remain the same, several mergers of smaller parties could factor into the Sept. 17 elections.

Netanyahu Thanks Trump and Allies, and Takes on Iran at AIPAC

Negotiating with his security detail, Bibi said, "What the heck, I'm the Prime Minister!" and stepped out from behind the podium and took control of the entire stage to a loudly cheering audience.

Israel to Profit NIS 22B From Natural Gas in Coming Decades

“All this would of course have remained under the sea if various opponents were successful,” Netanyahu said. “But they failed."

CNN Photo Editor Allowed to Resign After Tweets Exposed Calling Terror Victims ‘Jewish Pigs’

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Simon Wiesenthal Center: “They owe the Jewish community and the victims of terrorism an apology.”

Inviting PM’s Defeat, Knesset Counsel Approves Debating Netanyahu’s Immunity Now

The Knesset counsel's opinion puts the ball in Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein's court, and it's up to him now to adopt or reject it.

The Miracle Is Over: Japan Defeats Israel, Proceeds to Baseball World Classic Semifinals

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Weinstein decided to replace Zeid with Dylan Axelrod, and the game went downhill from there.

Is Netanyahu Making Deals with the Devil?

Bibi's strategy is to turn the weapon of isolating Israel on its head by forging alliances wherever he can.

Thank You, Mr. Kahlon – You Finally Killed Israel’s Real Estate Business

Summing up the past year, the share of investors in real estate purchases declined, adding up to only 17,400 apartments, a sharp drop of 22% compared to 2016, which marked its own sharp decline of 29% compared with 2015.

Watch: ‘Reservists on Duty’ Debunk their ‘Breaking the Silence’ Buddy’s Lies

'It's time that peace-loving students and activists see Breaking the Silence for what it is: a manipulative group which seeks to demonize the IDF and the State of Israel.'

Germany: We Alone Are to Blame for Holocaust

“Anti-Semitic statements are overflowing the internet channels in Poland, [and] they have become present on the main stream media too."

Chabad Emissary in Rosario, Argentina Attacked by 3 Hooligans

According to neighbors' reports, the three youths cursed out the rabbi, beat him up and stepped on his hat.

Tech Investment in Israel Outstrips All of Europe

“Israel is hotter than ever... $4.8 billion was invested in Israeli technology companies last year, of which 85 percent came from abroad."

Trump or Not, Govt. May Push Ma’ale Adumim Annexation Bill

The new law would create an urban Jewish gap across the heart of a future Palestinian State.

Netanyahu Calls Putin as US Begins Pullout from Northern Syria

"We have major challenges around us but we also benefit from important cooperation and coordination with Russia. We will continue to be engaged."

Netanyahu: Bad Iranian Deal Meant Good Connections with Arab Neighbors

“It brought us closer to the Arab world on a scale that we never knew, and one of our goals is that it continues.

New Sefer Torah Donated in Memory of Ari Fuld, HY”D [photos]

Members of the Fuld family wrote the last words of the Sefer Torah.

KKL-JNF World Chairman Urges Jewish Leaders to Build Protection Plan for Diaspora Jewry

"Such an action plan will ... provide physical protection for Jewish communities around the world, [and] also send a message that the entire people of Israel will protect ... every Jewish man and woman."

Bennett Complains to AG: Netanyahu Isolating Cabinet Ministers from Events in Gaza

Media reports have suggested in recent weeks that the main reason Netanyahu is not assembling his cabinet has to do with Bennett's vehement attacks on the PM/DM's security policy.


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