Another Tamimi Sent to Jail for Attacking Israeli Officer

"As a result of the defendant's and the rest of the rioters' actions, many stones hit the policeman. One of the stones hit his helmet, he was injured in the hands and his right hand became swollen."

Major Terrorist Attack Foiled on Jerusalem Outskirts by Border Guard Police

The driver refused to answer questions, and the license plates didn't match. At that point, Israeli security personnel began to search the vehicle.

WATCH: Policeman Saves Jews from Arab Lynching in Jerusalem

The policeman arrived and fired in the air and kept the Arab rioters at bay.

Elor Azaria to Enter Prison on Wednesday

Azaria requested a deferral pending his application for a pardon by IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkot.

Declassified: IDF Israel Knew About Syrian Nuclear Reactor 5 Years Before Blowing it Up

On September 6, 2007, the Syrian nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, was attacked and destroyed by warplanes of the Israeli Air Force.

Michigan U Professor: Sorry, Abigail, Must Obey Academic Boycott Against Israel

The university statement said “it is disappointing that a faculty member would allow their personal political beliefs to limit the support they are willing to otherwise provide for our students.

Israeli Arabs Crossed a Red Line

Anyone who identifies with Israel’s enemies at any time, let alone in wartime, should no longer be considered a citizen of the country and forfeit the right to benefit from its advantages.

Israeli Security Guard Murdered in Tel Aviv Terror Attack

As the officers approached the suspect – who ignored their calls – he pulled out a pistol and opened fire at the guards, hitting one.

BDS Movement Irate: PA Participating in Dubai Expo Alongside Israel

Hamas suggested that the Expo "promotes the weapons of the Occupation which it uses to kill the Palestinian nation."

Gov. Hochul’s Jewish Aide Killed after Being Kicked to the Highway by Lyft Driver

Lyft issued a statement saying it was “heartbroken by this incident.”

Abbas’ Spokesman ‘Encouraged’ by Gantz’s Call to Evacuate Settlements

“It’s encouraging, if he succeeds and he sticks to this opinion,” Abu Rdeineh told Reuters.

How One Israeli Chopper Pilot Defies Government’s Double Standards on Sovereignty

The Netanyahu government and all the Israeli governments before it, are in a Catch 22 bind.

Report: Russia Using Syria’s Civil War to Showcase Its Stealth Jet Sukhoi 57

Another explanation to the Russians' decision to transfer the SU-57 to the Middle East might be their concern, even panic, over the US Air Force bombing of a Russian convoy which killed hundreds of mercenaries.

IDF Preempts ‘Nakba Day,’ Burn Tires, Level Barricades Inside Gaza Strip

The incursion comes on the morning of Arab commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel on Friday, May 14, 1948.

Minority Leader Jeffries, Dem Leaders, Endorse Ilhan Omar

According to Gallup, "more Democrats side with the Palestinians than the Israelis, 49% versus 38%.”

Ra’am Shuffles the Deck, Yamina Teetering, Blue & White MK to Vote Against Coalition

Efforts are still being made to keep Yamina MK Nir Orbach from bolting, even as Blue & White MK Michael Biton warns he will begin voting with the opposition.

Kremlin: Netanyahu Requested Putin Meeting 24 Hours after Trump’s Announcement

It wasn't the Kremlin asking Netanyahu for the scoop about Trump's deal of the century, it was Netanyahu initiating the briefing.

Israel and Bahrain Sign Agreement for Direct Flights

"The peace treaty opens new and fascinating destinations for the Israeli public."

Israeli Seriously Wounded in Brawl with Arabs Near Ma’on

The Israeli, a man in his thirties who works as a shepherd, was struck in the head by an Arab swinging a hoe, local authorities said.

Syria Reports Israeli Attack on Damascus Overnight Wednesday

The source “indicated that the aggression resulted in the injury of two soldiers and some material losses.”

‘Citizenship Law’ Passes First Reading in Knesset Plenum

The law makes it more difficult for Palestinian Authority citizens who marry Arab Israeli citizens to receive Israeli citizenship.

Wokeism, Jew-hatred, and Misoziony

Israel needs to realize that the pendulum of public opinion in the US, especially among the decision-making class, is swinging against the Jewish state. The Arab and Iranian strategy of introducing money and activists into Western universities has been hugely effective in changing the national perception of Israel for the worse.

Coalition Rivals Preparing for Post-Netanyahu Era

Of Netanyahu's three other partners, the only real threat is posed by Bennett. Kahlon is constantly shown by the polls to be losing seats in the next elections, and Liberman cannot rise above his faction's current six seats if his life depended on it.

US Charges Iranian Agents with Spying on Chabad House

According to the indictment, one of the agents came to the US to collect intelligence on facilities that belong to "enemies of the Iranian government."

Gantz on Fox News: Israel Prepared to Strike Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Gantz said: "The American policy should be American policy, and Israeli policy should stay Israeli policy."

Ambassador Erdan Protests Biden’s Restoring Aid to UNRWA

At least two US lawmakers, both Republicans, said they were going to see if the aid package does not violate the Taylor Force Act.

Qatari Plane Lands in Israel a Second Time, as Mossad, CIA Officials Meet in...

There have been ongoing conversations taking place in Doha between Israeli, US and Qatari intelligence officials about whether and how to extend the ceasefire with Hamas.

Jerusalem Police Bans Four Species from Temple Mount – They ‘Harm the Status Quo’

"In the framework of the rules of the Temple Mount, in accordance with the status quo in the area, ritual activity with overt external features, including the four species, is forbidden."

A Day Before Natanz Blast, Iran Nuclear Chief Says Centrifuges Activated Years Ahead of...

Iranian Atomic Energy Agency head Ali-Akbar Salehi: “We have activated a full IR-6 centrifuge chain”; “We have an enrichment capacity of 16,500 SWU—more than before the JCPOA.”

Security Sources: Arab Photographer Killed in Border Violence Was Hamas Officer

“Turns out the 'photographer' killed in Gaza was an officer in Hamas, a terrorist org that seeks Israel‘s destruction. On Hamas’ payroll since 2011."


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