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The Way Out of Oslo

Israel turned itself into colonialist occupiers of its own Land with Oslo accords.

Turning Up The Hate

Like Mel Gibson, Facebook denies it is in any way anti-Semitic. Maybe Mel should work for them?

Europe, Get Used To Gang Rapes

Why did Syrian refugees flee to frozen Germany, Sweden & Finland when closer countries speak Arabic?

Leading Gay Activists Hate Religious Children

NYC advanced a bill providing security to religious schools; Leading LGBT activists were appalled.

How–and Why–Palestinian Leaders Scare the World

Abbas has perfected the art of distraction by regularly blaming Israel & threatening to resign

The Invisible Anti-Semitism in Obama’s 2016 State of the Union

Obama supporting fanatical, anti-Semitic, America-bashing Iran isn't a recipe to “keep America safe”

Jew Hunting Season

The tragedy of Duma is it will epitomize a terrible period in Jewish history of internecine conflict

Freeing Up Ghost Apartments In The Holy City

It's critically important for Israel's future to ensure affordable housing for Jews in Yerushalayim

In Britain, How Much Faith Is Too Much?

To promote tolerance & offset extremism, Britain mandated faith schools teach 2 faiths NOT 1

Jogging Against Terror

Terrorism seems to run in families. Should Israel expel terrorists’ families? They're ticking bombs

Palestinian Leaders Promise a New Year of Violence and Death

Hamas can't tolerate Palestinians rejoicing & celebrating-Hamas is the "Grinch" who stole New Year!

Adalah, Dismantling Zionism

Adalah's mission is to replace Israel as a Jewish State with a bi-national, multi-cultural state.

Wearing Our Beliefs

When a Jew puts on tefillin, he declares connection to both God and family tradition.

UN Media Centre Ignores Murdered Israelis

The UN Media Centre edits (censors) comments reporting Israelis attacked & murdered by Palestinians

Preserving The Past, Ensuring The Future

In Jerusalem, there is a need for over 4,000 new apartments each year; some 2,000 are actually built

Framed In Duma

Whoever threw the firebombs into the Arab home in Duma, whether Jews or Arabs. must be punished

Memory and Responsibility in Germany

Merkel declared there are things that must never be forgotten; To forget would reject responsibility

Recognition of Acquiring Disputed Land in a Defensive War

The world should stop mis-characterizing the disputed land as “Palestinian territory”

Greatness On The Run

You don’t need to be Baptist or an Orthodox rabbi to believe that road we're on has led to decadence

“Peace” According to Palestinian “Moderates”

Proving again "Moderate" is a relative term, what kind of “peace” do Palestinian “moderates” want?

New York Times’ Tales of Israeli Messianic War-Mongering

NYT's Cohen fails 2 of Sharansky's “3 Ds” test for anti-Semitism: Demonization and Double- standards

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