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Elucidating The U.S.-Israel Relationship: An Interview with Veteran Diplomat and Foreign Policy Adviser Dennis...

But I think the turning point was really Reagan. Since that time, I don’t think you find this anti-Semitic undertone.

That Moment

I decided I needed to do something to give back.

’In Case Of Moshiach Break Glass’

“Anshie,” says Moully, “is willing to push the envelope by taking an age-old concept and making it contemporary."

‘Generation To Generation, It’s Our Musical Mesorah’: An Interview with Cantor Bernard Beer

What do you mean by “don’t know how to daven”? Ninety-nine percent of the people don’t know the melodies. They don’t know how to set the text together.

Israel’s Top Archaeological Sites: The City of David

A fascinating mixture of history & adventure, explore The City of David on your next Jerusalem visit

A Page From His Book

Rav Yisrael Meir hoped to breathe some religious life into the spiritually-bereft settlement.

Shmittah, Social Justice And Ayelet Shaked

The small and intimate event felt more like a living room meeting than a lecture by a top foreign leader.

‘A Brand Plucked From The Fire’: An Interview with Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael...

You rarely hear any of the extreme anti-Israel rhetoric that has become so widespread in other European countries.

Spending the High Holidays in Olamouc, Czech Republic.

Can anything be done to preserve Eastern Europe's numerous Jewish communities like Olomouc ?

On The Bookshelf

Blogs are history. They still exist, but they are largely irrelevant

Tales From The Far East: An Interview with Rabbi Marvin Tokayer

Maybe for a young couple to go so far away to be by ourselves and to open up to the world of China, Japan, Burma, and India would be an interesting honeymoon.

A Bigger And Better Dream

Yuval went on to produce more than ten film documentaries aimed at exposing secular audiences to Judaism and spirituality.

Honing In On American Orthodox Jews: An Interview with Pew Research Center Director of...

There’s a wide spectrum of behavior and beliefs among people, and people don’t always line up 100 percent the way other people expect them to.

Music For The Body And Soul

"I always felt like my voice was a kind of beacon from within that connected me with something beyond myself."

From Despair To Happiness: A Survivor’s Story

“I responded, 'I will be among this handful surviving.'”

FBI Consultant, Batman Aficionado, Gung Fu Black Belt, Kiruv Rabbi: An Interview with Rabbi...

It’s kind of a sad thing that society dismisses the extraordinary work they do. I mean, they put their lives on the line every day to protect strangers.

Israel’s Top Archaeological Sites- Temple Mount Excavations

Jerusalem's Old City is amongst Israel’s most popular tourist sites and its beauty runs deep!

On The Bookshelf

Rabbi Mayer Schiller is a Skver-Rachmistrivka chassid with a passion for the ideology of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch. Born to a non-observant family, Rabbi...

Nahal Haredi: ‘It’s All About Ahavat Yisrael’

Nahal Haredi is the ultimate solution, according to Branski, serving haredim from a wide variety of backgrounds – chassidish and yeshivish, Sephardi and Askenazi.

Israel National ‘American Football’ Team Competing in 1st Official Game in Europe

In recent years, there has been a big push to grow and develop American Football here in Israel.

CAMERA Student Conference Imbues Leaders Of Tomorrow With Knowledge, Tools To Make The Case...

Osakwe, like many other students at the CAMERA conference, described an extremely hostile campus environment when it comes to the issue of Israel.

‘Refusnik’ Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich Looks Back At His Life

They would have like us to assimilate and forget that we are Jewish.

‘Stop Treating Anti-Israel Jews With Flattery And Oily Sycophancy’: An Interview with Professor Edward...

How do you account for Jews who join Israel’s enemies in denouncing and boycotting the Jewish state?

A Trip to the Movies

The film transports the viewer to a fairy-tale time & place, filled with wonderful cast & stories

‘Literature Can Express Purity, Faith, And Closeness To God’: An Interview with Rosh Yeshiva...

I am among those who maintain that artistic expression that comes from inspiration is very valuable.

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