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Bat Ami: Healing Hands

All my life I just wanted to disappear but suddenly I have responsibility; I have to face challenges, take care of the animals, and interact with the public.

Special to The Jewish Press: An Interview With “Ambassador Friedman’s Rabbi”

Let me start by saying that I never endorse politicians. Am I surprised? No! Because Trump is not your typical individual.

‘From Leftism To Sanity’: An Interview With Award-Winning Journalist Melanie Phillips

The Palestinians produce propaganda every day, using Nazi cartoons, with which they brainwash their children about the "demonic Jews" and the Jewish a conspiracy against Islam and humanity.

Healing Nature

Some of the animals that are saved, but can't be reintroduced into the wild, are given to Deer Country Park, where Avihu takes care of them.

Establishing Torah Homes One Shidduch At A Time

All are here with a sense of purpose and determination. And, of course, they will also experience a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.

To Never Forget

Their anguish and tears were for naught; one was told to go left, the other ordered to go right.

The Lead Up To Shechem’s Liberation

In 1967, Rabbi Yitzhak Spatz, helped liberate Shechem during the Six-Day War.

Holocaust Survivor Reveals Cruel Irony

Ironically, George Blank was bloodied after he survived the Holocaust.

The Ability In Disability

Although I may not speak as clearly as other social workers, my clients understand me better than them. And that’s because I understand them.

Chipping Away At The Charedi Poverty Rate – An Interview with Stuart Hershkowitz, Vice...

It's not the same in Israel. Academia is still a real flashpoint with charedim. And particularly in regards to women.

Dr. Adelaide Hautval Of France: A Friend Of The Jews

Her brave answer resulted in her imprisonment in Bourges prison where she would witness further cruelty towards Jews.

Beating The Boycott

We go out and strengthen those who want to hear us. We give them tools and information.

Hashem Gave This Talent To Me

There is no question that the lack of a community of peers is uniquely challenging for someone with Abby’s musical gifts.

Remembering Former First Lady Barbara Bush: Role Model, Matriarch, A True Woman of Valor

I greatly admire the example she set for all Americans on dedication to causes greater than oneself, as well as civility, humility and faith. That will always be her legacy.

Exclusive Interview: General Eli Ben Meir: Meet the Man Who Took Out a Syrian...

General Eli Ben Meir was the intelligence officer who, in 2006, overcame resistance from both Israeli and Bush administration intelligence officials, to advocate for the bombing of a Syrian nuclear facility developed by North Korean scientists.


I felt as if I were on a conveyor belt that moved us from plane to shuttle to luggage pick-up to passports – and then to freedom and humid air.

I Am A Palestinian

Tsipora yearned for grandparents, to call someone "Savta or Saba." She was jealous of her friends who spent Shabbat at aunts or uncles.

A Play Date With The Shpielmans

Everyone was relieved when the first shipment of new and improved Shpielmans was delivered in time for Chanukah 2016 and sold under the Glatt Play brand.

Joy At Seventy

The State of Israel was declared in 1948. I was seven years old. I didn’t know or understand what a State was, or what it meant for Jews. ... Most American Jews were grateful for President Truman’s recognition of the new State, yet were concerned.

Holy Legacy

It is amazing when you think that these men, women and children, who lived for months or years not knowing if they would survive another day, went on to live into their eighties, nineties – some even became centenarians.

Exploring Resistance

The question is not why all the Jews did not fight, but how so many of them did.

David S. Wyman, 1929-2018 – The Man Who Changed How We Think About America...

Prof. Wyman’s studies led him to realize how little Christians in America did in response to news of the raging Holocaust, and that shook him to his core.

‘Adolescence Is An Invention Of The West’: An Interview With Noted Psychologist Dr. Robert...

We should certainly object to exploitation and harsh working conditions, but to object to work makes no sense whatsoever.

Is Grape Juice Acceptable For The Arba Kosos?

What about the Gemara that says you can squeeze out a cluster of grapes on Erev Shabbos and make Kiddush on Shabbos? They said that’s only if you didn’t treat the grape juice chemically to prevent it from fermenting.

Interview With United Hatzalah Founder Eli Beer

It would have been so simple to save him. The doctor lived only two blocks away, but no one called him. That’s when I realized that every single day people die waiting for an ambulance.


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