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Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz, Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Shares his Thoughts for...

We, soldiers of the IDF, who stand guard over the people and the land, fulfill the hopes of the millions of Jewish people across the generations who sought freedom.

The Deeper Dimension Of Passover

How much is the human mind able to grasp of the Divine?

Trite But True: A Lesson For Passover 2014

Jews have brought the baggage of the galut (exile) mentality to the modern state of Israel.

Pesach In Exile: Why The Haggadah Was Compiled

The Haggadah is an instruction manual on how to survive as strangers in strange lands.

April 1944: A Jewish Exodus From The Polish Army

Jewish soldiers in the Polish forces often encountered anti-Semitic prejudice.

Halakhot of the Seder: Korekh

At our seder we emulate the way it was celebrated in Temple times, as if the Temple still stood.

What’s Really Holding Up Middle East Peace

Not one world leader holds Abbas accountable for his part in the breakdown of negotiations.

Passover Guide for the Perplexed, 2014

The 1948 re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty was a modern day Exodus and Parting of the Sea.

Precisely to Whom is Gov. Chris Christie Pandering?

Christie's "good friend" is an Imam who supports murderers of Jews and defames Israel and Christians.

Poof the Clueless Kerry (Tune of Puff the Magic Dragon)

One grey night it happened, Bibi caved no more & Poof that Foggy Bottomer, he vanished from our sight

Assert Your Right To Observe Yom Tov

Federal and local laws protect your right to workplace accommodations for your religious observance.

The New Oracle Of Delphi

Rebbeim are consulted on all of life’s major decisions and a fair number of minor ones.

Dear Fred Lawrence, President of Brandeis University

Do you value popular opinion over the freedom and sanctity that every woman deserves?

An Attack On Torah And Tradition

AJC, the Federations and others seek to undermine the Chief Rabbinate in Israel.

‘Too Jewish’ to Pray on the Temple Mount

I was warned not to pray or make any trouble.

An Anti-Israel Tourism Subterfuge

Truth is a casualty in these anti-Israel tourism narratives so popular with colleges and church/shul groups.

Daniel Pipes is Blocked by the British Library

Daniel Pipes's websites cannot be accessed through the British Library's system. Why? Intolerance.

Identity and Loyalty in Islam and the Middle East

Middle Eastern culture has never developed ways to leave the past behind.

How to Passover Clean Your News Feed

The slightest amount of “puffing up,” leavening of the ego is too much when it comes to Passover.

Israel as ‘Golus by Jews’? We Never Had it Better!

Hamodia ought denounce that abhorrent hashkafah, seek forgiveness and thank Hashem for His kindnesses

Abbas to Kerry: ‘Please Beg Me More!’

Kerry has literally been "begging" Abbas to agree to the extension of the peace talks.

Curing Hacker Anonymous’ Split Personality Disorder

OpIsrael is once again taking place on a most auspicious day for the Jewish people.

A Response to Thomas Friedman: We Need More Sheldon Adelsons

Apparently Thomas Friedman needs a history lesson to learn why those aren't "occupied territories."

Labels, Lies, and Libel: Words and Weapons

The protection and help that Israel extends to others does not stop at Israel’s borders.

The Palestinian Country of Lies

US global failures in dealing with radical Islam, Iran and Russia, should have taught them a lesson.

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