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Curing Internet Addiction with Torah Novelties

Travel back to a time before smart phones, SMS and Facebook.

Pursuing Positivity In The Digital Age

Our emotional response to events has much to do with how we process events.

The Discordant Notes of Open Orthodoxy

Nothing defines a community so much as its recognition of common leadership and willingness to respect its authority.

The Shabbat Morning Service: Like an Opera, Only More

Each week, the Shabbat morning service tells a different dramatic story.

The Pew Study and Zionism: the Inconvenient Truth

What's lacking on all sides of the discussion is a frank consideration of what we might learn from each other.

GOP Looking Good But Election Still 9 Months Away

We begin with 4 obvious pick ups: Arkansas, Montana, West Virginia and South Dakota.

Stunning Insensitivity from Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's lust for luxury has always been a bit of a problem for her husband and Democrats in general.

Jewish Guilt and the Deterioration of Jewry

Jews should be excited and participate in their culture and faith from a place of enthusiasm and love.

Act like a Ghetto Jew and Be Treated as a Ghetto Jew

Is Kerry an Emperor who issues decrees from on high over which poor ghetto Jews have no power whatsoever?

Women Wearing Tefilin

The Talmud (Eiruvin 96a) mentions that Michal, the daughter of King Saul, wore Tefilin and no one objected.

Appeasement and Economic Sanctions

According to Winston Churchill, "an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

The Middle East in the Super Powers House of Mirrors

To comprehend the Middle East one must consider the convoluted, and often counterproductive role the super powers have played in the region.

Boycott the Real Human Rights Violators: Open Letter to Emma Thompson

I know a little something about human rights violations – such as the violation of my daughter Alisa’s right to live.

Christie Faces Uphill Fight for his Political Life

Issuing a statement dredging up Wildstein’s life, Christie’s office raised as many questions as it answered.

Saying Yes (And No) to Limmud

There must be an Orthodox presence and an Orthodox refusal to attend Limmud NY.

Netanyahu’s Modest Proposal

How political movements gain footholds remains one of the great true-life mysteries.

The David and Goliath of Commercials Turns 30

To bring this conversation down into something deep and heartfelt, I thought to tell a story from my own experience.

ObamaCare Casts White Working Class Out in the Cold

The workers were clearly pole-axed. Their "benefits" had become a yoke around their necks.

Canada: CAIR-CAN, The NCCM and the ‘Islamic Victimhood Narrative’

According to research, claims of wide-ranging persecutions of Muslims by Canadians and Americans are exaggerated.

No Justifications for Justifications

Being a teenage Israel advocate, I often encounter a troublesome phenomenon in the world of hasbara.

Judea and Samaria Jews Must Prepare Now to Avoid Deportation

We must assume that the Israeli government will, indeed, pursue the dismantling of settlements at some point.

How Scarlett Helped the Palestinians: the hypocrisy of Oxfam

I regret my involvement with Oxfam during my time in college.

How Jewish Is Jewish History?

We've known that you can define neither Jews nor Judaism in a way that will satisfy all its various elements.

An Agreement to End All Agreements

The Kerry approach appears to follow the pattern of other recent pacts of the Obama administration in the region.

The Kerry Plan – Can Israel Say No?

The assumption that Israel must accept the Kerry Plan as a basis for negotiations is misleading.

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