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Canada: CAIR-CAN, The NCCM and the ‘Islamic Victimhood Narrative’

According to research, claims of wide-ranging persecutions of Muslims by Canadians and Americans are exaggerated.

No Justifications for Justifications

Being a teenage Israel advocate, I often encounter a troublesome phenomenon in the world of hasbara.

Judea and Samaria Jews Must Prepare Now to Avoid Deportation

We must assume that the Israeli government will, indeed, pursue the dismantling of settlements at some point.

How Scarlett Helped the Palestinians: the hypocrisy of Oxfam

I regret my involvement with Oxfam during my time in college.

How Jewish Is Jewish History?

We've known that you can define neither Jews nor Judaism in a way that will satisfy all its various elements.

An Agreement to End All Agreements

The Kerry approach appears to follow the pattern of other recent pacts of the Obama administration in the region.

The Kerry Plan – Can Israel Say No?

The assumption that Israel must accept the Kerry Plan as a basis for negotiations is misleading.

The Joy of Childbirth

In accessing their inner strength to complete a challenge as great and awesome as childbirth, women increase personal joy.

The Chief Rabbinate’s New Deal

Everyone who knows Rabbi Weiss can attest that he is a man of honesty and integrity.

Tefillin Controversy Latest Sign of Emerging Orthodox Schism

For decades, it has been difficult to sort out the precise dividing lines between the varieties of Orthodoxy – Ultra, Haredi, Centrist, Modern, Liberal.

Blame Is the Name of the Game

The parents, Shimon and Michal Gross have advised us how to proceed, and they didn't ask for revenge.

No Complaints: My father’s Unwavering Faith in the Shadow of Cancer

During one of his first biopsies, he apologized to the technician for crying out in pain, making his job more difficult.

Crush Economic Terrorism

By warning of a boycott, "Israel’s captains of industry" are actually encouraging one.

America Serving Israel Plate of Worms, Not Fruit

In order to complete the task of eating the worm each time, Billy often coated the worms in ketchup.

The Suicide of Europe’s Jewish Community

I looks like European antisemitism is becoming more and more inventive.

First Sharon, Second Sharon

Sometimes one must love with one’s eyes closed.

Mentch vs. World: PM Harper’s Support for Israel, Democracy and Values

"Our view on Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state is absolute and non-negotiable."

The Freedom in the Middle

Sometimes being left alone anywhere on the spectrum is isolating. Sometimes it’s incredibly painful.

What We Can Learn from Kit Kat

The religious world needs to fight back constructively.

No More Lies, Sec. Kerry, There Is No ‘Existential Threat to Israel’

No danger of the Jews becoming a minority in the combined area of Judea, Samaria and the pre-1967 Israel.

We’re ‘Freiers’ and Proud of It

Having made aliyah from Canada last August, I’m one of the newest Israelis, but this week, I’m also one of the proudest.

Yaalon’s Unwelcome Peace Process Truths

No matter how wrong Israel’s leaders may think their American counterparts are, little good comes from public spats.

Countering Illegal Boycotts of Israel

Boycotts were instituted immediately after the 1948 establishment of Israel in hopes of starving it.

Was Walt Disney Really an Antisemite?

Meryl Streep condemned Disney for associating with extremists while doing the very same thing.

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