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Road Map To A New Terrorist State

A few weeks may not be enough time to completely defeat the terrorists, but it certainly is enough time to have made a start of it.

You Just Might Be An Assimilated Jewish Liberal…

Those who watch the Tennessee Country Music Network or Comedy Central have come across comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Foxworthy's shtick, based on an exaggerated hillbilly accent and mannerisms, revolves around his making pointed observations followed by his standard joke line, "then you just might be a redneck." (Example: "If you have eight motor vehicles in your yard and none work...then you just might be a redneck.")

Builders And Destroyers

While Israel struggled with the tasks of building a modern state and absorbing Jewish refugees - those who survived the horrors of Europe and those who fled oppression in Arab countries - Arab terrorist organizations were refining and expanding their operations.

It’s Thomas Friedman’s World – We Just Live In It

Thomas Friedman is a sucker because he believes that he never makes mistakes.

Blair Replaces Raines At Helm Of New York Times

Studies also show that people like the adventure of finding the newspaper somewhere in the front lawn, the hedgerow or the storm-water culvert.

Nine Blind Mice, See How They Run

Their wildly incoherent attacks on Bush over the war on Iraq provide one example after another of wishful thinking and blurred vision.

Thomas Friedman Has It All Wrong On Middle East Peace

Clearly we are deeply opposed to the division of Jerusalem and the participation of the quartet in any peace process.

Commitment By Example: A Very Special Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Guests at the bat mitzvah were briefed on the project as they entered the reception area and were then encouraged to write letters during the course of the reception.

Mugged By The Jewish Thought Police

I wrote about how the self-haters disgusted me. And about the horror I felt at Jews such as Richard Dreyfuss,

UN Wants Dessert, But It Didn’t Eat Its Peas

Let us hope that we have learned our lesson once and for all.

Criminalizing Our Religious Beliefs

When Bob Jones University in Virginia discriminated against blacks for religious reasons, the Supreme Court ruled that the school had forfeited its tax exemption.

Fifty-Five And Counting: Israel’s Uncertain Birthday

Israel celebrated its 55th birthday last week. The good news is that five years ago it did not look like it was going to make it to 55. The bad news is that 60 is still in doubt, 65 even more so.

Worry Not, My Child

Your voice - raised to Heaven as it cries out for your exiled children while beseeching for those who have returned - causes me to shake and shiver in the urgency of the current matter.

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

There is something strange about an individual carrying two different names - I'm sorry, but it casts aspersion on one's character.

Holocaust Reparations And German Selectivity

Military conflicts always lead to casualties, and compensation is not always demanded.

1) Another Zionist Crime, And 2) A “Well, Duh” Moment

1. I just know you are going to be outraged by this violation of the human rights of Arabs by Jews and will want to demand a full investigation and indictment of the guilty. Such things are simply intolerable in a civilized country. They violate the Road Map and the very Osloid foundations of Ariel Sharon's new government.

Long Live Arafat!

Arafat's surprising decision to turn down Barak's suicidal offer came as a relief to many people who were desperately scrutinizing these closed-door events.

Give Us A Doer, Not A Talker

"He is not a great scholar (in other words he is still in high school at the age of 38) -- but what a talker he is! He could sell you anything, whether you want to buy it or not."

Daring To Tell The Truth

Yet the Jewish establishment seems willing to turn the other cheek and not register the kind of protest that should be strong and virtually automatic.

Time To Leave The 1920’s Behind Us

Ford's articles inspired a young Adolf Hitler and helped pave the road to the Holocaust.

A Call For Jewish Leadership: It’s Later Than We Think

The president's apparent change of heart is more than puzzling.

The Nazism Of Abu Mazen

How many Arab leaders today embrace these bizarre and sickening Nazi-type conspiracy theories?

The Emergence Of Oslo Revisionism

Of all the developments in Israel over the past couple of years, I find the very scariest and most dangerous to be the emergence of a new form of historic revisionism that should becalled Oslo Revisionism. Like Holocaust revisionism, the fashionable term for Holocaust Denial, this is a nefarious attempt to rewrite history and invent a false narrative regarding the history of the Oslo peace process. It is just the latest manifestation of the totalitarian nature of Israel's Left.

Do we really want to put ourselves in the position where those petty issues we love to debate are finally decided upon?

The End Of The Beginning?

America, Great Britain and Western Europe elevated the quality of human life exponentially while the situation of those oppressed by Islamist fascism was that of abject misery.

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