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Congressman, I Believe… A Response To Jerrold Nadler

Congressman Nadler is scared. Scared that his thirty years of freight train dreams (our freight train nightmare) will go up in smoke at the hands of a community he has taken for granted.

Cockburn’s Cockroaches

There was a time when the Left in the United States was able to field its own intellectual heavyweights to try to offset opposing intellectual arguments.

Liberal Extortion Tactics And Misrepresentations

Basking in their perceived success, the Leftists decided to go for the jugular.

Cross Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel: Real Solutions vs. Doomsday Scenarios

Trains routed through the Cross Harbor Tunnel will move through Brooklyn on the Bay Ridge Rail Line, an existing four-track right-of-way that was built almost 100 years ago. No homes or businesses will be displaced.

Fuzzy On Freedom

"The genius of President Bush," notes the professor, "is that he has acquired an exquisite grasp of this . . . and he can play both versions . . . to his advantage."

Sorry, But I’ll Spend My Money Elsewhere

"I support a clean environment as much as you do," I wrote, "but if you are a real rabbi, how can you honestly support marriage for homosexuals? How can you label our president a reactionary, when he has proven his support for Israel and the Jewish people?"

Ward Churchill And The Politics Of Campus Extremism

Given the current academic atmosphere, it is a safe bet that what might delicately be called Churchill's shortage of sympathy in the Jewish direction made him a strong candidate to head Colorado's Ethnic Studies program.

Sharon The Pragmatist Can Learn From Bush The Ideologue

Serving as a makeshift tour guide for my wife and kids recently in Jerusalem, I couldn't help but contrast our frequent visits to Washington, D.C., and how much I enjoy pointing out historical markers to the children.

Evangelical Christians

According to Freedom House, a nonpartisan organization that monitors the global spread of democracy, Coptic Christians in Egypt live in fear and subjugation.

Suicidal Jews: When Will They Learn?

If holding a rally against global terrorism and commemorating the victims of suicide bombings is inciting others to violence, then so be it.

Kill Political Correctness Before It Kills Us

At every step in our battle against jihadist terrorism, these self-proclaimed "humanitarian" groups have done everything possible to block our efforts at protecting ourselves by railing against the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq.

‘Disengagement’ – Never In The Land Of Israel

The multitudes of Jews demonstrating in Jerusalem conveyed a clear and strong message: It is immoral and unacceptable for Jews to transfer fellow Jews from their homeland.

Cosmic Consciousness, Man, And The Worm

A spiritually attuned person will recognize that every creature is essentially bound up with every other creature, and that we share a collective destiny.

Arafat In A Suit

The Question of the Hour is why Prime Minister Sharon, the architect of the settlement movement, would agree to disengage, either unilaterally or in tandem, with the Palestinian Authority.

Time For Israel To Make Its Case

By remaining passive, Israel has allowed Arab views to stand virtually unchallenged.

A Lesson From Israel In Higher Education

Learning to be flexible is also imperative.

Worst Of Times

The Times was untroubled by conflicting information, such as the fact that, except in emergencies, Palestinian Arabs moved freely in the West Bank on virtually any road and even across the Green Line prior to September 2000, which marked the launching of the new terror campaign against Israel.

Confessions Of A Confused Religious Zionist

How are religious Zionists supposed to react to these new stories? What conclusions should we reach?

Our Worst Enemy

You'd have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the coarsening of our culture.

A Real Solution For Extravagant Simchas

How many millions of dollars does our community flush into opulent semachos every year?

Is The Real Jewish Year 5765 – Or 5931?

Rabbi Schwab's fallback position (in case we were wrong) seems to be the justification that many religious Jews use for accepting the secular date.

Animals Have No ‘Rights’

The Torah distinguishes man from the animals explicitly stating that only man was created in the Divine image and that man was given dominion over the animals (Bereshis 1:26.).

The Un-Greening Of Tu-b’Shvat

Almost everything that most people "know" about Tu-b'Shvat is totally wrong and completely false.

Somebody Else’s Agenda

Does that mean Jewish and other religious groups that support charities that are at least partly subsidized by the government have an obligation to oppose tax cuts?

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It should not pass without notice that the contributions to tsunami relief of fellow Muslim nations, particularly the oil-rich Arab states, were amongst the lowest.

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